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  • _the_thinker_ 31w

    Lost In My World

    I have lived inside my head for so long,
    I forgot the way out.
    And now that the reality is calling,
    I don't know how to get out.
    It's so aesthetically beautiful here,
    I have created my own world here,
    that even though reality is calling,
    I don't wanna get out.


  • _the_thinker_ 31w

    Insecure People

    Everyone has an opinion or some sort of advice to give but, do 'they' care?
    No, not even a little bit.
    So, who are 'they'?
    Well, 'they' are a lot of insecure people in the 'society', who instead of following their own advice, are forming opinions on those who are living their best life. 'They' are the losers who are incapable of straightening their own life but are very much interested in advicing those who is perfectly level-headed.


  • _the_thinker_ 35w

    Or is the loud noise better than emptiness?
    #mirakee #newtomirakee #words #empty #emptiness #chaos #loudness #writers

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    There are times
    I feel empty,
    I don't know what is missing,
    I just feel empty.
    It's like I don't want to do anything
    just stay sprawled on my bed
    and do nothing,
    But then all the worries comes crashing on me,
    As if saying;
    How can you be so calm and composed,
    You need to think about your future,
    What are you doing,
    What you want to do,
    How to do it and many more,
    Making the empty feeling turn into a very loud chaos inside my head,
    Which I cannot get rid of,
    Turning the emptiness into a bitter chaos.
    Sometimes I feel like emptiness is better than the loud noise inside my head.


  • _the_thinker_ 36w


    You know there is one thing about people I will never understand. People will ignore you with all their might and then when you start to be reserve, they judge you and say things like why are you like this, you don't talk and you are so weird.

    Just tell me what you want, I am not here for your entertainment, that you tell me to talk one moment while the other you want me to be silent. And the thing is you call me weird, reserve, introvert but what you don't understand is you made me this way and so, you are in no place to judge me rather I should start judging you.


  • _the_thinker_ 39w

    A bit brutal question, isn't it?

    #thoughts #mirakee #mask #life

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    So, when was the last time you went without a mask... not the face mask... that invisible mask you tend to wear in public?


  • _the_thinker_ 41w


    This new year my vibe is more like,
    Live baby, live
    They ain't worth shit
    And I am lovin' it.


  • _the_thinker_ 46w

    Imperfect Us

    The imperfect world for the perfect me.
    Narcisstic, right?
    Well, what to do, when the world won't appreciate you, you gotta appreciate yourself.


  • _the_thinker_ 47w


    Let life unfold like petals
    Slowly, one by one
    And enjoy every moment
    Don't rush things
    Let life happen


  • _the_thinker_ 51w


    Our society has unknowingly moulded us in a way that we doubt oureslves even when we know we are right.

  • _the_thinker_ 65w

    It's so much luxury here but no love, no life.