I breathe the warmth of letters and words in this inconceivably fathomless cosmos.

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  • _scarletblues 98w

    Celebrating the colours of our beautiful relationship
    Ever since we met under lilac skies
    To the day we were one
    It was a beautiful journey
    Of love and pain

    It was a gloomy night
    Where candles whispered ecstasy and music fired our blood
    It started with slight touches
    From the neck towards where feelings stay
    His hands over my bosoms claiming untouched territories
    The candle flickered when it was to be done
    One strap down, unhooked
    He bent down his lips to taste them
    Excited I pulled him closer
    We were naked on white bedsheets
    Each breath heavier than the other
    Lips touched, and so did souls
    It was always a bit of losing oneself
    In an attempt to gain the other
    He grabbed my breasts tightly
    Kissing deeper and deeper
    Nipples erect and dopamine rushed
    When sucking was never this pleasurable
    And moaning never met its end.

    The candle extinguished when two bodies became one
    And each lit up the other
    One inch more into another
    It was a state of heaven in love and pain
    We tried to delve deeper into another
    Resonating love and support
    He was into me, and I was into him
    No word holds this state right.

    The bedsheets smelled of us now
    Together and tangled, we kissed and slept for the night.

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  • _scarletblues 99w

    It's been a month since
    I and you are apart,
    Melancholy strikes.
    Kisses have become a mere act
    Not exciting me anymore.
    It was and is all about the proximity
    Of your lips on mine,
    The beating hearts in contact,
    The warmth of flesh
    And the perfect sip of madness.

    Hugs have become an old story now
    For it was all about the contact
    Of your bosom on mine
    Lighting ourselves to ecstasy
    And losing onto one another.

    Quarantining left me loving you more,
    Virtual hugs and kisses all the way
    However failed to infuse the aroma of romance
    Closeness devoid of warmth
    A face that can't be touched
    Arms that can't be grabbed,
    Lips that fail to lock
    The video call couldn't capture these

    #mirakee #writersnetwork @writersnetwork @writerstolli @poetrydelivery @harshad0209

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    Hugs have become an old story now
    For it was all about the contact
    Of your bosom on mine
    Lighting ourselves to ecstasy

  • _scarletblues 107w

    | Love in Quarantine |

    Remember the days
    when "kiss me" didn't mean
    On-screen kisses on a
    video call
    Or a cute
    kiss sticker,
    When kisses felt
    like elixir from heaven
    Gently falling over lips
    Sipping in eternity
    and drowned in ecstasy
    Inhaling breaths of
    one another
    Entangled in luxury
    Blood rushing to claim
    untouched territories.

    Remember the days when
    He sat beside you and
    you touched him
    Thanks to internet for
    it made us see
    Our loved ones
    whenever we desired
    But alas, could never
    touch or feel them
    Those hugs which
    settle to stamp
    Eternity in infinity
    Velvet love dipped in
    intense aroma of passion

    Don't your lips quiver
    in silence
    In memory of
    not being able
    To meet your beloved
    In this quarantine life
    But screeching at your heart
    For love knows not
    And have never known
    The boundaries of quarantine.

    #mirakee @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli @writsparrowsevenfour

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    With love as always

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    | Love in Quarantine |

    Remember the days
    when "kiss me" didn't mean
    On-screen kisses on a
    video call
    Or a cute
    kiss sticker


  • _scarletblues 114w

    3 a.m

    It's the middle of the night and I'm thinking about you. Not anything in particular but just of you. I wonder if you are up too or if you're sleeping, what is it that you're dreaming about. I wonder if your heart beats the same as of mine. Would you mind coming closer and hug me with all of your soul. Would you give in to your heart's desires as you lay there half asleep. 

    It's 3 a.m and you were breathing slowly and steadily over the earphones. I didn't call you to wake you up from sleep for your sleep sounds quite calm and comforting to my ears. A kind of peace even a chill soundtrack wouldn't have provided me with. I texted you though. Ten minutes later you woke up slowly. We talked.

    It was midnight. All we had was the moon and the stars may be. We were high yet sober, surpassing unclaimed territories of each other's bodies. We were two bodies in one soul, talking our hearts out. Even the moon blushed a little scarlet before eloping into the dark. 
    P.S-- I share real life experiences and would love to hear from you. Do drop your moments with your loved ones at midnight. Keep spreading love and light.


    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli @mirakeeworld @harshad09 #love #thoughts #diary

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    3 a.m

  • _scarletblues 123w

    | Things that remind me of you |

    I usually get enchanted by the mystical aura the night heralds. Quiet but full of gravity. It's that time when words come out from the depths of truths, and with each tick-tocking of the wall-clock, you sound more of mine There are a lot of things which remind me of you, which you may have long forgotten but who cares when memories cherished leave you flying in the garden of bliss.

