ಕನ್ನಡತಿ�� another soul who's aura is made of poetry ��

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  • _ra___ 11h

    I noticed, I noticed you leaving,
    before you had already left.
    I noticed that Sunsets and Moon,
    now never gave me smiles.
    I noticed the memories embarrassing me,
    and the moments draining.
    I noticed you escaping, not from storms,
    but from a forever promise you made.
    I notice everything, I mean everything,
    but I choose to be quiet.
    Because, I noticed you leaving,
    before you had already left.

  • _ra___ 1w

    Some stories never end,
    Unlike in movies or in books.
    They never end in that fullstop nor in the last page or begin in that first page.
    Stories happens and it goes on.

  • _ra___ 1w

    The connection remains,
    When we feel everything ended.
    When we had finally decided not to think about them,
    Their memories are gathered and played every time.
    Maybe when you think you have forgotten them and you walking in the street road,
    And when they are opposite to you, the flashback of years passes with same feeling you had before.
    Maybe that is a connection that remains.

  • _ra___ 1w

    She was a bird, independent
    but was caged!
    She wanted to fly high,
    without the fear of falling down!
    She was left to fly at last,
    but with the broken wings!

  • _ra___ 2w

    Sometimes going with the flow is all you
    think about,
    may be forever or till the end of this day.
    Something's that was your heart now seems to be your headache,
    may be forever or till the end of this day.

  • _ra___ 3w

    I know, when you feel you are drifting off from everything and unable to hold back
    Holding back your tears, controlling your grief
    I can understand, you want to scream, run away, and never ever return to your place, never.
    I know you are struggling with your past, future and present tooo.
    You know, all these will end, worry not.
    You will have your day, have a hope.

  • _ra___ 4w

    Sometimes we feel, to the moon and never back.

  • _ra___ 4w

    Did you ever sat down, looking at the moon and thought life was much better when you were a kid..?

  • _ra___ 5w

    You know, the kind of feeling we all get today will be the feeling we will be crying to come out from that one day.

  • _ra___ 5w


    And one day, when you sit with a glass of wine,
    hardly sipping, thinking about her.

    I wish you don't feel guilty
    for making her to doubt her existence.

    You know?? She was a wine,
    a pure wine that you were not the one could afford.