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  • _rungtashruti 4d

    Isn't it easy to choose love instead of fear? I know if you are given to choose between the sharp end of the knife and the handle of it, you are tempted to choose the handle, as it seems effortless. But what if the handle that you are gripping to, just almost fizzles out and not firm enough? Will you still choose it? Isn't it better to choose to see from the sharded glasses rather than the rose coloured?

    Maybe when you were holding all of this hurt within you, wondering all the ways you could have loved someone beautifully, with every inch of your heart,
    your heart knew what it wants, it knew that it deserve to be loved and chosen , not almost loved and chosen.
    Maybe it was afraid but it knew that
    maybe right now your journey is not about love.
    ‌ Maybe right now , you are given a chance to discover yourself, the things that makes your bones dripping with feelings, that wind rushing through your hair, blowing out all the sorrows inside you, ‌the kind of songs that makes you smile your heart out!
    Maybe it's time to embrace that love, within you, instead of chasing for it outside.

    I know waiting would be the hardest thing to do, but it will be worth it .

    you will need not to convince someone to choose you, because they will be choosing you already.
    Maybe then you need not to doubt your heart, because it will know.
    It will know, when it's real.
    It will realise that there is someone out there, you need not to think twice about caring for.
    Someone , who is not afraid to dive into the storms within you.
    Someone, who will keep your heart at ease, that everything seems natural.

  • _rungtashruti 4d

    "Why are we embarassed by silence, what comfort do we find in all the noise"?

    Gazing at the beauty of nothingness, I wonder
    I wonder, why are we so engrossed in connecting with others that we let ourselves detach from our own self?
    We are constantly on the run, wanting to challenge the status quo.
    Sitting around, having a coffee by yourself is like long overdue.
    We want to be heard, but not listen. Listen to our own self.

    Isn't it funny that we are the only people who could fix us, but we choose not to.
    We are in the generation of people who choose superficiality over depth.
    We prefer to drown ourselves in the puddle , wanting to be seen in the oceans.

    Wish we could heal the wounds, that we have become today. Wish we knew ourself before knowing others.
    Wish we could learn to reflect on our own thoughts before jumbling into others.

  • _rungtashruti 4d

    Ever been guilty for doing the right thing?
    Just because someone else is not happy because of you?

  • _rungtashruti 18w

    All my life, I looked for fantasies, oblivious of the truth which was right in front of me.
    I craved for chaos, when all I wanted was certainity.
    They say, "Do what makes you happy. Live life with no regrets. Live it to the fullest".
    But what if you don't know what you deeply crave from life?
    What actually moves you?

    Choices , we have today are like paintbrush , with which can paint infinite shades. Isn't it?
    Sometimes we end up up with people, we never thought of before.
    And sometimes we hold on to our choices for so long, that when we finally let it go, we realise we actually didn't want it in the first place.

    Maybe the universe wants you to paint , offhand, not knowing what colours it would bring into your life.
    Maybe the fear that you hold inside, since long, is what keeping you safe and letting you figure out things with time.

    Maybe it is within these losses , you will feel gratitude for things that have stayed with you for longer.
    Maybe it is within the journey to know others, you will find yourself again.

    , .

  • _rungtashruti 19w

    Wanted to express all of it
    But expressed none of it.

    Isn't it easy to choose fear
    instead of love?

  • _rungtashruti 32w

    Sometimes the things,
    that scares you
    the most is what
    shapes you the most.

    - Shruti

  • _rungtashruti 43w

    Disclosures should be reciprocal;
    learn to set boundaries. Be nice but don't feel bad for something , you are not even responsible.
    You should reveal things about yourself at about the same rate and level of intensity as the other person.
    You never know when can your too much of information can lead to miscommunication.

    - Shruti

  • _rungtashruti 45w

    कभी चले आना तुम
    वो मौसम सुहाने लिए
    वरना आजकल कौन आता है
    बेवजह, बिना बहाने लिए!

  • _rungtashruti 45w

    All my life , I looked for fantasies
    oblivious of the truth which was right in front of me. I craved for chaos when all I wanted was certainty. Choices are paradoxical. It's not black and white.
    Sometimes we end up with people we never thought of before. And sometimes we hold on to our choices for so long that when we let go of it finally, we realise that we actually did not want it in the first place.
    Happiness is not something which is made, sometimes it is just felt in blink of a second and everything seems perfect.

  • _rungtashruti 45w

    Sometimes to release the pain,
    we have to release the person,
    we were before.