    The sudden gentle touch of your hands in the canteen after the show was over. It felt as good as music to ears and chocoshakes to mouth. It feels the same way as of now since my memories don't rely on my tactile senses to be precise.

    Leading my way amidst the crowd. Now when I think of it, it feels just like the beginning of the era we're in.

    The 12.01 am voice call featuring your cracked voices of agony. Never in my life life had I felt like that before ,for that voice of yours triggered in me an emotion even more intense than what "Apocalypse" by Cigarettes After Sex does to me. Words can't replicate my feelings for my feelings are way too deep to be penned. And so are yours, said that voice call.

    That first kiss which bookmarked a forever in our lives. It was the first time I was that close with somebody. Yes, that close. So you must be very sure by now how much you mean to me.

    Those hugs which make me want more of you each day and every night. The warmth and comfort you bring along is priceless. I'd have drowned in this sea of ecstasy but I've a lot more left to be discovered in between the buttons of your shirt and along the lines of your lips.

    Those breaths over the earphones at night when you are wide asleep. The funny fact here is that I know you keep the mic close to your nostrils for you know it's importance and so do I. Distance hurts less when love is in bloom.

    That close contact of your chest on mine. Warm, close and vulnerable.

    Your rough beard which lovingly pricks my skin everytime you come and kiss me.

    That sketch of mine you made. You did 99% justice to my face. But no thank you for that, for you know why.

    The day you suddenly put my hand on your chest. I didn't know until then, that heartbeats can be so intimidating just when it beats for you.

    That holding hands and curling fingers everytime we met.
    P.S- A big "Thank you" to all my lovely readers for showing such a fantastic response to my last post titled 'Love intensified'. I was touched by some of the comments I came across. It literally made me feel so special. I offer my warmest wishes and love to you all.❤

    (Edit): I'd be glad to listen to some of your special moments as well. Do drop some in the comments section below.


    #love #life #inspiration #poetry #thoughts #diary
    @writerstolli @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld @harshad09

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    | Things that remind me of you |

    The 12.01 am voice call featuring your cracked voice of agony.
    Your rough beard which lovingly pricks my skin everytime you come and kiss me.


  • _scarletblues 123w

    - Love intensified -

    I've kept you covered inside the delicate membranes of my heart
    Over which I shower dollops of eternal love
    Promising today, tomorrow and forever
    And colours for a lifetime.

    Our love is like cherry blossoms
    Delight in the shivering cold,
    Like cherry on the cake of winter,
    Spreading warmth of affection like confetti
    Or like the last rays of twilight
    Euphoric and intense.

    Our love intensified that winter night,
    When two souls met at the touch of the lips,
    Each whispered love into their soul
    And merged to build the kingdom of ecstatic romance,
    Crashing at shores, uniting at hearts,
    Romance knew no bounds that night
    Even the moon blushed a little scarlet,
    Before eloping into the dark.

    It was no less than heaven bestowing upon us
    All that we had ever yearned for,
    We were two bodies, one soul,
    Sharing every inch of skin bared
    Love intensified
    as we claimed
    Untouched territories of our bodies,
    Adrenaline rushed and reached it's peak,
    Bosoms met under the covers of blanket
    Spreading aroma of lavender love.

    The scarlet stained white bedsheets smelled of us now
    Lips quivered in silence until they moistened,
    At the gentle touch of each other,
    We sipped love
    Like whiskey and champagne
    Sunrays kissed our skin
    And the moon,
    It had been shy enough.

    #love #life #inspiration #poetry #thoughts #diary

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    Love intensified


  • _scarletblues 123w

    | Velvet on khadi |

    It's beautiful when dreams make you feel alive
    Carry you to lands long forgotten,
    Instil therapeutic aroma of euphoria
    And makes you content,
    For you've had a moment,
    As precious as it is.

    I've lived my childhood
    As velvet on khadi,
    My teachers were like the pashmina wool,
    Giving me warmth of hope when in despair,
    They were no less than the first rays of sunlight
    Whom I feast upon seeing them
    And which used to make my day,
    They were the orange tinted sky during twilight,
    Exquisite in their own way
    Guiding me home during dusk,
    They were like the Palk Strait,
    Connecting me to my roots and grounds,
    With academics linked with morality,
    They say teachers are God
    And I couldn't agree more
    For even in the darkest era of my life
    No one but they guided me towards light.

    My teachers are the divine candles
    Burning themselves to give light to others,
    They are the divine flame of the diyas,
    Diffusing aroma of purity and positivity,
    They are the index to the path of my life
    Without whom I'd be lost,
    I root their ideals within me,
    Worship and value them ,
    To have them in my life.

