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  • _shreyachakraborty_ 163w


    There is a crack in my roof
    So when I lay still on my back
    Under it - I think of my life
    Soundless as it gets
    I find myself so stray
    Drowning into a pool of thoughts
    Loosing myself slowly and then all together
    A familiar feeling of abandonment
    Wraps my soul
    So I close my eyes and dream of tomorrow
    For there is a crack in my roof and as I lay there
    Still on my back the sun hits my face
    And I think of my life

  • _shreyachakraborty_ 170w

    I took a moment for this
    I had to
    It gnawed into my skin to this white bone
    All my life
    I have wanted nothing
    But to feel oh so deeply
    Feel so ardently to feel so much
    And for so long, that,I did
    Life is too small
    So I wore my heart on my sleeve
    I sat I heard I felt I screamed
    I was I've been
    Yet somehow today it has donned upon me
    I am my own more than I will be somebody's
    And I say this
    It is beautiful to feel oh so empty

  • _shreyachakraborty_ 181w

    I sway through life abandoned
    Silence being my fluency
    Because words fail my bizarre
    So taciturn I stay with a deafening silence
    Announcing an illusion of introversion
    Though my eyes never heedless
    My mind never thoughtless
    My dreams no different than your
    My sorrows no worse than yours
    I too just like you dream of the stars and dunes of hills and morrow
    And so I let my silence and not my words be my sillage .
    Silence is what sets me apart

  • _shreyachakraborty_ 182w

    The night

    Under the whitest fullest moon
    By the sides of the Meadows flowing ever so gently I will breath in my lungs the night's air and then look up in awe at the fireflies dazzling in the night sky like little chandeliers but not to enlight but to enhance the darkness. I would dance to the music of the beetles over the wet grass as the coldness runs up my spine and on that capturing night I would find my place in this world in the midst of a land so foriegn I would hear my soul speak to my heart . That night the crazy fog will be lifted and I will believe in magic .

  • _shreyachakraborty_ 182w

    I see you're trying and I know you're struggling to find yourself. To reverse time undo everything that went wrong and bring back your old self and how inspite of your best efforts you're failing to get it off your chest . To forget whatever keeps you up at nights. To you I say don't give up your faith in the big day . That day when everything will fall into it's place and you will have your answers . Just hold on to dear life and believe that day is coming . It's on its way.

  • _shreyachakraborty_ 182w


    Let your shoulders fall tonight
    For there's beauty in the fallen
    Let your demons hustle tonight
    For there's a roar in the hustle

    Let the storms drain you out tonight
    Sit back and do nothing but stare still
    Far into the darkness
    that burns onto your skin
    Let this silence that grips you tight
    Sink onto your bones
    Let these voices speak to you
    Stand tall to them with all your might
    Because the time is right
    It is tonight that you put up a fight

  • _shreyachakraborty_ 183w

    It's imperative to fight for the relationships that matter to us in life but if you are the only person fighting for it putting efforts and receiving nothing in return then it's best to give up . Wish them well and let them go . And pray in your heart that one day when the time is right they shall see you again.

  • _shreyachakraborty_ 187w

    There is you and here is me 
    And in between lies the land
    Fading out with the dying dusk
    Abandoned by life and death 
    It's immenseness as unapplauded 
    As the vagueness of the sky

    So as I walk to you 
    With despair wrapped around my soul
    Through I go with the zaphyr
    Only to muse if you still are there 
    Yet today I stand here 
    Staring at what lays ahead
    To the horizon and beyond
    A beautiful infinite nothing

  • _shreyachakraborty_ 187w

    Because I know it's hard to hate the ocean even though it had drowned you whole until you were left gasping for breath
    And yet to return to it for it is home to you

  • _shreyachakraborty_ 187w

    Even though u have looked away into the darkness every time I have marvelled at u
    I have seen your eyes 
    Gazing at the shiniest star 
    With your hopes on fire 
    I have seen your wings

    Even though you never said anything
    I have heard you sing 
    And dance to the rythmn of your own heart beat

    I have seen you like nobody else did

    So shed your burdens today and let the world in 
    Rip off your fears and cry out your name 
    See yourself through my eyes 
    And know it carved onto your heart 
    You are brave 
    You are golden 
    You are magic