I am a person full of doubts and I doubt that will change...

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  • _harmony_in_the_dark 3w

    Right now, the only thing I want is to be held by you. My body and my soul are aching for you. I am amazed at how strong love is. The love for your stupid little face and the hope that I will get to kiss it makes everything happening around, bearable. I live it like a story that I will tell you later on when we meet. And one of these silent nights, I wish to steal a goodnight kiss.
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    This silence feels different with you
    I imagine you hugging me from behind
    And I turn around to look at your beautiful face
    I give in myself completely to your embrace
    And in that silence,
    When I can only hear your heart beat
    I swear I could die in your arms.


  • _harmony_in_the_dark 6w

    I am not this person. It's scary how much shift in your personality your demons can cause. It's difficult to breathe now. I don't want to be like this and it has been easy for me before to get rid of them but this time they have come stronger. I like the way I'm so depressed but I don't want to be depressed. I guess I will tear myself ricocheting between sanity and madness.

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    You like it, don't you?
    The way I kept you so close to me
    How I spent all my time with you inside my head
    And then one day when I just decided I don't need you anymore
    You're too much in my head and you're toxic
    I left
    But you never gave up, did you?
    I still hear you questioning every good thing in my life
    Making me go crazy at times
    And now you've clawed your teeth on my back
    You've snuck inside my head when I wasn't looking
    I thought I buried you deep inside
    Making it difficult for you to reach me
    But I guess monsters never die
    Especially when they've been there since your awakening.

  • _harmony_in_the_dark 8w


    Drowning myself in other people's laughter,
    In a hope find my own
    I suffocate with questions
    Of my mind.
    It's playing tricks on me
    Making me fall into old habits
    Questioning my worth
    Until I only know hurt
    I'm giving in, letting it fall down
    Not wanting to adjust the crown
    The demons always find a way back
    I guess I left open a little crack
    I look at others and I wonder if they suffer the same
    Does their mind also play a dirty little game?
    I find it hard to accept else's love and care
    Will I sleep with my demons or
    To kill them do I dare?


  • _harmony_in_the_dark 11w


    I would be lying if I said I miss you.
    Why did I say it then, you ask?
    Well, because I didn't have a word for what I feel.
    I don't miss you.
    You happen to slip in the spaces between my breaths,
    I absentmindedly open your picture
    And stare at it like wanting something that I cannot afford.
    There is a void everywhere in my body
    Where you have kissed me and touched me.
    It refuses to be filled.
    I cannot look at you directly now
    Because what if my eyes told you that I want you now.
    In between coffee breaks
    In the morning and
    Before I go to sleep and
    When I wake up in the middle of the night.
    I want to look at you and be able to touch you.
    I don't miss you at all
    I crave for you.
    I want you to fill these voids and make me yours.

  • _harmony_in_the_dark 12w


    I change this time of the year.
    This is not to say that I'm not usually romantic
    But this time of the year takes me
    To a 365-pages-love-story kind of romantic.
    I'm not realistic and I don't want to be.
    I'm in the 'lovestruck in Paris' time zone.
    I want to spend my days in your arms
    Listening to songs, sipping coffee
    Having breakfast in bed and watching you
    While you watch the movie.
    But I'm a thousand miles away from you
    Daydreaming about all the memories we could be making
    And I blame it on the season
    But the real reason is the way you stole my heart and how it remains with you.
    How my body aches to be near yours
    Not just this time of the year
    But always and in all time zones.
    I changed.
    Not in July but
    Since I met you.

  • _harmony_in_the_dark 25w

    Girl in the woods

    There is a girl out there in the woods living in a house with high walls that she made to protect herself from the wild. No she wasn't hurt before but she's afraid she might. She's heard stories about it. So she decided to keep herself safe. But she's also fascinated by the beauty outside. The colourful flowers, the musty smell. The soulful sounds and all the different flavours. She gives herself the luxury to experience all this every once in a while. But she keeps herself from getting too attached. Because what if it all goes away someday? What if everything vanishes due to her touch? So she loves them from a distance. She developed a crevice in her wall. And everything get in through it. She tries hard to seal it but she's unable to. She wants to build high walls so nothing can ever get in and hurt her but she also realizes that in order to do so she'll have to keep the good things at a distance too. So no matter how hard she tries, she cannot seal her crevice. And now she has gone crazy ricocheting between the two.

  • _harmony_in_the_dark 33w

    If only I could keep you close to me all the time. You are the brightest star in my life and I only want to see a smile on that face. It's hard to be so away from you and also to not cry but I'll wait for you because you are mine. I hope we make through this and I know we will because you will never give up on me and I'll never stop loving you. Tonight I just want your presence, just seeing you before me or touching you would have sufficed. I'll wait for the day when we finally can be together. I love you with all my heart ��
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    Light of the night

    I kiss you in my dreams and hug you tight,
    Hoping there's no end to this night.
    I know everything and yet this heart yearns,
    With such strong passion, it so brightly burns.
    This empty space will be filled, I'll wait for the heavenly day,
    But tonight watch the starry skies, I'm sending my love your way.

  • _harmony_in_the_dark 34w

    Tell me anyway

    Tell me it'll get better because I don't believe it.
    Tell me it's worth it because I am calling it quits.
    It has never been easy but it's tougher now,
    Knowing how to swim why am I still choosing to drown?

  • _harmony_in_the_dark 48w

    "I fell in love the way you fall asleep. Slowly, and then all at once." And I'm still falling. No matter where I go, what I'm doing, a part of me is always where you are. And you're always with me. You're my black hole, and the best part is I can be light years away and I'd still fall and keep on falling in love with you.
    You see honey, it's always been you. No grave can hold my body down, I'll crawl home to you.
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    No matter how far his heart is from mine,
    It beats in the same rhythm.
    I could be light years away from him,
    But still carry his fragrance within.
    It's futile finding me someplace else,
    My soul has always belonged to him.

  • _harmony_in_the_dark 53w

    "And once the storm is over, you won't remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won't even be sure, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you won't be the same person who walked in." And that's the purpose of it. It teaches you what you needed to be taught and it goes away. It always goes away. So take care of that fire inside you until the storm passes. Don't let the passing storm smother it. You're an angel. Don't believe anything less.
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    When the light seems to be fading away,
    And the weight becomes heavier to carry,
    I ask you to take my hand for a day,
    And keep at bay all your worry.
    The night falls but the stars still shine,
    Don't let anything smother the fire in your eyes.
    Your resilient days are the ones you'll hold dear,
    As you walk towards brightness with me and things start getting clear.