If I have pocket full of fucks, i still wouldn't give you one������

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  • _the_nightmare 1d

    For a moment I was getting better,
    For a moment everything was good,
    I was Happy, I want to live.
    For a moment, I was having Hope,
    And in that one moment,
    I Lost Everything.

  • _the_nightmare 4d

    I'm a demon with dead feelings
    But don't you judge
    For, i was an angel once
    Who felt too much.

  • _the_nightmare 2w

    I try to be something more than
    Heartbreak more than
    Shattered glass
    But I'm still picking up pieces
    Belonging to the past.

    Against the window the storm
    Comes dashing
    Through tattered foliage the
    hail tears crashing
    The blue lightning flashes
    The rapid hail clashes

    The thunder is rumbling
    And the Nightmare crashing
    And crumbling

    The wind shows us how close to the
    Edge we are.

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  • _the_nightmare 6w

    NIGHTMARE is in the space
    Always try to escape
    From scars that he have
    From night that he suffered
    Darkness all around
    Planets behave like a ghost
    Fire spreading all around
    Trust me this is insane
    Hushed with some flame
    I'm no one to blame
    I tried hard to stay
    But all rants in my mind
    Nightmare want to escape
    Gravity pushed me away
    Nothing ever felt so real
    Promises are fake
    Hard to fathom what i saw
    I dream about my escape
    Found myself in parallel Universe
    perhaps it was just a hope
    Tripped into memories
    Night's rides under the moonlight
    Was broken heart
    Wanting to repair
    No more by tear am i enticed
    I shut my eyes and cease to respire
    It not hard to leave escapism

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  • _the_nightmare 7w

    #NewProse 5 ��

    Songs credit goes to the darshan raval, one of my favourite singer and I'm so obsessed with this song. ��Kabhi tumhe !!
    Hypothetical words��
    Do correct me if you found mistake !!
    Thank you !!��
    Enjoy reading !!��
    The Nightmare ��

    //Kabhi tumhe yaad meri aaye
    palko se zulf hata lena
    Saaf dikhunga mai tujhko wahin
    jo na dikhu toh bata dena //

    You are my ikigai as if the purlins of the sun are tried with surreal split ends of your hair. I am always there for you As if the shooting star crackling marmoris of atmosphere. It is all with you. I want to peer at the sky, count stars and giggle with you. My love came to me at my best I'm yours just remember as i always said I'm just one call away . Now NIGHTMARE says I'm just a dream away, a poetry away. Always there to hold you always there to be with you I'm there just believe in you.

    // Tum Agar Manaoge toh maan jayunga
    Mai tere bulane pe laut ayunga //

    You know when i miss you I don't read old chats, screenshots, no pictures just close my eyes and a glimpse of you comes infront of me and i smile.Yes this song is overwhelming and sometimes i imagine in metaphoric night what will you do when you miss me but then i wonder do you really do !!Now every notification was awaited. I'm here with much expectations

    // Kabhi tumhe yaad meri aaye
    Itni si baat samajh lena
    Phir se milunga mai tumko wahi
    Raah se meri guzar jana //

    I'm still there on the same roof, my whole soul is still waiting for you on that terrace where shooting stars are playing hide and seek. Where we have lot's of memories and peaceful talk. My heart Waits for yours, my eyes look for yours, my pen dances on the rhythm of you , i am waiting for you. Preparing myself to hug you tight till we meet again.
    Eternal love lives for beyond it stumbles it hurts it leaves permanent scars but the same will heal your heart.

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    Kabhi tumhe !!

  • _the_nightmare 7w


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    It takes alot for me
    To give up on someone
    So if i gave up on you
    Just know i did everything
    I could !!

    Jo ek baar nazro se utar gaya
    Phir fark nahi padta wo kidhar gaya

  • _the_nightmare 7w

    No more temp people !!

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    If someone won't lift a finger to call you, see you, to text you, or spend time with you, then it's time for you to lift 5 fingers and wave goodbye.

  • _the_nightmare 7w


    Sometimes a person doesn't even love you for real. They just know you're a good person and they would hate to see you loving another the way you loved them. Happiness over history.

  • _the_nightmare 8w

    Tell the dark nights
    That the sky is again blue

    Tell the unsolved puzzle
    That i found the last part you

    Tell the crying sessions
    That i have overcome all of my fears

    Tell the heartbreaks
    That i am full of love

    Tell the sleepless nights
    That the sun is again bright

    Tell the autumns
    That one day I'll bloom again

    Tell the autumns to turn green
    cause you're Blooming - @wasabi
    Thank you��

    Tell the Nightmare
    There is always a next
    Beautiful morning - @kin_jo
    Thank you kins ����

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    To convey

  • _the_nightmare 10w


    Ek sehar hai tere deewano ka
    Teri yaadon ki bazari hai
    Tere hushn ke charche hai
    Pura shehar tere rukh
    Ki dewaani hai
    Hai khabar tere shaadi ki toh
    Har gali mein baraat tumhari hai

    Ek lehza hai teri ankhon ka
    Ek talwar do dhari hai
    Kurbani kaisi legi tu
    Yaha sab ki hi umeed waari hai

    Ek intezaar mein tere
    Har waqt sa bhari hai
    Kar rahe hai ibadat tera
    Tere aane ki chal rahi
    Taiyaari hai

    Kehne ko toh abhi baat kaafi hai
    Dost abhi toh puri raat baki hai
    Ankhon se ankhon milao
    Abhi toh izhaar baaki hai


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