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  • _flying_feather_ 150w


    it was not the usual monsoon rains...
    As my body shivered and abdomen in pain.
    may be a little travel brought it all..
    or it was just my body needing a medics call.
    syringes in and syringes out plus a handy cloured candies inside me roared...
    And my veins felt full as each new glucose bottle inside me poured.
    Each day seemed like never ending...
    counting each second i kept myself defending.
    i knew something was missing like the fresh air and suns light...
    after all in a hospital you only get a fluorescent turning dim and bright

  • _flying_feather_ 187w


    It's hidden deep inside
    It's inside that anxious last minute wait to meet once charming friend after so long.
    It's inside that pumped up joy of seeing back eachother n smilingly running wild to hug the cherished bond that's still so strong.
    It's inside those old talks that she knows of u so well n the felicity it gives when the wave of similar thoughts underneath ur oceanic mind too flows.
    It's inside that little pause when she exactly knows a naughty thought building under your nose and with a twinkle ur eyes meet that's when in symphony the funny bubble

  • _flying_feather_ 193w

    Fountain of solace lies in time