she will read your words but believe them glancing at your eyes. @ditieee_ (instagram user id)

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  • _incorrigible 4w

    Why is it 5 to 10 with you?
    When the lights go down
    And the dirty city lies naked
    I miss you.
    I talk, laugh, act, smile,
    sometimes cry
    But when the tear that has no
    explanation slides down my cheek
    I miss your tshirt soaking it all.
    Every night when the dark
    thoughts haunt me
    I miss silently crawling into
    your arms.
    I miss being angry at you.
    Cause i miss hearing
    “Who would you talk to if not me?”.
    And at this hours when i want to
    But can’t call you
    I miss you even more.
    Why is it 5 to 10 with you?

    -your favourite

  • _incorrigible 7w

    And nights like this -
    When the thoughts are
    darker than the sky outside,
    But the mind ceases to stop.
    When the eyes are dry
    but still not tired.
    When the body is numb
    but the skin remembers every
    touch that gave goosebumps,
    I feel like surrendering…
    Surrendering to something
    much stronger.
    Stronger but surreal.
    Something that makes me feel surreal!
    Also if, just for nights like this.


  • _incorrigible 10w

    When the object of your desire
    also becomes the object of your
    disgust…and yet you keep seeking,
    you’ll know me.


  • _incorrigible 11w

    This night seems like one of
    those cold December nights
    I swear there many subjects
    out there, laying loose
    just to warm me up
    But this ruthless cold is what
    this heart deserves, it seems.

  • _incorrigible 15w

    Can i be a little vulnerable tonight
    Cause i am vulnerable tonight!
    Conceal a little less
    Smile a little less
    Can i cry tonight?
    Won’t ask you to
    promise me the universe
    And for that matter not
    even a star
    Won’t ask you to
    Claim me
    And for that matter
    Not even acknowledge
    But can you be true to
    your words, atleast for tonight?
    Can i talk a little less tonight
    Put efforts to carry on the
    conversation a little less
    Make you laugh a little less
    Talk shit tonight?
    Cause i am vulnerable tonight!


  • _incorrigible 16w

    Many walking by
    All with some gadget in
    their hands
    Some smiling, some screaming
    Some watching with concentration
    I, staring with expectations.
    Many walking by
    All with some purpose in
    their mind
    Completion, initiation
    Some to just keep going
    I, with a purpose unjustified!


  • _incorrigible 17w

    Her screams for help are
    silenced by her smile

  • _incorrigible 18w


    I feel so tiny here
    Tiny enough to feel negligible
    This place, i don’t belong to here.
    I don’t feel i belong to here.
    Many people in and out
    Some 5-8 people i daily observe.
    Some care, some pretend
    and some ‘care’ just don’t feel good.
    I came from some land far away by
    Some force unknown, or at least
    Some day spectating from the corner
    Unknown seems good.
    The city seems beautiful,
    as every broken things do
    With the illusion of ‘lights of night’.
    Sometimes things are ugly, dark!
    Sometimes i feel like being a
    prominent being, like dancing to ugly
    Rhythms they are creating
    And at times i just feel like listening
    To the peaceful music that seems to
    be coming from a person still
    Few moments, few tales
    In few i cry, in few i see the city tearing
    In rest and most, i feel alien
    In rest i feel negligible
    In rest i realise, i don’t belong to here!


  • _incorrigible 21w

    Its less about you and
    more about me now.
    Its the phase i am going
    through when we uproot
    something, that you knew
    was deep within. No matter
    how many days ago you
    planted it. You knew its roots
    reached places that made you
    comfortable and uncomfortable
    at the same time.
    But now its more than the
    temporary comfort.
    Its more about concealing those
    raw places than hiding. Its more
    about myself, at least this time!


  • _incorrigible 21w

    जब सब सूखा हो जाए,
    किसान की नज़र जिस एक बूँद को
    तरसती है,
    वह बूँद हो तुम ।
    पर तुम वह बारिश नही जो किसान की
    अपनी सी हो,
    वह नही जिसे वो सोचें अपनी
    हरी फसल देख
    तुम वह हो जिसे वो तलाशे
    अकाल(drought) के वक़्त !