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  • _talash_ 19h

    Can you see how you are losing yourself to the tides of time ? Ever wondered , how will you bear this loss ? Love , Yes you are 'love '...People may pierce you again and again yet you would remain YOU ....
    The beautiful soul beating wild on love song , happy song , your song ..!!!
    I simply admire the universe ,you behold ...The emotions are raining from the black sky but aurora is close ...Just feel , how your bleeding feet came so far ..,, Now , time is waiting for your decision !Every star is asking aloud only one question ,
    Are you willing to walk towards your success ? Are you brave enough to hold on this killing pain and walk ahead with a smile on your face ? Do you have it in you to mend the lines of fate ? Or , would you simply follow the suit and give up as the rest ?
    Remember !You are warrior ,, The hero of your loved ones ...Hold onto yourself tight for you are inspiration and hope for many ! Take every step with faith !
    Remember I told you faith has immense power ... Everything will fall into the place at alright time , okay ?

    Don't forget you have to weave smiling constellation of stars buring bright through your very own tears !

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    Every tough phase has big lessons ;
    that an easy phase could never teach you!

  • _talash_ 2d

    Its okay !
    To give up
    when you are in love ..
    No , not on love
    Keep loving as u do...
    Give up!
    On the hope of reciprocation ,
    becóz no one except you ,
    can fathom the depth of your love ...
    or the ache of your pains
    of disappointments ....
    Becóz !
    The love you didn't receive
    is the love you didn't deserve
    Soo, don't wait to be loved back !
    Keep your love in your heart
    Lock your memories
    before they say!
    And ...
    Give up!
    No , not on love ...
    Keep loving as you do:)


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    What's better than being prisoned in pain by someone who promised to free you from that!?

  • _talash_ 4d


    What it feels like,
    When you die?
    Roaming in the land,
    Or flying in the sky?

    How it would be feeling?
    Your soul being trapped,
    Your breath succumbing,
    and bones being snapped.

    What will your night,
    be like, before demise?
    When it's stint to bid farewells
    for your soul and to say goodbyes.

    What will your feelings be like?
    Either frantic and terrifying
    Or elating and ecstatic,
    for leaving your worries behind.

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    Cessation ~

  • _talash_ 5d

    You are crying inside ...unstoppably .This storm....This flood....This turmoil seems to go on and on ,,,And ! You wish to cry tonight hugging the memories close ,,,Every single beat is screaming aloud silently ,,,But Hey! Just beat ..Just breathe ....
    You are not alone ,You can never be !
    Feel how millions of stars are gazing at you with an unknown melancholy.Oh ! you really miss seeing them shining bright ?
    let's take one step at a time ? shh, drop the facade ,, Give yourself the time to come around ,,It's Okay !
    All of this pain, it will teach you something worth knowing.The autumn of your heartbeats would walk over to create your wonderful spring ,, Smiling naturally would take time But promise me, you will fulfill the wish of the universe to see ur real smile ? PLEASE....

    Don't forget you must let go of this beautiful twilight to embrace the dawn that's destined for you ,,, waiting for you ...

    This is for everyone who is going through the bad days , dark nights ,,, Stand up ! becóz Ur pains are not stronger than u ,,, ur tears are not stronger than ur smile .... You are the one who can do anything ,,, STAY STRONG :)

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    Let the circumstances transform you
    In a better "YOU"

  • _talash_ 1w

    You held me like an ever so charming moon ,
    In your arms , oh my love !
    Though I was a rock ....
    But unknowingly , you melt my heart ..
    And it started shining with the magic of love!!

  • _talash_ 1w

    When the sun beams will knock in ,
    And the old fingers on the keys of piano !
    Will try to create the dulcet rhythm ,
    I will ask you about all those ....
    Between us that was meant to be !
    And about all those that we never try to see ...

  • _talash_ 1w

    Ae hum Nava , zra dair ruk....
    Kai sun le merai Dil ki woh dastan
    Jo chupaye howy bht waqt se
    Me tanha beitha krti ho ....
    Kai kab mosam badly yun
    Hawa me khushboo bikhray jb
    Mein qadam barhaye terai shehr me ..
    Terai rubroo kharay tb...
    Har woh khaht deikhana chahti ho
    Zikr jisme tera sirf
    Musalsal qalam band krti hon ..
    Raat Kai andheron me
    Ankhain band kiye mein...
    Bas tujhe hi socha krti ho...
    Kai khush naseeb hain woh log bht
    Tujhe Jo roz deikha krty hain...
    Tum pochty ho talab Meri..
    Teri Aik awaz sune ko...
    Mein bhaghi Chali aati ho....

    ( Maloom ni Kya likha ����)

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    Even if there is no night ;
    I still promise to be your forever star !!

  • _talash_ 1w

    Guzar diye hain Jo tanha beithy...
    Uss khali bench pr lamhy saray...
    Gawah ha darakht Kai sukhy patay ...
    Kai Tum nahi , toh kuch bhi nahi .....

  • _talash_ 1w

    They say , Find a purpose in your life and live it . But , sometimes , it is only after you have lived that you recognize your life had a purpose and likely one you never had in mind...And now that you had fulfilled yours , you feel aimless and adrift~

    It was you ..she said in his ear ." It was only you .Didn't you know ?"

    I found a sad little fairy
    Beneath the shade of paper tree
    I know a sad little fairy
    Who was blown away by the wind one night ~

    ( Some lines from the book I am reading now a days ....A special one ...

    "AND THE MOUNTAINS ECHOED by Khaled hosseini"

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    I open the novels ,
    Re-read the parts that
    I have read zillion times ;
    Try to cry, but no tears come
    I closed it and
    Put the bookmarks again !!

  • _talash_ 2w

    I often forget ,
    My tears when you smile ....
    My emptiness when you make my dreams come alive !
    My darkness when you shine ,
    My pains when you make my heartbeats come alive !.
    Oh ! what magic you spell ,
    Embrace the way I forget of myself
    Only remember you and your love's jingling bells ....
    You feel like the charming moon
    who shower baby stars ....
    Of love , light & life
    Of blessings and smiles
    All the way from heaven
    To the hell of my heart's yard !
    Every night ...
    You wound and almost sunder yourself
    Just so I can breathe and beat
    You take away my every scar with a breeze
    You take away all the darkness ....
    which is mine to keep...
    Leaving your own sunrise for me ....
    © Eman

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    The universe tried to hide my view to you;
    So I hid my universe in you!