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  • _grace 49w

    To not let go
    Even a trace,
    Evident reflection
    Of an existence, once,
    My own shadow
    In a piece of life,
    In an other life
    In an other page,
    For I stay hidden
    Deep down in memories
    In this world
    And in next.


  • _grace 58w

    Sometimes we dream,
    Only to wake up into nothingness.


  • _grace 62w

    If only life was a time machine
    And history, a story of mine
    My flight across the horizons,
    To the yesteryears
    Would take my dreams
    To the blanket of memories
    Lovely, and a new picture brushed,
    Sweet and a new song rushed.

    To touch the skies
    And hold the stars,
    Blow them over
    Like glitter all over!
    Trace them across
    All the skies
    To find my picture
    And lullaby.

    But alas!
    For today, all I have
    Is just a clock.


  • _grace 66w

    The tranquility of sleep
    Brushing aside the faded colors
    And evading into darkness
    In search of light.


  • _grace 91w

    Tremble o you seas
    And howl o you winds
    Burn into the sun
    And leave behind a smolder
    Against the howling winds
    Let your soul rage
    Let your sound bellow into the clouds
    And tear apart the trespasses
    To lay upon your land
    A bouquet in white roses.


  • _grace 92w

    Push me down you earthly beings.
    My soul needs to be lifted up to happiness,
    Pure bliss.


  • _grace 93w

    Sometimes you have enemies you don't know even exists.


  • _grace 95w

    She looked afar
    And saw a tiny twinkle
    A small tiny one at that
    Somewhere in the heights
    From the depths of the shades,
    From there she saw her ray of hope
    For it was not the oasis
    But a promise as in the Holy Word.

    A whole new horizon
    Of light and promises,
    It shone upon her
    Lead her away,
    To another world of hope and faith
    Away from the storm in the doldrums
    She looked behind and saw light
    She looked ahead and saw light.

    It was bright all over.
    And it was all over.


  • _grace 105w

    Sometimes the stars lead you along
    All the way on,
    And You,
    Amazed by the twinkle of the night sky
    Walk along
    Till the stars push you down the cliff
    And You,
    Remain blinded and broken
    For time to come
    Trust, sometimes is not your best friend.


  • _grace 109w

    Gently she lay down,
    And breezily looked up at the stars
    That gleefully winked at her.
    A moment, and
    Opened her eyes and heart
    To let free into the galaxies
    Those, that the stars promised.
    She gave the reins of her mind
    To the chariot of dreams
    And sat within dressed in purple
    Awaiting a postcard destination
    For the stars twinkled in honour
    Never going back on their word.
    Her eyes took in the magic of rainbows
    And the glory of colours
    As she felt the rays of yellow touch in caution.
    She opened her eyes, yet again
    And them, the stars
    Had proven to be honourable
    Yet again, till another night,
    They had carried their master's daughter
    To a journey joyful,
    Just as every princess has to be,
    Her daddy's princess.