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  • _jharana 6w

    Try being sad all the time, hating yourself and comparing yourself with others. Your friends gonna leave you, your grades gonna go down, you'll lose track of everything and nothing will make sense to you.

    But have you thought of loving yourself. Accepting who you are now, in this present moment. Embracing your flaws and giving yourself that love, care and attention you want from others?
    Love yourself first and then radiate that shit. Everything's gonna come to you like crazy. Everyone loves to be around someone who's radiating positivity, show them how you embrace your flaws and they'll be motivated too. When you love yourself, the goals you set for yourself becomes easy to work for. If you don't like something about yourself, then sit with it, see if you can change it, then work for it baby.
    Ain't it simple. Be your own main character.

    #life #positivity #loveyourself #selflove

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    Life is just about loving yourself.
    And everything happens for you, on its own.