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  • _little__things_ 2w

    Things I wish I told him

    Words can't fully comprehend the extent of my love for you
    Yes, you've hurt me, disappointed me and I hate you for that
    But can I ever really?
    Couldn't do it in years, what makes you think I can now

    You actually gave me a desire to hope,

    Maybe the note I left years ago still stands true after all,
    Not a day goes by without you on my mind and not even a single one!

    Wonder if I matter as much to you.


  • _little__things_ 3w


    Cause he said he would
    Cause you felt years would have taught him to be responsible
    Or that he'd have finally realised you matter

    Why do you still hope for him?


  • _little__things_ 9w

    And then one night
    As you look through your window and see the moonlight,
    It dawns on you
    After all these years
    You've never stopped loving him


  • _little__things_ 10w

    Dear Me

    You'll pamper him
    Be the girl of his wildest dreams

    But, honey, do you think
    He'll be the man of yours?
    Or atleast try?


  • _little__things_ 10w


    He replied,
    My intrigue, pacified

    And now in calm, I live
    No longer in wait for what he'll give.

    His words or assurance
    Won't no longer cloud my 'ignorance'

    Coz now love, the road is clear
    And I'm glad he didn't appear.

    It assured me of my journey
    Under the stars of which he wasn't worthy.


  • _little__things_ 10w


    I left my heart at his door
    Yet again, knowing he'll ignore
    All what he said
    And tread
    On my dreams and hopes
    As I skid on his slippery slopes
    Of idiocy or rather mine
    To have trusted him to be so kind

    And then when he asks me why can't we be?
    If only I could say, coz love, years haven't changed who you are
    You are still the prick I so wanted to have as my man!


  • _little__things_ 10w

    There are few ones, we can't seem to get out of our hearts no matter what!

    Didn't know you'd be in them, too!


  • _little__things_ 11w

    Wish it were different

    He turned my heart into stone
    Years later, we meet
    And I find
    This stone still melts for him!


  • _little__things_ 14w

    Erkenci Kuş - Sen çal kapımı..
    #Senden tam bu şey söylemek bekledim..!

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    Bir Umut - Aşk

    uzun zamandır ayrıyım senden ..ne kadar çabalasam da  ne unutabildim ne bırakabildim..
    insan, her hücresini silmiş bir aşkı nasıl silinebilir.
    Yıllar bana şunu öğretti
    Aşk peri masallarındaki gibi değildi
    Aşk acıtır, Aşk incitir, Aşk  delirtir ama sana geri gelir,

    yeniden dönersin yeniden denersin yeniden beklersin ..Bir masal değil ama bir umut aşk,
    ne olur umudun kesme benden.
    Hataysa birlikte yapalım
    Yanacaksak birlikte yanalım.
    Bırakma beni ne olur .. bana dön .. benim ol , benimle ol..

    Erkenci Kuş

  • _little__things_ 19w


    We weren't so bad, were we?
    We did it all and still survived, didn't we?

    Maybe, that's why it's so hard to get over you
    Coz you were IT for me.