My soul is solely responsible for what my hands type♥✒

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  • _soniya_ 67w


    It's been so long I haven't touched you...
    You have been there always but went missing
    Even for a while but it was forever; a feeling
    That what if you're lost. All my dreams surround you. Only you...

    It's been so long I haven't touched you...
    Your hollowness made me cry
    Tried to find myself but nearly said good bye
    A visit to the garden of pages also failed
    For you're worth not mere trail of words
    All my emotions are meagre for You

    It's been so long I haven't touched you...
    O, how fortunate I'm tonight
    After ages you have retuned
    Like a rambler hesitant to sneak in
    Don't worry, just recall this with passing time
    That it was, it is and will always be You.

  • _soniya_ 104w

    A next of satisfaction and delight we feel when we're with the right ones, in their arms, closest to them than one can ever be.

    Such feelings are immortal and stays with us till infinity and beyond! ✨❤️

    © Baishali

  • _soniya_ 127w

    Family problems, relationship issues, self doubts, depression, financial crisis, low self esteem, loneliness, ill health

    Still fighting with a smile on face?
    And u think you're weak? No! You're wonderful and super strong! Keep fighting and believe in yourself. You'll succeed someday... surely.

    Good noon


  • _soniya_ 127w


    People stay with you. Love you.
    Care for you. Listen to you. Be generous.
    Be kind. Be supportive.

    Then time happens.
    They change.

    They stay with you but limitedly. Pretend their love. Show care. Listen only to judge. Be mean.

    And leave...

    If time was the only culprit, then why do we still blame them? Maybe because we were too young to understand that they are mere humans,

    And nothing Godly resides in humans.


  • _soniya_ 127w


    It's unfair to expect from others, to love you and to be okay with the problems you share with them on daily basis; when you yourself aren't okay with them and often forget to love yourself.

    Because a time will come
    When you'll be left all alone to deal with them.

    P.s. accept circumstances


  • _soniya_ 146w

    Guys be like: they will ignore you all the time and the same guys will also make sure you're not cheating on them

  • _soniya_ 146w

    Whenever I tell you you've changed, you make me understand so many things to prove me wrong. You tell about all those big things you've done for me. All those moments we had together. But still I remain unsatisfied with these answers.
    Then you start arguing on this and when I cry, all you do is meet up and we spend couple of hours, smile, hug and have some happy moments. But those moments are uncertain. I know these are temporary. Once we'll go home, things will be back to normal. And you know the problem is that only I notice this. Only I feel this. Only I know what has changed. Only I know that "you" have changed. These meet ups are nothing infront of all the pains I suffer from. Those lonely sleepless nights, those melancholic days, those depression, anxiety and every other bad feeling that surrounds me literally from everywhere. And you know why this happens to me? Because for girls, little things matter. They make us happy and only they push us towards miseries, pain. Large and expensive gifts aren't really our needs. All we need is some genuine care and true love. So when you shower them, we love that and remember every little things you do to make us happy.
    Similarly, we also notice all those small changes in you. And maybe that's what tears us apart.
    And now I also know these writings have no use. These are mere words to you. But for me, these are very little expressions of what I actually feel.

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    Changes :')

  • _soniya_ 149w

    Don't know why we run after controlling life. Things are fated. Situations are fated. We cannot even control the sad endings in a movie where our favourite character dies! And here we are, hoping to control lives. Not only ours, but other's too. How funny, absurd and lame that is!


  • _soniya_ 151w

    ख़्वाब, ख़्वाब होता है। उसका मोल कभी बाज़ार के तराजू के पलरे में नापा नहीं जा सकता। उसके प्रचंडता की गहराई केवल देखने वाले को ही ज्ञात होती हैं।


  • _soniya_ 152w

    तन्हाइयों को ‌‌ग़म के आंसू और शराब की बोतल से मत बांटो,
    खुदपे यकीन और होठों पर मुस्कान रखे, ज़िन्दगी को हंसकर काटो।।