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  • _smiley_ 72w

    How I wish I understood!

    You vast, serene ocean - those mysteries that you hide.
    How I crave to be a part of them!

    But lo! I am just a fragment of life:
    A plucked leaf being carried away by these winds,
    Holding out hope to reach my destination.
    Even though I know how I am just a speck,
    And will be subsumed, the moment I reach you.

    Yet, that's what I seem to want -
    A consuming journey
    Complete with an annihilating end!


  • _smiley_ 74w

    उन सर्द रातों में तलाश थी तो सिर्फ ज़र्द उजालों की,
    अब सवेरों की दस्तक पर ये क़ल्ब स्याह मांगता है।


  • _smiley_ 76w

    Words bled in the ocean of his sorrow
    Rhythms stabbed at the skies of his love
    A carnage so monumental
    The whole world was painted red.


  • _smiley_ 76w


  • _smiley_ 79w

    How we crave for the times bygone.
    Those whiffs of preserved memories.

    Wouldn't it be oh so serene
    To just breathe and simply be?

    Here, in this very moment,
    No expectations, No regrets.

    Every particle of our being singing and dancing,
    Becoming a happy place for our own self!


  • _smiley_ 97w

    I was the fire.
    Heat of summers.
    Hearth of homes.
    Flame of blazes.

    He was the water.
    Cold of rains.
    Savior of lives.
    Storm of seas.

    And lo! When we met.
    Two lost elements.
    Of the perfect balance.
    It was the perfect collision.
    A volcano.
    A thunderstorm.

    Fire and Ice.
    At last together.
    Where the world didn't matter.
    Just us.
    In our eternal cosmic rhythm.


  • _smiley_ 97w

    And as the sun set,
    She returned from the battlefield.
    The end of the war brought peace,
    And silence.
    And solitude.
    The welcoming waves of the ocean
    Beckoned to her.
    With a promise.
    Of washing away everything
    That she had left behind.
    Leaving only hope
    And brightness of the arriving dawn.


  • _smiley_ 97w

    Sky full of stars

    I was always a black hole to myself
    Until I saw what a starry sky I was.

    I was always a numb, quiet person
    Until I found the plethora of emotions I felt.

    I was always made of greys and blues
    Until I painted the world in those myriad of hues.


  • _smiley_ 97w

    A little backdrop on the piece: I've always been quite vocal about mental health issues in my own circle of influence. And having struggled with anxiety and depression myself, I know how hard it can be to get out of this vicious cycle, especially if you're naturally a very private person, as I am. But one thing that I've learnt through it all is this - Strength is not necessarily braving all odds on your own, Strength is also knowing when you need help and to ask for it.

    I know many people find it difficult to open up, especially to people around them, and in those circumstances, it's perfectly alright to find a mutual support group elsewhere. The biggest act of courage in this is to bring yourself to commit to be better - and relentlessly try to find what works for you!

    Thank you Carolyn Ma'am for this amazing challenge. It really got me into that raw emotion after a long time.

    Courtesy Roger Waters for the part of his lyrics from Brain Damage: "There's someone in my head but it's not me", that I've used here.

    Image courtesy to the rightful owner.


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    There's someone in my head but it's not me:
    Screaming down at all my happy thoughts,
    Tearing apart all my magnificent memory shots,
    Leaving only the debris of incorrigible faults.

    There's someone in my head but it's not me:
    Chiding me for all my inaction against others,
    Chastising me for always running for covers,
    Poking me with red hot pain as I quietly suffer.

    There's someone in my head but it's not me:
    He has to be chased away for my own sanity,
    He should be shot down to free me of my agony,
    Him I shall bury deep and then live in all my majesty.


  • _smiley_ 98w

    It's been ages since the night began
    So long and dark and cold all around.
    My soul has settled for the twinkling stars
    So far and small and insignificant always.

    At times the mind begins to wonder
    What would it mean if there were light.
    As does the heart weave its lore
    Of joyful truth from forlorn hope.