    Teacher used to say,
    "Children, when you give respect,
    You get respect",
    Must I confess how influential
    That sentence was to me,
    How deeply it moved me,
    I root my ideals, my values
    In the holy feet of my teachers,
    I believe their presence
    makes my path velvet
    In this khadi lane of life.

    #mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerstolli @phoenicorn #love #life #inspiration #poetry #thoughts #diary #writerstolli

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    Velvet on khadi

    They were like the Palk Strait,
    Connecting me to my roots and grounds.


  • _scarletblues 123w

    | A forever snapped |

    It was the last day of fifth semester. Frosty winter accompanied by warm rays of sunlight. Exams and winters never seemed as exciting as it were that day. Viva went good. I waited outside and basked in the sun until he texted me back, and we met outside. 20 degrees cold turned 20 times more exciting as adrenaline rushed inside me to create the excitement inside me that felt no less than every moment I feel when I'm with him.

    It was always a bit of having butterflies in the stomach mixed with a pinch of craziness and all smiles and giggles when I meet him. I had a way with him. He spoke and I videographed him in my mobile. I don't know but it happened spontaneously with me that I go for carefully preserving each and every small moment I have with him. Talks transformed into laughs and then we stepped towards snapping a forever together in one frame. He held my arms around me and we kept our love in one frame. That moment felt exactly like "adieu' or "until next time". Love knows no science. Even two minutes can feel like a forever.

    He has something in him. He smells different, unlike any expensive perfume and the warmth while his arms are around me lends me a pleasure so divine. I guess he feels the same.

    Meanwhile it was the time for me to depart. He always has a habit of siezing a kiss from me whenever I had to depart. I was reluctant from the outside but the inner me inevitably fought towards having this thing done. So I got a little closer. Pardon me for we had it done in college but who cares when you're in love. I leaned towards him and left a small peck on his left cheek. I needed one too, but love left me dumb and I turned back and moved on. I had to go.

    This was the moment we bookmarked a forever in infinity, and at that time I swear we were infinite.

    #mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerstolli @choudhary__leela #love #life #inspiration #poetry #thoughts #diary

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    | A forever snapped |

    This was the moment we bookmarked a forever in infinity, and at that time I swear we were infinite.


  • _scarletblues 123w

    • He smells sweet nectar •

    Intoxicating his lips
    Excites me to ebullience
    Yes he is the potion of love
    That I satisfactorily sip
    When he's around me
    I dance to the rhythm of his beats
    Slow and steady and all at once
    As intense as the heat.

    I keep him on the edge
    Of every love tale I narrate
    I wear him like royal velvet silk
    He tastes that of whiskey and champagne
    Close enough to bring me down to ecstasy
    He smells sweet nectar in this world of lemons
    I sip him like elixir
    And breathe him like oxygen.

    When his hands are around my arms
    And body pressed against mine,
    I exhale fumes of love
    I desire to drown in this sea of romance
    And to sip every inch of love of him
    I wish to kiss every last inch of his skin
    Until bedsheets smell of us
    Together and tangled.

    #mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerstolli @writer_bychoice #love #life #inspiration #poetry #thoughts #diary

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    He smells sweet nectar

    He tastes that of whiskey and champagne
    Close enough to bring me down to ecstasy


  • _scarletblues 124w

    • Faded forevers •

    It's been almost a month
    That my throat dried in despair,
    At the agony of your non-existence.
    On nights such as these
    I weave threads of those scarlet memories
    With these frazzled fingers of mine,
    Fingers which at some point of time
    Painted the exquisite art of forever -
    Of always and ever.

    On the same pillows
    My head leans and resides,
    The same old quilt and one handkerchief aside,
    The same old clock tick-tocking
    To the moments lived and left
    But the stars do not twinkle anymore
    These stars, they flash memories of us
    When together under the embrace of the sky
    We let ourselves open and hug each other!

    I'm careless that way,
    For not embracing you till eternity
    For not letting you closer than close
    For as of now, I'm impregnated
    With the incomplete tales of us,
    Somewhat fading out amidst the zephyr of agony.

    Won't you not miss touching those lips
    Which quiver in silence
    To the melodies of the same old love,
    But screeching at the heart
    Gently resonating to the heavenly touch
    Holding colours and promises for a lifetime.

    #mirakee @mirakee @mirakeeworld @poetrydelivery @heart_spills @krishnega

    I hope I can resonate to your vibes.
    Follow @_scarletblues for more such writings. #love #life #inspiration #poetry #diary #thoughts #love #life #inspiration #poetry #thoughts #diary

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    Faded forevers

    On nights such as these
    I weave threads of those scarlet memories
    With these frazzled fingers of mine