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  • _phoenix 45w

    Don't fake things
    As they leave no impression

  • _phoenix 45w

    ~ Memories
    The flowers
    Planted into


    They wilted away
    Yet sustain inside
    You ...

    (∩_∩) umm whatever ...

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  • _phoenix 45w

    They are the creases your heart keep
    And the brokenness of the soul, who weep

    They are the grudges you keep on removing
    And the state of heart which address more hearts

    They are the part of your being
    And a reflection to your thoughts

    They speak your experience
    And the hurdles you had

    They carry your feelings
    Such as love pain and healings

    They break your silence
    And make you hear

    They connect you to world
    And provide you space to be yourself

    They leave no scars
    But heal you out of no where

    They are your gestures
    And the feelings you breath

    They are the smiles
    And the rage you keep

    They are the conditions
    And the interpretations of your dreams

    Eventually, Emily ,

    They are yourself
    And you mean by these

    #Monologue #wod

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    Emily, you know poems are not just written words.
    They are the soft taps of reassurance for everyone
    And that it's okay to be imperfect, unique and misunderstood. they are...

  • _phoenix 45w

    Wonder it��

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    Too heavy is to keep it silent
    The thing which is anguishing
    to get spoken....

  • _phoenix 45w

    Past can never be forgotten
    And it is not going to leave you
    It can be buried inside you
    Or can be a part of you

    Like everyone else I have a past too
    Which is full of mistakes and regrets too
    And I believe in deeds,
    Their rewards and their circumstances too
    So I Carry its stains and consequences too

    Well my first regret was to trust people
    Who were well wishers on my face
    But actually were betrayers on my back too

    The second was I became what
    People wanted me to be
    Rather than being myself
    Rather than believing my guts
    I too followed the trend of being fake
    Because that was exactly what
    They wanted me to be,
    Live and adapt too
    So I ended up
    Being a part of their strayed crowd too

    And the last but not least
    Well right then
    I hadn't any direction in my life too
    I hadn't any perception of wrong and right too Because in this world
    You will find more people
    Who are ready to misguide you
    And will find handful of people
    Who are willing to help you

    So I too had the wrong mentors
    And became wrong too

    But thanks to time
    The real mentor
    With some genuine people beside
    Their efforts made me grow
    And made my life justified
    They gave me directions
    They gave me perceptions
    To know,understand and follow

    The rest it's life
    Not made of more delusions and lies
    Just It requires,
    Bareness,patience,ponder and experience in it
    And has faith,karma,kindness,
    Forgiveness and reality inside
    To bring you
    The best version of yourself and insights

    #regrets #wod

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    Life and regrets