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  • _margam_ 1w

    I don't have free time
    But if it comes to You, I'll make myself available

    It doesn't mean I'm free

  • _margam_ 2w

    If you try you may become a BOSS*

    But you'll never be a LEADER*.....

  • _margam_ 7w

    You just simply can't expect respect

    Because you are in a high position

    Boss..... What you are getting it has a different name...

    Ask the people who are giving you that...

  • _margam_ 9w

    You are a "" BOSS ""

    But not a LEADER !!

    When you know the difference between these two

    You'll have followers


  • _margam_ 13w

    We won't meet regularly
    Not even calls

    But when we meet we are like hell...

  • _margam_ 15w


    It will not be the same all times...

    Will need to mold yourself

  • _margam_ 17w

    Das baar sochne se acha
    Ek bar boldho na


    Kya hoga...

    Apne liye chupa hua pyar ayegi bahar . . .

  • _margam_ 17w

    2021 commitments

    No expectations
    No explanations
    No regrets
    No attachments
    No possessiveness
    No priorities

  • _margam_ 18w

    When you see the people's real colours
    You'll be hurted and you'll leave them

  • _margam_ 20w

    You may be a Boss by actions

    But I'm a leader by heart