I wish you could hear all the words, I'm afraid to say ��

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  • _shattered_soul 1w

    I write to think

    I write to feel

    I write to hope

    I write to heal

    I write to recall

    I write to remind

    I write to seek

    I write to find

    #Poetry #Writting #ShatteredSoul #Mirakee

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  • _shattered_soul 2w

    You never know what one might bare,

    Behind the bones and skin with hair,

    The pain I feel deep inside,

    Hidden from the world,

    Emotionally paralyzed,

    Minutes I watch,

    Hours go by,

    Days have left me,

    Past years make me want to cry,

    I'm still standing, anticipating,

    That tomorrow's rainbow will be there,

    Hope and laughter, is all I'm after,

    Maybe I'll find myself over there.

    #Hope #Lost #Pain #Broken #Mirakee #ShatteredSoul

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  • _shattered_soul 2w


    I wander through my mind aimlessly in doubt

    Of the world around me.


    I wonder why my mind aimlessly doubts

    The world around me.


    I ask when my doubts

    Will slip away

    From the world around me.

    Sometimes ,

    I ask when my restless

    World will cease to cause doubts in the world around me.


    The only way out of doubts in my world

    Seems to beg for escape.


    My escape from doubts

    Fades in the shadows

    Of this world around me.


    I wonder if it's worth

    The pain I feel inside my mind.


    I wander through my mind,

    Lost and alone in this world around me.


    I cry out to no one there.


    #Sometimes #Lost #Broken #Hurt #Mirakee #ShatteredSoul

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  • _shattered_soul 2w

    Sometimes I wish, that I could hide,

    Until I find, somebody to love.

    Sometimes I wish, that I could find

    The one that I, that I was meant to love.

    But here I am, Alone again,

    In the darkness of my mind.

    Searching for, a heart like yours,

    In a world that's filled with lies.

    Sometimes I wish, that you here,

    Without your fears,

    To hold me in your arms.

    But here I am, Alone again,

    In a world that broke my heart.

    Holding tight, to a love that might,

    Bring me out from within the dark.

    Here I am, Alone again,

    With this pain and aching heart.

    Alone again, here I am,

    In a world that keeps us apart.

    Sometimes I wish, that I could find, a love that's mine, one that's wrote up in the stars.

    Sometimes I hide, so they can't find,

    Or tell me lies, to break my already broken heart.

    #Sometimes #Love #Lost #SearchingForHer #Mirakee #ShatteredSoul

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  • _shattered_soul 6w

    Poetry heals

    In day

    And hurts

    At night


    I read before everyone

    Often I smile


    The moment

    I look for meaning

    I cry in the night

    #Poetry #Diary #Hurt #Lonely #ShatteredSoul #Mirakee

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  • _shattered_soul 7w

    Not a day goes by

    When I don’t miss the sight of your face

    The way you smile, your wisdom, your grace

    Your arms that held me as a child

    Your funny jokes, how they made me smile

    I feel so alone now that you are gone

    I knew there’d come a time

    When you’d have to move on

    But I miss my rock that kept me strong

    The one who taught me right from wrong

    I know there will come a time

    When I’ll no longer be sad

    But right now and like always

    I love and miss you dear!

    #MissingHer #Miss #Lost #Love #ShatteredSoul #Mirakee

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  • _shattered_soul 8w

    Telugu is the 4th most spoken language in India and 15th most spoken language in the world, surpassing the likes of Turkish and Urdu.

    The only Indian language where every word ends in Vowel, so it is also called as "Ajanta Bhaasha" and is called "The Italian of the East" by Niccola da Conti, a 16th century Venetian traveler.

    Unlike any other language, the poems, called "padhyaalu" in Telugu follow some special rules, called "Chandassu"which makes it extremely rhyming , gives a beautiful pronunciation and excellent meaning.

    This is the reason why many medieval tamil and malayali poets had sought telugu literature and hence even today, in most of the south indian temples,many bhajans and songs are in telugu. Ex:-One of the widely renowed thyagarajair keerthanas seen in Tamil temples are in Telugu only.

    Shree Krishna Devaraya the emperor of South India Wrote "Desha bhasha landu Telugu lessa" which means Telugu is the best among Indian languages.

    తెలుగు భాషా దినోత్సవ శుభాకాంక్షలు. ��

    #MotherTounge #GreatnessOfTelugu #Telugu #TeluguLanguageDay #ShatteredSoul #Mirakee

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  • _shattered_soul 9w

    O Lord Shiva!

    I found myself in your care on the day of my lost, uncertainties, sorrows, struggles, difficulties, and hurts.

    You comforted me and listened to every words I say.
    You gave your time to me.
    You knew the sincerity of my heart.
    You gave me courage to bear the heavy load of life.
    You gave me consideration to live, make a new start.
    You taught me to rely on you.
    You show me what you can do.
    You gave me an opportunity to live each day.
    You gave me strength to fix and fit the situation and condition of life..

    I bow down to you my lord
    You're my sunshine, You're my soul
    Shivoham ����

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  • _shattered_soul 10w

    They say that life is unfair,

    Not all accomplish their dreams,

    But if you can learn to except defeat,

    It opens doors to a whole swarm of things.

    They say that life is unpleasant,

    It's filled with more downs than ups,

    But if you see the good in downs,

    It makes it easier to stand back up.


    For if you stand on the sidelines,

    Waiting for your day to come,

    It's possible that you'll get lucky,

    And then the ups will have a greater sum.


    If you can see defeat,

    As just another lesson in life,

    The success that it can bring you,

    Can turn the darkness into light.


    Life is not overrated,

    It's filled with all our hopes and dreams,

    With just a little patience and dedication

    Life can be whatever you want it to be.

    #Faith #Hope #PositiveThoughts #ShatteredSoul

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  • _shattered_soul 11w

    At times you do not find anybody,

    To tell the things you have to confess.

    You think everyone was right,

    Everyone who said that you were worthless.

    I have seen the bravest ones getting scared of even a touch,

    I have seen the cheerful ones getting quiet.

    I have seen the ever-smiling ones with swollen eyes,

    I have seen the most courageous ones, losing the will to fight.

    People who used to have a constant smile on their face,

    Now have their pillows wet when the wake up.

    Sometimes even having trouble sleeping,

    They wait for this felling to shake up.

    The most social guy now lives in solitude,

    The noisiest one now keeps his mouth shut.

    The friendliest one now lives in his own zone,

    The most self-loving one ,

    Now has his whole body filled with cuts.

    Sometimes I am happy,

    The very next moment I want to break everything around me.

    I just do not know how I feel,

    Yes, this is depression,

    Depression is real.




    #Broken #Depression #Lost #ShatteredSoul

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