Being better only takes one moment.

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  • _kabir 11h

    I will call myself........

    I will call myself unknown,
    To the burden of this feeling.
    The sounds of the words,
    I am not able to hear..

    I will call myself unbroken,
    To the rigidity of the heaviness.
    The answer of all those question,
    I am not able to answer....

    Am I still able to feel,
    The feeling I gave up once.
    The walk towards the unknown road,
    I only went forward..

  • _kabir 20w

    The fear in my eyes,
    Would rather close
    To die someday,
    Hope I will do

  • _kabir 119w


    They believe in peace,
    Are afraid of war.
    The war not between nation.
    But the fight to live free again.

    The say they are winners,
    Are afraid to loose.
    Defeat is the end game
    They don't wanna play.

    They believe they are wild,
    Are afraid to take a step.
    Call me the lion,
    Would I be the king of the jungle?

  • _kabir 123w

    Not on drugs

  • _kabir 125w

    Waking next

    In the wake of a change,
    I shivered my head.
    Demanding a change from other.
    Best thing one said to me.
    See yourself first bitch.
    Then question someone.

  • _kabir 125w

    Not able

    Looked myself from inside,
    Decided not been able,
    Stand up to the storm.
    Not able to deliver,
    Call me man.

  • _kabir 129w

    "If time is the medicine"
    Let me scrounge the wound,
    Suffering is the reality
    And being alone is a gift".

  • _kabir 129w

    I always being very fortunate for the moments in life and but unfortunate to not provide the moment to everyone.

  • _kabir 129w

    Three thing my father thought me,

    Always be loyal to yourself.
    Praise moment to be with you.
    Be the hardest worker in the room.

  • _kabir 129w

    All I need

    In your arms, 
    I'm in my safe haven.
    With you holding me tight,
    I have no other craving.

    All I need
    Is that one look
    that says you're always there,
    just like in a fairy tale book.

    Your eyes talk to me
    as the world stands still.
    My once empty heart
    now with love does fill.

    Your eyes tell me
    that you'll love me every day.
    No matter what may come,
    you'll be there to stay.