art is life 'n' life is art

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  • _solemnsoul 34w


    I have a crush,
    on this pretty jolly miss.
    I like the way we flirt.
    I love the way her passionate smile curves on her tender lips.
    Have you seen her blush?
    The pinky-rose sunset skintone on her lip you would die to kiss!

    Her angelic eyes,
    no crimson no velvet.
    Her majestic thighs,
    no reason not to covet.
    Her suggestive vibes,
    she's the person I couldn't forget.
    Like Opium she has my highs,
    Quite Sativa she's the prize!

  • _solemnsoul 88w

    //slow fade//

    Looking over to another horizon
    where the sun gracefully set
    dreaming a beautiful fiction
    that mine was to be the same
    but raw truth hit me later on
    like ample desire with deficient hope

  • _solemnsoul 94w


    Guns and Roses,
    you'll dance but with corpses.

  • _solemnsoul 94w


    Her smile as bright as the day's sun
    and her face as attractive as the night's sky.
    Her eyes full of stars, cloudless and clear
    and her gaze of wonder, dazzling and dear.
    Her tender voice as warm as early morning sunshine
    and her tone as calm as the late night breeze.
    Her breathtaking physique and her beautiful mind
    I cannot render all her brilliance in this mere word
    and neither can I find
    another girl as amazing as my lover bird.

  • _solemnsoul 94w

    wet day

    Walking slowly as the cold breeze caresses my tender fingers
    Gentle drops of rain drizzle calmly down my hair
    As the cloudful sky seems to linger
    I am amid whispering wind that make the trees dance in the air
    With my dampy shoes, I strolled on the solitary road
    Thinking of what a desolate life I have lived
    At that moment, I gained a desire, I gained a passion to thrive
    A passion to breath in life with a vibrant explode
    I dreamt of better days, I dreamt of bliss..

  • _solemnsoul 120w

    We All Have Our Demons

  • _solemnsoul 121w

    Sleight of hand..

    Hoaxed by my own paradox,
    Foxed into my own box.

  • _solemnsoul 121w

    Fed up with getting hurt,he froze his heart.
    But deep inside his cold,there was a warmth untold.

  • _solemnsoul 121w

    Depicting art is rendering the life and beauty of imagination within and surrounding us

  • _solemnsoul 121w

    To cover a good mile,
    just put on a good smile..