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  • _iram_ 6h

    The word play of thoughts making their own way
    Hollow emotions with empty road after rain
    I enjoy every raindrop of the soaked poetry

    October 28, 2021
    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #words #wod #pod

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    Words are the art of the writers
    It can affect people's heart and soul
    With immense power of almighty

  • _iram_ 4d

    The cold fire in me is contradicting the calm chaos
    The beautiful gaze of the souless eyes are burning
    With a ray of sunshine and stillage nostalgic feeling
    Vinous is set on the table with recherche smeraldo
    Ambrosial thoughts in the mindless mind of me
    Betwixt the dusk and dawn my reflection is only I see
    I'm creating an aita in my own galaxy and universe
    Baltering myself with the peace in fragrance of life
    I can feel the feath absconding in my inner self
    But ignominy engulfed the honest me completely
    The crescent moon inking the gap of my life
    And wardrobe of my memory is open for a while

    October 23, 2021
    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #oxymoron #wod #pod
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  • _iram_ 1w

    It's been raining for hours
    Admired its misty view from the window
    Could hear the wind and the showers
    While you lay your head on my pillow

    Breathtaking view infront of my eyes
    Can't even look away from you
    Your calm and mesmerizing smile
    Gives a peace to my heart and soul

    You open your eyes and gaze at me
    Your sparkling eyes filled with ecstasy
    Birds are chirping like a beautiful melody
    I feel like I'm living in a live fantasy

    Hope this moment to be stayed like this forever
    A never ending fragrance of happiness and joy
    Beautiful sculpture made by the God
    Is gifted to me in a human form like a foy

    October 22, 2021
    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #wod #pod

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    Sculpture of God

  • _iram_ 1w

    Her eyes look like unheard stories
    Like sparkling water without any memory
    Depth of the universe that isn't awakened
    She sat there like a astonishing mystery

    The rain is falling, falling from the sky
    Oh, you don't know it's the season of chimes?
    Twisted truth and the mystical lie
    Is hidden beneath the wonderful divine

    Two lovers found a way to the light
    A room full of bright emptiness and wide
    They thought it's a way to the end of darkness
    But the dream suddenly changed their sight

    Your smile is a lie and full of scars
    Two lovers are now break through time
    The black and hollow depth of void
    Is taking away their fragrance's shine

    When flowers bloom at a place of death
    Pitch black darkness and moon bloody red
    The path to the other world open wide
    From there comes the voice that fade

    October 18, 2021
    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #start #wod #pod

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  • _iram_ 1w

    Can't I just touch the sky? fly so high?
    Can't I just spread my wings and live my life?
    Is this world always a beautiful but twisted lie?
    Am I the only one who is unaware of the fright?
    Yes we can fly high and touch the sky
    No matter what the boundaries we need to broke
    Spreading the wings and live the life
    Without any trouble and restrictions
    This world is a lie covered with the white sheet
    This fear is the one that we all need to defeat
    To clear all boundaries and restrictions
    We need to face the truth of this twisted world

    Sorry I'm not good in these types of poetry but I still tried ��
    Hope you guys like it��❤️

    October 17, 2021
    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #mondo #wod #pod

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  • _iram_ 2w

    At night when I lay in bed
    As I drift towards my sleep
    When the eve becomes shadowy red
    My slumber has begun deep

    For the wildest mystery I know
    The dark side of mine notices evil
    I just don't like this reality
    Which comes from the part of the devil

    I lost my dream in a disaster
    I wanted to start all from zero
    I don't have the power on my side forever
    In a blink my dream changed the scenario

    What expression decorate their faces?
    Rebuild the future with bare hands
    The fragrance of lavender in twilight
    Waves and shore turns the time of sand

    I felt a funeral in my brain
    Gradually increasing the emotions
    A little bit of sense and imagination
    I open my eyes in sweat and exhaustion

    October 15, 2021
    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #wod #pod
    Thank you so much @writersnetwork for the like��
    Thank you so much for the EC����❤️❤️

    I took a long break but didn't knew that @miraquill will welcome me in a great way����
    Thank you so much again ��❤️

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    Drift to dream

  • _iram_ 5w

    I'm walking in the darkness of abyss
    The forbidden future is hard to reach
    But still my soul is trying to beseech

  • _iram_ 6w

    What died before death I never understand
    Its a feeling that stays in the heart and soul
    But the more I tried to forget you and move on
    You come back to me and again break me whole

    I loved you a little more than I loved myself
    The emotions grow stronger day by day
    But this time I know you'll never come back
    But still I want you to come and stay

    You turn a page and touch another life
    And then just walk away to the afterlife
    Is this the lifecycle of the human beings?
    Where you just have to live only your part of life

    The moment between saying goodbye and leaving
    We forget about how to stay with our loved ones
    Still there are some moments with miss them
    But again we somehow forget the way to return

    A lone girl and a familiar song playing on a street
    She's reminding me of myself how alone I am
    I remember those days when we were free
    And how happy we were with our lovely fam

    I wish those days come back again like they were
    We met again and just forget all bad memories
    But you just start your new journey of afterlife
    Now you've become a part of my old good stories

    September 17, 2021
    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #combination #wod #pod

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  • _iram_ 6w

    I am painting my nights with happy lies
    My words become belittle and trivialise
    How can I forgot those cold rainy nights
    It give blurry visions to my soul less eyes

    Those face shiver me down to spine
    But I can still hear the sound of chime
    The aroma of the heavenly divine
    Plays delusional vision with my sight

    Is there an answer in those blank pages
    Which are left just for miraculous sages
    I hope I can able to get out of the mazes
    But still I felt some sort of stiff facade

    The delusional world is now my new home
    I want to just run away from the doom
    Watching and listening to the moon
    I guess the new beginning will come soon

    I was never a speck of dust
    I was never the cause of lust
    Wish something could stop them just
    But nothing able to stop their thrust

    The day of doom still caught me
    The thunder storm just strike me
    Those cruel hands just cage me
    There's no way to escape from thee

    Sway with the wind and leaves
    My soul is helpless and weak
    No one can able to find the thief
    The world will never know the brief

    My lips are now forever lost its voice
    My body vanish and turn to ash
    They trade me with huge amount of cash
    Now I'm vanish just in single flash

    September 16, 2021
    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #start #wod #pod

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  • _iram_ 7w

    Once, when I was young and naive
    I used to be free like a soul
    My mind roam in different world
    Of fantasy and the mystery untold

    But soon my dream break
    And reality came into existence
    Transformation from child to adult
    Changed my those naive feelings

    A responsibility of the society
    Take away my soul less dream
    My fantasy world is shattered
    A forever lost in a fog and mist

    The younger me is gone now
    Don't know where I lost it
    The society heavy my shoulders
    With the world's responsibilities

    September 9, 2021
    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #once #wod #pod

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