Above all be the heroine of your life..not a victim

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  • _nidhiwrites_ 7w


    A girl covered in a blanket of love and protection of a family went out in the world to fulfill her dreams to another city to make a name.

    New place ,new people new face; afraid and nervous she made her space.

    People thought of her as stupid, Appreciated she was for what she did.

    Got few friends whom she thought as her family; but she was judged for her loyality.

    She thought to explain her part of story but no-one would listen was the only worry.

    It was someone else's jealousy game ; that she was defamed.

    Backstabbed she was by her friends and that hurt her till the end.

    She was the one who helped them in their lows and now was all alone .

    Realising that no friends are needed to be a star ; she then collected her broken pieces of heart.

    Wiping away her tears, she decided not to fear.

    Alone , staying out of drama and zero victim mentality; she realised her worth and quality.

    Working on herself the strong she became ; never allowed anyone to tear her name.

    Now she's got all the fame; people say independent ,fearless before her name.

    Thats how "QUEEN" she became.
    writing challenge (1/30)

  • _nidhiwrites_ 50w


    Hold my hand , i don't care what the world thinks.
    Be with me like sunshine with the chilly gusts of wind.
    You have always been with me , in my darkest nights pouring your love to make me feel safe.
    The world has given us pain and suffering , but your eyes have always given me hope , a never ending love and the safest place to live in.

    Let the world think, let them judge , let them be what they want but never shall we part.
    I promise

  • _nidhiwrites_ 50w


    If choosing myself over people and giving myself some me-time is anti-social ,then i am anti-social.

  • _nidhiwrites_ 50w


    It is so hard to start again,
    To be what i used to be,
    I know i have changed a lot and that change isn't good.
    I cannot see myself breaking down anymore.