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  • _its_larrie 1w

    Oh grace, oh that grace.
    I am a sinner, He is my Savior.
    I should die but He took my place.
    I was saved, He was tortured.
    Oh grace, oh that grace.

    Oh grace, oh that grace.
    Bruised and broken,
    tears and blood on His face,
    He suffered all the pain.
    Oh grace, oh that grace.

    Oh grace, oh that grace.
    The King of kings was hung and nailed
    on that cross, for my case
    my Holy God was mocked and jeered
    Oh grace, oh that grace.

    Oh grace, oh that grace.
    I once was lost,
    followed my own ways.
    and now I am found
    Oh grace, oh that grace.

    Oh grace, oh that grace.
    I don't deserve all of these
    The love, the joy,
    and the forgiveness,
    All He did and all He went through.
    It was grace.
    Oh my saving grace, oh that amazing grace.


  • _its_larrie 2w


    I remember everything about you,
    your voice, your smile, your touch,
    the way you walked, the way you talked,
    the way you looked at me, meant so much.

    I remember all the words you said to me,
    some funny, some kind, some wise,
    all of the things you did for me,
    I see now with different eyes.

    I remember every moment we shared,
    seems like only yesterday,
    or maybe it was eons ago,
    It's really hard to say.

    You are gone from me now,
    but one thing they can't take away,
    your memory resides inside my heart,
    and lights up my darkest days.

  • _its_larrie 4w

    -Story Thread-


    A young rich couple once wanted their home cleaned but they were very broke to afford a cleaning company at that moment. They came up with a plot to have their home cleaned without spending a dime.
    Sitting in my bedsitter in Wataalam ,Ruiru, one evening, I didn’t know that I was the guy to clean their home in Membley Estate. That evening, a lady I had been trying to woo on Facebook eventually replied to my inbox in an encouraging manner.
    Initially, I did not believe how she suddenly escalated our chat into inviting me to her home in Membley the following day for a day of coitus. Unsuspecting of her ploy, I finally fell into her trap and paid her home a visit.
    Upon arriving, she was quick to reiterate that she was a single mother who had worked hard to build her home and wealth. Her home was cozy, a stand-alone residential place in an affluent neighborhood along the Bypass. We barely wasted time.
    She claimed to be suffering from a chronic deficiency of coitus. So was I.
    She got cozy, and I grew comfortable in the house until thirty minutes later when her doorbell rang. Her face turned edgy abruptly.
    She walked to the door, peeped through a door hole, and came back to the living area looking like she had seen a dead man standing outside the door.
    ‘My husband, it is my husband!’ She said, almost crying in distress. ‘What shall we do? What shall we do? What shall we do?
    ‘I thought he would be out for at least a week on a peacekeeping mission in those cattle rustling communities. We don’t have time, please. Pretend like you were cleaning the house.’ The doorbell rang again. ‘A minute, babe!’ she shouted from the living area.
    In a minute, she brought me a broom, a mopper, a mopping bucket, and a window squeegee, and other house cleaning paraphernalia found in high-end homes. ‘Start with the windows,’ she said, strengthened her dress and her hair, and hurriedly walked to open the door.
    They hugged and kissed at the door, as I watched. Upon seeing me, in a surprised tone, the man asked, ‘and, babe, who is this guy?’ The man was dressed in military regalia. I was scared, the scene was scary. What had sent me inside a military man’s home?
    ‘Ohh, this is the cleaning guy. Remember we needed someone to clean and tidy up our home?’ Jeniffer asked in a more composed tone than a few seconds earlier.
    ‘Ohh yea. I thought you would get a cleaning company instead of one person.’
    ‘Actually, Mama Abby recommended the guy. Says he did a great cleaning job back at her home.’
    ‘Ohh great, I hope he will weed our flower gardens and mow the grass lawn as well.’
    ‘Of course, he will. Ama?’ She asked me.

