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  • _the_observerrr 5w

    मोहोब्बत का कर्ज़ एक रोज़ लिया था हमने उनसे,
    अपनी नींदें हमने ब्याज़ में देदी हैं उन्हें तबसे,
    अब अगर सूद भी वसूल करने का इरादा है तो,
    ज़िन्दगी भर के लिए क़ुबूल करना होगा हमें, कहदो उनसे |


  • _the_observerrr 6w

    What's not in your hand, often comes in your pocket!


  • _the_observerrr 8w

    आज के दिन रक्षा का भार,
    सभी भाई आपस में बाँट लेते हैं |

    कल से फिर वही, सरहद के वीरों को,
    ये ज़िम्मेदारी हस कर सौंप देते ही |


  • _the_observerrr 16w

    Hey! you are my happy place,
    If I'm the smile then you're it's grace.


  • _the_observerrr 17w

    Uncertainties are the only stabilities....


  • _the_observerrr 18w

    Easier work-out

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    If crying burned calories like working out. Then you know who would have a "ZERO" figure.


  • _the_observerrr 19w

    My Dear Shooting Star!

    After covering a distance of light-years,
    a sparkling shooting star finally appears.

    Rapidly gliding in bunches towards the earth,
    bringing up so many aspirations of humans, unearth.

    In a deep dilemma, between grant or refuse,
    during the whole path they remained confuse.

    There was an ocean at the shore of their routines,
    along with the aim to collect the desires of the marines.

    They dived into the ocean, by passing a tidal surge,
    everybody was delighted when the stars finally emerge.

    Besides everyone else, this little mermaid was not very excited,
    everyone got shook and asked her "Why aren't you delighted?"

    "I don't want a wish!", she said.
    But she had a lot to say, unread.

    From ages to ages, every human that emerges,
    has a never ending list of wishes that urges.

    These stars carry numerous aspirations of humans,
    and we are neither in humans or inhumans.

    Thus, we shouldn't increase their burdens more,
    however, we should let them rest and restore.

    Hence, from now onwards we'll not make a wish,
    we just want to give you a warm hug, just like this.


  • _the_observerrr 39w

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

    “Get up, we have an appointment today", he said,
    while I was barely awake and rolling on the bed.
    This special appointment with the doctor is planned
    because of all the random changes we scanned.
    This "we" refers to me and my better half
    who's the ultimate suspect of this graph.
    He always claims that I never said this or that,
    while I always wondered he's just another spoiled brat.
    This miscommunication went beyond our imagination,
    Thus, we desperately had to visit a doctor for reconciliation.
    Finally after lightyears my turn came up,
    I pulled the chair and the doctor said "Sup?"
    I was about to answer but he looked at my spouse and said "No, you tell?"
    This blabbermouth did some random chit chat in the dwell.
    whereas I was wondering why he didn't let me speak,
    Then the doctor saw my reports and gave me an expression with a sneak.
    Doctor offered my husband a seat,
    and said, "This is serious, I repeat".
    He seated swiftly and was waiting for the reveal,
    and I was also having the same appeal.
    And what the doctor said was insane,
    so was I but with a brain.
    Then this doctor said, "Ma'am you have just 1500 words left for life",
    My husband giggled with happiness and said, "I always wanted a mute wife".
    While I was still astonished and unable to soak this fact,
    that I'll have to play dumb charades forever and act.
    I immediately started to enact and ask,
    but for the doctor it was no less than a task.
    He tried but failed miserably,
    His performance was getting worse considerably.
    Then my husband decoded the message,
    and finally elaborated the passage.
    He said, "Doctor, she's asking to written 1500 words or to spoken?"
    I guess the doctor was not prepared for this weird token.
    There was silence inside the room,
    but I was slightly feeling gloomy.
    Suddenly they both started burst out laughing,
    I was feeling how insensitively these 2 are chafing.
    Finally these 2 jerks ended this disgusting prank,
    My pale face slowly got an angry expression after a blank.
    I looked at my husband with an evil eye,
    and said, "You wanted a mute wife?"(sigh).

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  • _the_observerrr 44w

    A sweet fantasy ❤️

    With a tired body and a sleepy head,
    I was scrolling Instagram, half dead.
    Couch and comforter were all set,
    me and my sleep almost met.

    Suddenly, a beautiful notification popped,
    my heart skipped a beat and hopped.
    It was him all over my feed,
    his latest posts are breath taking indeed.

    While I was lost in his few recent upload,
    I double tapped and his notification got over flowed.
    I realised it's time to leave the planet,
    but he sent a text, oh dammit.

    His message said, "Have you turned on notifications of my posts?"
    I was 100% sure he thinks I'm a despo and what if, he reports....

    With a million of such petrifying thought,
    I replied, "Haha accidentally I guess" damn I was caught.
    Before I could soak this mini heart attack,
    he got a few more for me in a stack.

    I was about to confess that Yes, I am head over heels crushing on you,
    just before I tapped the send button, he said, "Wanna have a coffee at the one that's new?"

    I was heels over heels this time,
    And I replied, "Yes, that's fine!".
    My planning began,
    towards my closet, I ran.
    That cherry red dress
    was the rescue plan for this mess.

    Everything was all set,
    but the floor was slightly wet,
    resulting to which my foot slipped,
    I fell from couch, and everything flipped.

    I immediately checked my phone,
    no such conversation shown.
    I sighed with relief and grief, both,
    my phone peeps again and quoth,

    "@oblivion.pull posted a new picture"
    And once again I thanked to this notification feature.


  • _the_observerrr 46w

    Words bleed in the ocean of his sorrow,
    I wish I could have some of his behalf.
    As his soulmate, I will surely borrow,
    And will exchange it with, my fist of laugh.

    I'll giveaway my fist full of laugh for his ocean of sorrow,
    And this deal will remain like this today and thorough.