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  • _sneha__19 5w

    To-do list

    Everything you've ever wanted lies
    Beyond your to-do list.
    So don't resist.
    Each wish you've ever cast.
    All the hopes that you've amassed,
    No matter how daft.

    Once you've written it down and made the plan
    What happens next is all in your hands.

    That list is not enough.
    It can be tough to take actions
    But for your own satisfaction
    Do what needs to be done.

    In years to come
    Imagine what you might say
    If the list went unchecked
    And your chance slipped away.
    Then in the reverse
    Wonder how it might be
    If all your dreams came true
    And at last you felt free.

    You see,there are people in this world
    Who we hold in esteem
    As they seem to have it all;
    They are living OUR dreams.

    But we're forgetting their struggles
    Their sacrifices, their why.
    And while we're busy watching their magic
    Our own time is slipping by

    So what's on your to-do list
    And where will it take you?
    Make an effort to make it.
    Don't simply make do.

  • _sneha__19 6w


    I have loved the transition,
    Of our silence replacing the words.
    And the old comfort sinking in.
    The inexpressible feelings,
    Where my words fall short everytime,
    Narrowing down to the silence,
    Quite but worthy.

  • _sneha__19 6w


    I don't mind
    If you say my walls
    Are too high for you to climb,
    I'll be fine
    Behind these familiar defences;
    You'll waste your time
    To find there's nothing there
    But emptiness inside.
    You can try
    But I'm not making any promises.

  • _sneha__19 6w


    His lips were like the ferries wheel, always circling back around and bringing about new sights with every spin.
    His mind would walk a mile a minute in mine,trying to see and learn everything about me-making sure there was nothing missed on the map.
    His kiss was like cotton candy,sweet all the way through and melting on my tongue in the most nostalgic way.
    His eyes lit up Like the mid-way when the sun went down and I knew I could stare into those blue universes forever.
    He won me over like the bottle-and-hoop game; every time making me feel like I was the lottery he had the luckiest ticket.
    I'd known him forever, seen him a million times, but i always felt like a tourist lost in the crowd when he would say my name.
    Isn't that how the grand things are though?
    They can make the most experienced map reader feel lost.

  • _sneha__19 6w


    She's magic, if magic includes equal parts of quirky and crazy.
    If it includes eating pizza with a fork and a spoon,
    love and heartbreak in the same tune.
    Slow jazz and neat shots of unflavored vodka,
    fast world and bouts of eureka.
    An ethereal mind of a hopeless heart,
    an oasis in the midst of mirages in a desert.
    A heart that promises to be of stone,
    a mind that knows the truth alone.
    Loving someone till it sends you to the edge,
    or loving oneself with a half broken pledge.
    Losing soul-battles with sighs,
    or winning wars with gods ,
    with scars that shine.
    If not,
    then I'm sorry for magic;
    I'm sorry for all the things that isn't her.

  • _sneha__19 6w


    Second, The World War; Everyone calls
    It hasn't ended yet, said the posters on walls,
    While returning home; the view wasn't as same,
    Well, who else; inhumanity took all the blame,

    Towards their duties each solider despite of wounds, was true sincere blood leaking from various body parts, as if the mind would care,
    Damaged were the walls outside home; blood soaked damaged were the walls inside head; shell shocked,
    The soldiers for incurable pain sip A Gin,
    Yes just to survive sometimes is also A Win,

    " I Accepted That Bullet Was Already Meant For Me, but I didn't know my camp friends would take it for me, and followed by that moment I saw everything ahead getting burned,
    If that camp God wouldn't have been there,
    Perhaps to tell you this I might not have returned",

    " I remember the count of casualties raising perpetually fast",
    A proud one legged solider telling the stories of past,
    "From the eternity my country has been a nurturing paradise,
    Ironically through war we were saving it and not otherwise",
    "The things I just told wasn't just another battle piece, I wonder as we were told, it was a war
    A war eventually meant to create a peace".

  • _sneha__19 6w


    I've always rebelled against the sage advice of others
    Wanting to carve my own path, learn from my mistakes.
    My body a battlefield of inner wars fought long ago.
    Racing ahead of my own dreams
    Amd catching my breathe in the wind.
    These days I include a measured step or two
    Making sure my loved ones are beside me
    As they bring radiance and betterment to this wild life I live

  • _sneha__19 6w


    Lit silvery-sky
    Over the waves--
    Of poetry
    Soulburst for words--
    Stygian serenade
    Lunar glistening smiles
    Discovered it's worth--
    Liquid moonbeams
    Poesy cerulean tears--
    Echoing undertones
    Surfing multi-tides beats--
    Congruous forever
    Lover's diamond-dusted dreams

  • _sneha__19 6w


    We're at the edge of our forever
    Where my heart lies completely hollow
    The end has a new beginning for you
    While sprinting sadness creeps in and turns me blue- my body is now plagued with delightful sorrow.

    The pores of my skin silently scream deep,
    Diverse emotions constantly resurface bittersweet symphony lingers in my brain
    Smirking tears pour down like rain
    Free at last to capture my soulless face.

  • _sneha__19 7w


    It's a terrible thing when you get writer's block
    Pacing around the room looking at the clock
    Tick tock tick tock tick tock
    No! Don't put that in a poem!

    It's a terrible thing when you think refrain means to stop but it actually means repeat. Start again from the top and you're allowed to dance. Let's do the bop!
    No I don't put that in a poem!

    It's a terrible thing when good things come to an end when searching for words was driving you round the bend mind you, actually finishing is a God send
    No No No!don't put that in a poem!

    Tick tock tick tock tick tock,
    The sentence might be a shock
    3am at the writer's dock
    Go on! You know what you want to!