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  • _kairos_ 6w

    Judging someone for their smallest deed is just like judging the strength of the entire ocean with the frailty
    of its drop

  • _kairos_ 27w


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    I often wonder,
    What if the other me feels sorry for me?
    Then a voice comes,
    That's it's fine-
    That.. that he feeds on my sorrow

    It tells me,
    It tells me that better me ,
    Is no better than me,
    And my so called wisdom,
    Is madness in eyes of the true self,

    Yes, not my better self,
    My true self,
    Our.. our true self

    And it takes two,
    To discover the true,
    One who utters it,
    And one who understands it.

    It's funny,
    How I was content with the empty cup,
    But I resent the half filled.

    Tell me,
    Tell me how could we have met eternity,
    When you seeked time in heavenly moon,
    And me like a dull fiend,
    Was content with my friend in my backpocket

  • _kairos_ 29w

    Its okay if you are misunderstood, everyone that understands you enslaves you to some extent.

  • _kairos_ 29w

    If all they say of good and evil is true, then my life is but a long crime

  • _kairos_ 29w

    Fudge it and vibe ������

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    There.. there is this flame,
    Not warm or radiant,
    But scorching and mutilating,
    Burning everything there is,
    Which once promised bout empowering you,
    Now it's overpowering you..
    Overwhelming you...

    The fire grows as does the train of thoughts,
    As what started it ?
    Or why was it started?
    Need of light and warmth perhaps?
    But too much light makes you blind,
    And too much of warmth can cause burns..

    But for some strange reason
    You are never too much..
    I don't know it's a good thing or not,
    And it confuses me..

    It confuses me that how I remember so
    much of us,
    Which were just made fantasies,
    And how I still believe it's real and refuse to
    Believe otherwise..

    How my brain decides some memories are better than others?
    Or is it not the brain that decides?

    We have made every mistake in the book.
    But we aren't a mistake,
    We won't be a mistake
    We can't be a mistake.

  • _kairos_ 29w

    Random Thoughts UwU

    The Sun whom you call wisest in creation is hypocritical in his ways

    The God in whom you keep your faith used that faith to make puppet out of you

    God ain't all loving, he never was thats why only Noah survived the flood while the whole world drowned because he was "obedient".

    Sun doesn't reach all , no he didn't reach me in the pits where I was feeding on my own anguish, it didn't reach me when I was drowning in the ocean of my iniquity

  • _kairos_ 70w

    Sea of secrets

    In the sea of secrets,
    In one sacred world,
    Stands a ship
    Drowned and old.

    In the ship is weakened,
    Hurt and silent whale.
    Its skin is cold,
    Wet to core and pale.

    I want to pick it up,
    Get it out,
    Let it breathe
    See the sacred world,

    Don't want to give it up,
    But it's dark
    Like in a myth.
    I only did what I could.
    The whale so quiet and cold

    Promises one thing:
    To tell me a secret
    Of this sacred sea,
    If I save it from drowning alone,
    From sleeping in the ship.
    I become its last hope
    To leave all the cries and yip.

    I try to lift the heavy whale
    All with struggle and pain.
    Of this ugly fate
    I try to break the chain.

    It lets out a loud noise
    Not understandable to my ears.
    In the crack of its voice
    Only understandable the pleas.

    I try to break the ship
    Since lifting doesn't work.
    But the ship wants to keep
    Its ancient and damp look.

    As I stand outside,
    I start to think of the whale,
    Realizing I can do nothing
    But leave it dampened and pale.

    I start to leave,
    Damp and cold myself,
    Whale can't see me,
    Swimming from itself.

    Arriving on the land,
    I take a deep breath,
    Knowing I won't learn the secret
    From the whale I left.