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    In collab wid - @thakurvikram

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    "If You've To Judge Someone, Judge Them By Their Soul Not By Their Heart Because Sometimes Heart Alters With The Situation But Not The Soul"

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    Choose Your Friends Wisely Because There Exists A Difference Between Gold And Gold Plated Material!!

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    Every Successful Person
    Is Built From All The
    Mistakes He Ever Made.

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    In collab wid - @thakurvikram
    Key to happiness - Stop worrying about the things
    that u have lost, the people u have lost, things n people who are meant to be wid u are wid u.

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    "The most prominent way to be happy is to change your priorities with time"

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    None Of Our Lives
    Are Perfect..
    But Atleast We Can
    Be Thankful To God
    For Whatever We Have

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    Stay Away From All Your Excuses..
    Only Then U'll Get Your Results..

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    Instead of wasting your precious time in judging someone,It's better to invest that time in improving yourself.

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    If U Ask Someone To Be Yourself.. Then Make Sure U Are No One To Judge Them.

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    Dear friends,
    As a responsible citizens of our country it's our duty that the piece of happiness should be enjoyed by all those underprivileged too.. An NGO named wishes and blessings are doing a great job in spreading joy and supporting all those underprivileged..Ur little amount of contributions can make a person smile.. U may also donate blankets, health care materials.. U just have to visit their site- wishesandblessings.net and make a little contribution...Do something good for others and it will definitely come back to u in a right manner.. "Karma pays"..

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    Dear Dad,
    I Luv U So Much..
    Bcoz I Have Realised That
    There Is Atleast One Man In This World
    Who Will Never Hurt Me..

    From -
    Your Loving Daughter

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    Sometimes U Still Stay Online Just To Read The Conversation Again After The Person Has Bid U Goodnight..