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  • _lil_monster_ 15w

    The world seems darker than yesterday,
    I lost my stars again .


  • _lil_monster_ 16w

    Loving is more painful than losing,

    Cause you to me is what I am not to you .


  • _lil_monster_ 16w

    The cindrella i know is not that sweet and brave and like the bough of the tree but ,
    a sweet-bitter candy and like a twig which crumbles down easily ,
    at the precipice of youth but doesn't express it's grimace.
    Absconding from its own self and sitting in the chasm of its soul ,
    Sometimes waiting for that brace.

    Or a maniac , living it to the fullest ,cohering the wings of the clouds and not confined .
    Acting dauntless but like the floating feathers falling from the sky,
    Acting like thorns but has a heart like a rose.
    Bleeding u to death and has devoured itself.
    Lost in the chasm ,in agony and waiting for you.

    It doesn't have an aureole but a crown of horns and plays around the dark clouds of fantasy..

    And maybe the cindrella can be 'her' or 'his'.

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  • _lil_monster_ 17w

    When you are in low spirits
    And dejection pops.
    That every cloud was once a drop.


  • _lil_monster_ 18w

    Pitch Black

    I can feel the void running through me
    As the air plucks each string of my body
    to fear this.
    I am not afraid of the darkness anymore,
    my loneliness will sustain me in coming ways
    and induce me to go further till the end.
    As the day passes
    you are not alone but
    people leave in the end
    and then you are left all by yourself
    and the void inside you.
    This darkness is hostile to me.

  • _lil_monster_ 19w

    I see you picking up your pieces one by one,
    I see your scars,
    I know it's hard sometimes,
    But believe me, i will always stay by your side,
    And won't let those pieces
    pierce you deep inside.
    Cause you are my symphony and
    I am your firework
    Exploding in your blue sky.

    I will stand brave in front of your demons and
    Lacerate them one by one .
    Join your pieces all together
    And make you one.

    I will be your brightest star in the sky
    Even in the darkest of nights.
    Cause without me
    You got no hand to hold.

    But if someday you need more time
    I will wait..
    Cause ain't i your little monster.

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    Ain't I your little monster?


  • _lil_monster_ 40w

    Craving to Cramp

    First you long for love,
    Fall in love
    shy in love
    They lie in love
    Still you don't ask why to love
    You lorn in love
    Get lost in love
    What you've been craving for, had been a cramp now
    For love ain't lovely anymore...

  • _lil_monster_ 51w

    Under the weather

    I'm so obvious how can you be oblivious
    Everyone knows how I feel, even the bees passed it on to the trees
    Are you really clueless or just trying to avoid the one-sided mess.

  • _lil_monster_ 54w


    I'm not killing time
    While I'm trapped in the past
    Time's killing me instead,
    While the past is trapped within me.