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  • _hazel_12 55w

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    Beautiful were the words they once denied.

    Find that world that's getting cramped up inside you. It's too awesome to be ignored.

    ((check out my ig @vintage_inkx ))


  • _hazel_12 67w

    "now stay away from me and DON'T BREAK MY HEART!", she yelled, breathless.

    "what?!", his grey eyes held a surprised look, "do i look like i'm capable of doing that?"

    her angered face faltered.

    "no, but-", and she dived straight towards him, hugging him tight like there was no tomorrow.

    "-you're shattered enough already, right? don't you worry, i'll have you repaired in no time." he muttered softly into her hair.

    another star shone brighter in the midnight sky.


  • _hazel_12 78w


    the repressing wilting feelings
    departure of a loved one leaves
    the perpetual sting still tingling
    the absence of a beloved costs.
    the ineffable sorrow i pen down
    against the wishes of my tears.

    i proceed my lone way
    unable to get hold of
    the scintilla at the vortex end.
    the joy in my heart faded,
    a forlorn pace I keep.
    miles apart or inches close
    way to each other's heart
    we ne'er did lose.

    the zephyr that caused miracles
    now created so bleak an impact
    the mistral dried up my tears
    and pricked my parched eyes
    through the film of
    qualm throbbing my heart
    ripping my placid soul apart
    the solemn moonglade beckons my soul over to the realm of the above
    where rests in peace my beloved.
    where rests in peace my beloved.

    © _hazel_12

  • _hazel_12 79w

    concise and concrete steps
    your footsteps marked
    on the grounds if my heart
    ever throbbing.

    halfway through the galaxy
    my dreams, they collide
    with those of yours, undenied.


  • _hazel_12 79w

    dear best friend,

    serendipity it was meeting you
    cherishing every moment
    abiding therein
    in the good ones
    for eternity and more.

    you transformed my blue days
    into those of good spirits.
    my sceptical self
    into one of self assurance.
    my sepulchral times
    into those of halcyon.
    my bored-to-death days
    into those of mirth.

    to you alone i owe
    a galaxy of gratitude.

    for brushing away my frown
    for helping me wade out
    from the clasps of betrayal
    when i was sinking, deep down.

    i need no knight in shining armour
    when hatred dives a sadistic death
    i've got a heart that makes mine warmer
    my gloom freezes in ephemeral depth.


  • _hazel_12 79w

    diagonal to me is seated
    a total beauty at heart
    goddamn innocent, does not cuss
    she proves silence an innate art.


  • _hazel_12 84w

    a hornbill seeking its abode

    my heart reverberates
    the realms of memory dwindle
    dazed feelings, stupefied thoughts
    the nemophilist in me subdued.

    the trees enjoy the serein
    the psithurism so enticing.
    welcoming is the aurora
    beautiful, is the twilight
    in it i discover zemblanity.

    a wave of onism washes over
    as i dust the ammil off my feathers
    the memories i shall unfurl
    from the wrinkles of time
    the dreams i shall relive
    from the clutches of destiny.

    now, sunlight lingers in my eyes
    the longing now set ablaze
    when the ties are knotted again
    the weald beckons me over
    to revive the fervid bond
    we once shared.
    the cosmos anticipates
    the happy reunion.


  • _hazel_12 85w

    philias and me

    In the mystifying darkness I seek solace
    A devoted nyctophile,
    In the trails of petrichor I perceive refuge
    An incurable pluviophile.

    In aurora, in twilight, I find cure
    An ardent heliophile,
    In the moon I sight serendipity
    An incorrigible selenophile.

    The alluring charisma of books
    A vehement bibliophile,
    Faith in seclusion never did retire
    An authentic autophile.

    Orion, Cygnus, Taurus and crux
    Delight an astrophile,
    A scintilla of purple glow
    A tenacious ceraunophile.

  • _hazel_12 87w


    I'd punctuate every line with a heart
    And count the waves of the sea for you,
    Magic stars into a new constellation
    Steer into the wildest gales, I would for you.

    I'd pluck you a hundred roses
    If you would admire the red dew,
    Splash a canvas with pellucid love
    I would paint happiness, just for you.

    For you I'd bottle the galaxy
    Still shining in your favourite hue,
    I would engrave your name in the sky
    In your chosen shade of azure blue.

    Yet you picked brambles to place in my wreath
    Betrayal in your heart, you did tattoo
    Love in my heart, now strangely subdued
    Never thought to you, I'd bid adieu.


  • _hazel_12 88w

    Growing up, the one subject I totally despised was MATH. Though a regular among high scorers, math was never my piece of cake.

    Sorry Alan Walker, i had to do this.

    Hope you guys love it as much.
    #writersnetwork #mirakee #poetry #thoughts #alanwalker

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    Lost in a math fight
    don't wanna know
    I am losin' my mind
    Please let me go


    Dude this life ain't got forever
    We're not meant to be together
    I don't care I'll live alone
    I don't care I'll live alone

    everywhere, whatever
    we're not meant to be together
    i wanna live a life alone
    i wanna live a life alone.

    unconscious mind
    I'm sleepy as heck
    when's the so called last time?
    taking life away


    I'm not alone
    I'm not alone
    for god's sake
    just leave my soul alone.