Hater of "perfections" U may get my symptoms⚠

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  • _maimoonakhan_ 36w

    I'm in love with who i am...
    'Bye Felicia' to the dislikers !!!

  • _maimoonakhan_ 36w

    Circumstances change everything...


  • _maimoonakhan_ 38w

    "Even girls can do much better than u expect...."

    There has hardly been any flaw in my upbringing(by my parents)
    But in some matters, they forgot to make me self-dependent.....

  • _maimoonakhan_ 39w

    If u r trying to make me PERFECT,
    Buddy !
    U r wasting ur time..


  • _maimoonakhan_ 39w

    Koi saath mustakil nahi hota....


  • _maimoonakhan_ 40w

    Worst people..

    The worst category of the society belongs to the people whose thinking is like a SHIT... They hate optimism... They observe the negative side of everything... Even if there is nothing wrong, they have the talent to take the worst out of it !!!

  • _maimoonakhan_ 41w


    Far from you i shed a tear
    And it's not fake, trust me it's real
    My heart is like a drenched book
    Try it ! I think u should have a look
    I just pretend that i don't miss u
    When i close my eyes, i see just u
    U shouldn't think my love is
    a game
    Open my book of fortune, there's just ur name
    Look into my eyes nd try to see
    That no-one will fit u better than me
    "Blessed love" is just the thing which i lack
    Bcoz love is a blessing for those who get it back...

  • _maimoonakhan_ 41w


  • _maimoonakhan_ 56w

    Ek ajeeb sa sukoon milta hai uss neend main...
    Jo buri tarah rone k baad aati hai....

  • _maimoonakhan_ 58w

    You don't need any motivation to do hardwork .....
    Just have a look...
    The dark circles under your father's eyes &
    The wrinkles on your mother's face.....
    These two things are enough to motivate you in your life....

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