    Out of fear, and the guilty of being found in another man’s house, I agreed to all charges. ‘Yes. I can do any home-related cleaning, it is what I do for a living,’ I replied.
    ‘Great.’ The man said.
    ‘Babe, I thought we agreed that you won’t be coming home with your military uniforms? What happened?’ Jenifer asked her husband.
    ‘I did not have the energy to drive to the camp to change my clothes.’
    ‘Where were you?’
    ‘We drove from Rift Valley towards our camp. Before we got there. Kiptoo called us to rush to his home. Can you imagine Kiptoo walked into his home and found a man in bed with his wife? And when he confronted the man, he pulled a gun from his pocket and shoot Kiptoo before escaping.
    We have been man hunting him.’
    ‘What about the wife?’ She asked.
    ‘She ran away as well, but it was the man that we wanted. Men who sneak into other men’s house to have sex with other people’s wives don’t deserve to live!’ He said with a lot of anger.
    ‘He shot Kiptoo. We had to kill him. He deserved to die.’
    ‘Yes, he deserved to die,’ I muted. My voice was dry. I was trembling. That guy had shot a guy whom they had found inside his colleague’s house? At that time, I didn't know that they had cooked the story to scare me.
    And I was scared as a boy walking back home at night after escorting a lady to her home. I scrubbed and swabbed the windows harder.
    He pulled his wife towards their bedroom where I heard him vaccinating her against her chronic deficiency of coitus.
    Meanwhile, as they made love, I cleaned the windows, mopped the floors, swept floors, weeded their flower beds, and mowed their small grass lawn. For a moment, I thought about escaping by climbing over the parameter wall,
    then I remembered the man narrating how they had launched a spirited manhunt for that guy. In the evening, I reported to him that I was done with my work. The job was very exhausting, both mentally and physically.
    I expected some kind of payment apart from the evening tea that they offered me. After the tea, he pretended to reach his wallet, only for the lady to stop him. ‘I paid him before the work.’ I stood there, tired, frustrated, regretting, and angry.
    I felt violated and abused but I could not complain out of fear. What if I complained and the man, later on, came to learn that I had paid his home a visit not to clean the home but to shag his wife? I walked out of the home without complaining.

    Months later, the lady apologized and confessed that I was a victim of their ploy to have someone clean their home. 'I was against that idea. My husband pushed me into it. I picked you because you had tried to hit on me in my inbox before.' She said while doing my utensils.


  • _its_larrie 4w

    Strange, the things we do when young and dumb and I guess stupid.
    Some ride the wild side of life.
    Others secretly tries to pretend they don't.
    But we all live the intriguement of youth.

    Girls, seeking bad boys for joy.
    Men seeking loose women for excitement.
    While others pretend they better than us.
    But quietly doing the same.

    We don't have to call anyone by name.
    We seen it in the scriptures.
    If we only use the life of King David.

    He cheated, he plotted, he confirm we all human living accordingly to nature.
    And they talk about Jezebel.
    Do women have it hard in the bible?
    When men were creative manipulators.

    But when young we seek things told not to do?
    For no one upon this earth can say they hadn't been a fool.


  • _its_larrie 5w

    Believe in yourself enough to help others both less fortunate and more gifted than yourself.

  • _its_larrie 5w

    If I ever die,
    I'm going down as an underdog who never lost hope

  • _its_larrie 5w

    Develop self discipline.
    Do what needs to be done, even if you don't want to do it.

  • _its_larrie 6w


    I've been to the darkest parts of hell
    telling the devil my soul was for sell,
    I've fought,
    I've died,
    I've dreamed,
    but I will live,
    loudly I screamed,
    turning the page seeing the new light of day,
    I have hope,
    and inner peace,
    a happier life really does exist is what I say,
    the war isn't over but that battle I've won,
    never give up,
    I'm living proof gods blessings aren't done


  • _its_larrie 6w

    Isn’t it funny,
    The happiness we pretend to have
    Is the very thing
    Holding us back from living.


  • _its_larrie 6w

    Hard work