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  • _gk_07 2d



    We whisper behind the palms
    saudade of destructed barque
    sinked with fake smiles
    to camouflage the judgement
    of the hateful and the lonely
    in your perforated alliance.


    In maelstrom of life
    with skipped dances and meals
    we masqueraded to veil
    heavy weighed scale of broken hearts
    in your loathing coterie.

    ----- GARROTTED REGRETS -----

    Ephialted panic attacks every night
    of popping pills coursing
    through veins to make sadness go away
    of needles and shot glasses
    in your sombre crew.

    ----- OBLIVION QUAFFS ------

    Irrevocably broken and
    atrociously dead but walking
    meticulously hidden manifested whiff
    beautifully lost hollow eyes
    in your indoctrinate society.

    #wod #oxymoron maybe *_*
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    // Amidst the fallacious adult
    and veracious child,
    cacophonous mistakes
    reasoned casuistry to live
    the dead whispers
    in your portentous society //


  • _gk_07 4d

    Her thoughts seems like ethereal,
    Meeting at the spot where fascination begins,
    And the realm of reality ends.
    Her glimpse suffuses the aurora,
    With shimmering rays of light escalating warmth,
    The scenario nobody can contemplate.
    Her enamoured rhymes akin to jouska,
    Compells me to write for her, with feathery phosphene quill,
    To acknowledge that she is eccedentesiast.

    #wod #feather @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Her ineffable presence around me,
    Is no less than a feathery quill of hope,
    A paradigm to my gravitas.

  • _gk_07 1w

    With upbeats of happiness,
    Soft beats of melancholy,
    We commenced dance of life breathtakingly,
    playing lullabies of tasted hurricanes,
    rhythmically dancing with jubliant music overnight.

  • _gk_07 1w

    Her eyes look like unheard stories, shining in search of rufescent skies. She moulds her hyperboles to float along the cumulus clouds ☁
    Her incomplete canvas with azure metaphors, desolated journals with mauve allegories concludes her tangled thoughts with evaporating doubts in the infinite dimensions of the sky.
    Her insomniac eyes weaves the blooming rainbow in zenith, with her hopes hunching high.
    Rivulets of memories, she keeps on staring in the polaroids and teardrops of melancholia forms contours ,flowing down her cheek.
    But when she muses woebegone poetries to zephyr of tranquil moonlight, I saw love beneath her veil.

    #wod #start @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Your smile is a lie
    blended with phantasm and fidelity
    on your hallucinating canvas of heart,
    But I saw your bruised brushstrokes
    wiping your lament cries, when you whispered saudade songs in moonlight.

  • _gk_07 1w

    It's not less than a curse
    When I beseech to be understood
    But can't comprehend in words.

    Synapses breaks down between
    the nerve cells of my brain,
    When I struggle to apprise my
    feelings for others,
    But I perceive solitude as an
    ardent listener to my low-decibel
    inner voice.

    Frontal brain paralyzes betwixt
    the statements,
    When I try to unravel the notions
    But non-verbal communication
    fates to be relinquished.

    Restricted interests and repetitive
    behaviors is what you apprehend,
    But it's a disorder,
    Which never let's me reveal,
    Who I am?
    What I want to say?

    POV of a person who is suffering from autism.

    #wod #mondo @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    What's autism?
    a neurological disorder I got
    from a young age, when I was a kid.

    How does it feel?
    I can't describe in half dead alphabets,
    I inked in those bruised epistles.


  • _gk_07 1w

    The tinge of sunrise is left,
    Lighting every corner from east to west,
    The rays of hope blossoming every soul,
    Re-energizing for the life's haul,
    The chirping of birds to the golden-yellow glares striking the Delphine,
    The air is harmonized with love and pristine,
    Neglecting the yesterday's heartaches,
    Beginning the day with sublime ink
    on this absorbent glossy page,
    Unwinding the tangle of notions
    in your mind, With a note of kind,
    To evoke a charismatic bloom after
    a dreadful wilt,
    Consequence of,
    A try after a try.

    A poem from last pages of my notebook...

