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  • _mysoul 1w

    Happy world art day! ❤

    (Yes that's made by me, my second oil painting on canvas.)
    Just wanted something to put up here:)

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  • _mysoul 4w

    I turned a blurred mystery back in my raw gardens,
    It took me a minute to hold on myself,
    What a jerky turn did my feet rest into,
    Would I just brag about the sand weeping in my hands or rather nurture the sapling of only hope that arrested my body,
    What was it?
    It has been 23.4 hours past it,
    I still am recollecting the bits around,
    A million miles of brokenness and a trillion breaths I revisited within the moments.

    After being 24 hours harsh on myself, I turned around and looked who and where I made myself fit into. It wasn't pounds of jealousy or lost focus. All it was just insecurity. Something to be deprived of, something to loose a feel of, a "high" or even that esteem.
    And I grabbed myself a cup of warm water and sat on my ramshackled chair, laid my head on the white furnished desk and rested my weakened palms.
    That moment had a momentum, it made me reciprocate a lot of things.
    The world had never seen it easy, never do I expect it would, it just taught everyone to be with the flow, to come and to survive; and in this battle of surviving we forget how much hollow the insight of a person becomes. Maybe it was you too today, being harsh on yourself; but in this battle of you and the world never stop plummeting against the odds.

    There are 1001 lies and a journey of discovering what people want you to become.
    Im still covering my wounds, wrapping it up in a blanket of the boundaries they admire me to be in,
    Finally facing the existing cultures of this adulthood, of how some unsaid words build a trash in your head.
    I walk past the road, sobbing with the only piece of torn handkerchief realising the testimony of this "Realistic" world.

    -A tale of a new period

    By Kashish.

    @writersnetwork #pod @mirakee

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    A tale of a new period.


  • _mysoul 7w

    Lost its way, my soul tentatively wilted
    its path,
    In awakened hopes the only light; carried me through,
    Withering away from every rub, it took me long; longer and then in a circular jigsaw,
    It reminded me of you; intriguing, appealing and dark.
    Im tired looking at the lights, they purposefully murmur a glimpse of you.
    The magazines remember? I quacked thinking that coffee cup stain kindled your presence.

    The teary eyes that never were a home, found a mundane schedule,
    In yearning meaningful reasons, it found a resemblance to the paradigm,
    The cherry you discarded, tasted better with the show alone;
    In hoping that your scent left my body,  found home in the bedsheets I always hated.
    Wondering what part is it, my unhindered access to your presence or your surrealistic absence?

    //Answers that feel cold to your seasonal heart, speak volume in my homeless skin.
    Skip materialistic reality, this part still feels homesick.//


    @writersnetwork @mirakee #pod

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    //Answers that feel cold to your seasonal heart, speak volume in my homeless skin.
    Skip materialistic reality, this part still feels homesick.//


  • _mysoul 8w

    I wish there were clearer boundaries,
    that defined the emptiness and you.


  • _mysoul 11w

    You again segregate pieces of your soul,
    You live in memories of a handcuffed silence,
    A silence that blooms deeper as you wait it get healed,
    The muddy water they say,
    Is best cleared when left alone; but why do they never tell about the process which leads to it?
    The ocean of your brimming tears, fanthomed in your chest,
    It must hurt you too, seeing your half;
    part away,
    Irrespective the commotion, you held on strength, you held onto a lot of fears,
    But you, I swear, are much more powerful than the world that is trying to crumble you.
    So what, if it still wants you to rest?
    Aren't you your best?


  • _mysoul 13w

    It is what evening, I sip another cup of my bitter coffee, in wonder how will I narrate my bittersweet scars to the sky?

    And if you and me would walk past the bridge eating up the conversations in silence, without breathlessly thinking about the world for once,
    And without me judging the water's depth and you joking about my sulky behaviours would just feel the warmth that moment held.

    Can I turn back the hour's hand, betwixt the present and a dark past, and ask for some sunrise again?
    For me that river, the ecstasy in the random talks,
    is hurriedly taken aback.

    And when I cross the bridge, it yearns for some nuisance in its air.
    A motion in my pulses that drops or rises systematically,
    I again ask myself, the same questions, looking at the crimson sunset, the dew, that never failed to catch my attention,
    astonishingly did for the very first time.

    It made me realise, how much more that existence ever felt, just in those milliseconds,
    and how much more it was neglected,
    The Aura, The Air, The Brightness.

    /Sometimes it is okay to go numb, feel nothing,
    Breathe in lies or walk in slience,
    There isn't any wrongs in wobbling your heart out, even on days your it weeps in fumes of failures or hurt. Forget it, sometimes; sometimes are okay!/


    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Some Times are Okay.//


  • _mysoul 16w


    #taehyungday #TAEHYUNG

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    Lets collide, in another dream maybe?!

  • _mysoul 17w

    One liner

    (Check my last post) ;)

    In frame: *JK*❤

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    I wont ask you to stop by,
    But if you,
    Please S-t-a-y.


  • _mysoul 17w

    @writersnetwork #pod @mirakee
    P.s. army fam! Hope you haven't forgotten me!����

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    Find me in the middle,
    somewhere in between the tangled earphones, that whisper my breath,
    maybe that will echo a tunnel of happiness furnishing a glimpse of all the "what-ifs",

    But what if I still fail?
    Fail to reach your aura or match the levels of the organic love of yours?
    I wish there was a mould that created the tarnish you always distinguished,

    There is a paradigm, its you;
    in between all of mine to all of yours.


  • _mysoul 20w

    You know, we just need something, a reason to happiness. We are deprived of finding it within us. We readily want it just. Be it obscure in parts or anything.
    There are days we never want to face back in past, neither do we want our present or future to be overshadowed by it. You know exactly what I'm talking about right now.
    The most trembled ones, the most painful ones where you know that even if you dont show, people would know that its being hard upon you. Yes exactly those days.

    Isnt it so conceptual that we being so loyal to life still get harmonized with the impedances suddenly thrown at us!
    It happens to all of us right? I can say it might be happening right now.

    But isn't it futile of the wait, the patience, the presence of something or someone, or somewhere; Of all the things that you have persuaded yourself to conquer and still got backstabbed like a damage to a whole of many things, all at once?
    And again we will harmonise to breathe air of hopes to bring the happiness which is clogged deeper in a sense of lost connections.
    We just need reasons, we aren't ready to craft habits that lead us to a tunnel of happiness, indeed.

    Isn't it a gateway to brag that your regards to live a life has lost meaning?
    It isn't lost, we never fought back to find the reasons behind our trembling fears of insecurities.
    We never failed, to see what it takes to succeed. We never let others know what their absence would feel.
    Deep down you know, it is a shallow world, we all craft as well as cheer fragile things, it may have different purposes and outlines, but we do.
    //We never tried finding happiness, and that's why we are left regretful and empty inside.//

    It is all a shallow world.