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  • _inab_noor 5w

    Just wrote this randomly .
    Hope u like it .

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    Naa Vo The Hmaare ,
    Na hum Unke .
    Waqt badalta gya ,
    Or vo dur hote gye .
    Vo bhi bhulte gye ,
    Or humne bhi yaad nhi kiya

  • _inab_noor 5w

    Finaally am here after ages .
    How r u alll .?

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    Ki Hum Badalne Lge hn ,
    Or kuch sambhalne lge hn .

    Kisse Khena h or Kya khena h ,
    Ye samjhne lge hn .

    Humne socha na tha hoga ye bhi ,
    Ki log ab humse jalne lge hn .

  • _inab_noor 6w

    And ;
    I realised that ....

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    We fear our Enemy ,
    But the bigger and Real fear is that of a fake friend ,
    Who is sweetest to your face and ,
    Most vile behind your back .

  • _inab_noor 7w

    Litttraally am dyinngggg .
    #sidnaz will be forever nd ever .
    May god give strength to his family .
    Sty strong sana .
    #shehnazianns .

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    RIP sidharth !

    Jo Chehra hmesha Hasta , Muskurata dekha .
    Aaj aisa dekha ,
    Dil toot gya .

  • _inab_noor 10w

    Nazar ne Nazar ko ,
    Nazar bharkr dekha ..
    Too ,
    Nazar ko Nazar ki ,
    Nazar lag gyi !

  • _inab_noor 10w


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    There is nothing Prettier in the world ,
    Than a girl , In Love with every breath she takes .

  • _inab_noor 11w

    Reality !

    Your lack of confidence is your biggest obstacle ,
    Your reasons are mostly excuses ,
    Get up ,
    Get going ,
    The world is not coming to you
    You need to move and make way in the heart of it ....

  • _inab_noor 13w


    Eid mubarak to everyone !

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    Zindagi Aasaan kisi ki nhi hoti ,
    Bs Apni Apni Adakaari hoti h ,
    Koi she jaata h ,
    Or kisi ki ,
    Bardasht khtm ho jaati h !

  • _inab_noor 15w

    Bhot Lambi Guftagu Krni h ,
    Kuch Arso se kaam nhi chlega ,
    Poori Zindagi lekr aana !

  • _inab_noor 15w

    Hey guyz ,
    Wassup .??
    Just a few lines from my diary .
    Hope u like it ,
    And , don't relate it with me ��✌

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    Vo Ishq He Kya Jisme Qurbat Nhi ,
    Vo Izhaar he kya jisme Lafz nhi .
    Vo dard he kya jisme Nafrat nhi ,
    Vo Dil he kya jisme Tum nhi .