    #wod #temp #pastoralpoem @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Edit : Thank you @miraquill for editors choice(27+)��

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    Glimmering sunshine caresses my verses, when it yearns to rhyme.

  • _gk_07 1w

    Among the faded woods,
    I heard a lullaby in the autumnal
    Caressing a love tale of autumn
    in my heart's strings.

    Dandelions in the soothing breeze,
    With scent of home fires burning up,
    Gusts of wind gently knocking on windows,
    Elicits a smile with it's velvety touch.

    Brown rusted leaves glow gold
    under the warm setting sun,
    Raiment gold and brown leaves swirl,
    Spells woebegone secrets of
    summer's sultry heat,
    Teasing me with nature's kisses.

    In sweet heavy scents of apple
    orchards ,
    Chestnuts in yellow and oaks dressed
    crimson , the lovely maple in scarlet ,
    Whispers promises in the evening glow.

    Before the chill of winter haunts autumn's caress with melancholia,
    I saved the lovely token to steer
    along the road,
    In curling sunshine with fluttering
    yellow butterflies,
    Embracing the season of love.

    #wod #life @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #imagery #pastoralpoem

    Edit: Thank you @writersnetwork for your kind read and repost.��

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    Autumn sang me a lullaby of love,
    In an archaic idyllic setting,
    Whispering the way to utopia of
    ecstasy, leading to quixotic life.

  • _gk_07 2w

    Poetry is my last hope to cease the flickering i l l u s i o n a l past life
    in my eyes,
    To fabricate s i l h o u e t t e s of
    annihilated heart,
    That a n a t h e m a t i z e , which I'm
    Unable to find a needle to sew the tangled t h r e a d s of my heart.

  • _gk_07 2w

    #wod #imagery @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Edit : thank you @writersnetwork for your kind read and repost.��

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    In the butterscotch nights,
    When stars gleamed like sorbet sprinkles,
    I verbalized with white peachy savoured moon, about how I drowned
    in your caramelized eyes,
    and how the persimmon flavoured sun makes -- the black huckleberry tasted dark parts of moon to shine.

  • _gk_07 2w

    My shadow and me,
    Walking along the same streets,
    Digging for the answers that
    left me in dubeity,
    Crying under the pillow silently
    When nobody sympathized
    if I could feel like this,
    so deranged or sane.

    Lachrymosed eyes all the time,
    When sadness striked
    like lightning in my
    euphoric clouds ☁
    Loosing the articulation muted
    my voice, when everybody around
    baffled my sound with their
    prickly quests,
    Tagging my mental illness as
    weakness, that I couldn't fix my
    problems, just like any other
    standardized normal homo-sapien.

    Drifting in and out of people's lives,
    Like a feather in the breeze.
    I hide myself behind the flamboyant
    smiles, disguising my depression
    in the happy crowds,
    I stick to sidelines because
    spotlights now hurt my eyes.

    This terrifying deep suffering
    pushed me to a city of loneliness,
    Where anxiety never let me sleep,
    Without counting the unfixed problems
    and shattered pieces of mine.

    Suffocating under my own skin,
    Surviving with agony, Dying
    every moment, for the question
    Who buried me in this desolation,
    Detaching myself from me.

    /From a person who once lost his/her
    mental health, but survived through it./

    W O R L D M E N T A L H E A L T H D A Y

    The overall objective of World Mental Health Day is to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world and to mobilize efforts in support of mental health.

    The Day provides an opportunity for all stakeholders working on mental health issues to talk about their work, and what more needs to be done to make mental health care a reality for people worldwide.

    It's generally a topic which is not discussed as much as it is needed. And people suffers silently from the mental illness over years,
    doubting , harming, isolating themselves.

    "Mental illness
    Is like putting
    Yourself on autopilot mode
    Where you can't control anything
    But observes what's happening."

    #wod #wild @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    The phase of pain was invisible, but yet it was difficult.
    Fighting with my own thoughts was abstract,
    But it created an impact.
    The emotions of being hurt was invisible, but the strain was not liveable.
    Nothing to explain was an excuse, to avoid unnecessary amuse.

    // Save your wild tokens
    Or the inner child,
    'coz it's rare to find,
    and impossible to buy.//