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  • _soundless_ 1d

    《And Darling,
    Life was good before you came into it
    But I agree it seemed quite bland
    You however came and turned my world upside down》

    #end #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    //It all began with an eye gaze...
    The moment I felt lost in your waves
    The day we met...
    I crave your voice Your heart and Your eyes
    I stayed bit longer...
    To hold your hands with grace
    Baby you were the first who bought shine on my face//

    Days passed...months went off
    Separation entered to the midst then

    //Succumbed somewhere in your dreams then
    I was in jolly and you was the reason
    Then a point came where all your love and affection got vanished
    With the change in season//

    //Nothing seems same anymore
    I am heartbroken to the core
    Now I won't be able to love again
    Why you left me with tears in vain//

    //The moment I fell for you...
    Cherished you as my world my everything
    But that was a huge fallacy back then I realized was so wrong
    I thought that love would last forever : I was wrong//

  • _soundless_ 1w

    कतरा कतरा गिनने दो
    लम्हा लम्हा जीने दो
    इन पलकों पर बैठा शब का परिंदा कबसे
    हाँ दो बूंद....बस दो बूंद
    आज आँखों से छलकने दो।♡

  • _soundless_ 1w

    //When the heart breaks there is surely no noise
    You are stunned with life and there is no choice//

    #wod #combination @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    /Words are not enough to describe
    How much it aches when I think of you
    It all just shattered like
    My love wasn't so true/

    /It all just seems like
    We made a tale to be told
    But would not be together anymore/

    /I don't know why did it happen
    That we had to part our ways
    There's a river flowing inside since then
    That flows down of my eyes/

    /I tried writing you in letters
    But the word never got finished
    Were so quick to fall in love
    But Darling, it was soon diminished/

  • _soundless_ 1w

    When someone likes all my posts once

    Le me :- what's in your mind dude

  • _soundless_ 1w

    लगता है झोंका हवा का कोई छेड़ गया है
    मुस्कराकर किसी बादल की तरह
    वो एक ग़ज़ल सी गली में बिखेर गया।

  • _soundless_ 1w

    Everytime I visit his profile...le me :- F**k the shit I just hate you

    Also me for no reason stalking him in every 5hours

    Don't tell me I'm into him

  • _soundless_ 1w

    #wild #wod
    Thanks @writersnetwork for ��❤��

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    /She is a giver in her role, to keep everyone beaming is her goal
    Don't name her sick, she is a storm within/

    /She is a pretty soul, sacrifices lot for others' sake
    Efforts she made never unveil,Leading in all with dignity and grace/

    /She is bold to talk her heart, Always makes a perfect start
    She can go beyond her will, that so to make her commitment fulfill/

    And Darling,
    She is innocent and kind enough, but Don't you dare to call her fragile as bird.

    //The fire she's carrying within can go wild at all//

  • _soundless_ 1w

    Sometimes a girl seems to be quite enough that even getting hurt so hard, she doesn't react to it much.

    But it doesn't mean she's weak for...it's just because she's having potential to bear all kinds of pains people trying to let her down with.

    But you know what the cold moon too has the strength to ignite fireballs like a sun.

    A girl can be both...cool like a moon or warm like a sun...it all just depends on the way she's being treated.

  • _soundless_ 2w

    ज़िंदगी से फ़ासले कुछ इस कदर हुए
    जैसे किताब के दो पन्ने हुए।
    तस्वीर है एक इस तरफ़ कोई
    तो चेहरा एक उस ओर भी है।
    पलट कर देखा तो करीब थे दोनो
    जैसे कोई फूल और तितली हुए।
    अब खुली जो किताब जज़्बातों की
    तो ख़्वाब बिखरे ऐसे
    नज़रें फिरीं और पलभर में दूर हुए।

  • _soundless_ 2w

    //I love the aureate flash dazzling around my dingy space
    Flourished the glitters engulfed to whole
    Gets through the vigorous charm in air
    Burst the sun sparkles through so bright
    Morning cheer peps up there turns the aura so awesome so right//

    I love to get such pleasant vibes in the very first of each day
    And embrace it with a cheerful smile.

    //Sawy sway like a butterfly then
    Twrils around the Mirror
    Daylight makes it so perfect
    makes me feel like I'm the prettiest one//

    Morning time is that special for me all while
    That's how it makes me to face the world with my charm...