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  • _seed_ 67w

    The best way
    To teach a child
    On how to be respectful
    Is to first treat the child with respect
    As an equal
    Age does not define
    superiority, knowledge or experience
    What defines age is how wise we are

    Being an elder does not
    Give us the excuse to be rude
    Wrong is wrong
    And we being elders doing
    that wrong can not justify it
    As right

    Even gods have accepted
    The wrong deeds and failures
    To over see thier responsibility
    So say sorry
    Learn to apologies
    To a child
    Before you teach a child
    To apologise

  • _seed_ 69w

    Get an identity before you form an attachment

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    An Entity
    With no
    Can not give
    To another

  • _seed_ 70w


    These are just
    A state of mind
    Which are never the
    Same for anyone

  • _seed_ 71w

    Best way
    To appreciate
    Anything in life
    Is to work for it
    Before owning it

  • _seed_ 71w

    Dont look
    Upto me
    Look at me
    For who i am
    So that
    I dont become
    A photo frame
    On your wall
    I become
    A motivation
    From which
    You can learn
    In every turn
    Of your life

  • _seed_ 71w

    Everyone fails
    At being
    The person
    They are supposed to be
    But failing
    Never makes
    You lesser
    Than the person
    You are doing
    Your best to be

    So strive
    And strive
    Till you
    And everyone
    Around you

  • _seed_ 71w

    A wise mans journey begins
    Where a smart mans journey ends

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    To know it all
    Makes you

    But to know
    When where and how
    To use what you know
    That makes you

  • _seed_ 72w

    Mistakes dont lead you to a wrong place
    They just lead you on wrong path towards a place you haven't been to before

    They dont necessarily have to be wrong
    It could just be your way to a new Unknown

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    Do not fall to
    In defeat
    With disgrace
    Or in failure

    Instead fall
    To mistakes
    with humbleness
    Grace and hope
    Towards Growth
    Learning and perfection

    So that those
    Who follow
    Are not let down
    But look up
    To you
    For you have shown
    Them the path
    That they are meant to be on
    Like a beacon in a lost sea

    Do not to relate
    Mistakes to darkness
    End of the road
    Or a full stop
    Instead look at it
    As a ray of light
    Shining bright
    In a dark place
    From a direction
    You weren't
    expecting it from

  • _seed_ 72w

    In life its always best
    To aim big aim high aim far
    But very few of us realise
    That by doing so as repercussion
    We miss big very very big at times
    Resulting in

    Lack of faith

    And to fix this
    Is a simple way

    Aim big
    but start with
    start with smaller aims
    Leading ultimately
    to bigger aims

    So that even if you fail
    You fail at a smaller aim
    And are able to pick yourself up
    And put your best again

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    Aim small
    Miss small
    Aim big
    Miss big

  • _seed_ 72w

    Are not a sign
    Of weakness
    So never exploit
    Anyone's insecurities

    It is not Entertaining

    You are only pushing
    The person back
    Much deeper into
    The same dark hole
    That person is
    Giving his or her
    Heart and soul
    To come
    Out and away from

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