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  • _falguni_ 1w

    Her eyes I tell you, could burn fire and drown oceans.

  • _falguni_ 1w

    "I could go everywhere I wanted to 'cause I had a place to come back to. That place was you for me. "

    It was a summer day,
    Cloudless and warm.
    You could feel the sun on your face.
    A perfect day for beach and sunscreens
    A perfect day for you to wear that yellow bikini
    That you bought when you lost all that weight.
    A prize for utmost dedication.
    A treasured souvenir it was.
    I'd laugh when you'd hold it in your hands and show it off to me.
    You were a child trapped in an adult body.
    I wish I could run my fingers through your hair again.
    And I hope you'd complain and whine about it.

    You were scared to say things out loud.
    You were scared to be the person you were,
    Before you learnt to hide things and shut the world out.
    You asked me to stay with you forever
    Like a child asking for a toy.
    And I couldn't promise you, back then.
    I know you were hurt. So hurt.
    I wasn't sure about myself keeping that promise.
    False hope is like a wine stain.
    It lingers forever.
    I wish I could promise you now.
    But now I'm sure you'd break it anyway.

    You'd talk to plants
    Tell them things on your head.
    You told them about me
    You said they laughed hearing about me.
    Trust me, I believed it.
    I wanted to kiss you right there.
    The impulse was so strong.
    I had never felt anything like that before.
    But the idea of pinning you against the wall
    And making out gave me an instant hard on.
    I think I started liking you more ever since.

    You'd always carry a book
    Wherever you went.
    "People and conversations drain me." you'd say
    I remember our first date clearly.
    When I was frantically looking for you at the mall.
    Calling you a lot of times cause I couldn't find the spot you were at
    I finally found you and there you were, reading.
    Transitioned in a different universe.
    I tapped your shoulder, you looked up angrily.
    In a jiffy, your expression hopped from being stupid to anxious.
    And you checked your phone, 10 missed calls.
    You held my hand all the way, apologizing profusely.
    The fact that I've found the one just got stronger that day.
    Ever since,
    I was hopelessly in love with you.

    I remember the day we first made love
    A rainy afternoon, chilly breeze
    Fogging windows and wetting everything around us.
    I slipped my hand between your thighs
    And you giggled and said you're raining too.
    I smiled and kissed you as I took off your clothes
    Feeling your skin against me, warming me.
    You said my name when I was all inside you
    And that was enough. Enough for me to come.
    I cried that day, saying I love you a hundred times.
    Cause I couldn't believe myself
    I couldnt believe you, to be with me.

    We went places together,
    Living with you was a dream I never knew I had.
    I took you everywhere I went
    'Cause I couldn't think of staying away.
    I was/am kinda obsessed with you
    I could go everywhere I wanted to
    'Cause I had a place to come back to.
    And that place was you for me
    I've loved you all this time
    With everything within me
    I still love you
    And I don't know how to stop.

    It was a summer day
    Cloudless and warm
    When the rain decided to surprise me
    And take you away with it.
    You died on a summer day
    That somehow, was a rainy day.

    Summer rains remind me of you.
    The rain stayed, even with you gone.
    A memoir, a scar in the name of love
    I carry till my very last.

    Come back to me someday
    Even if you're a raindrop now
    Stay on my cheek for a while
    Before you decide to slip off,
    Once again

    -The day that took you away

    #wod #life

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    The rain makes sure my cheeks are never left dry.
    The rain, it stayed when my own tears left.

    -The day that took you away.

  • _falguni_ 1w

    A sudden dysphoria sneaks in
    Lurking between mourning willows
    We let it all sink in
    As tears soak our pillow

    A salted wound
    A wine stained soul
    A death marked in ink
    By a thousand paper cuts.

  • _falguni_ 2w

    "And how do you kill something that's already dead?
    You slit its throat and murder it. "

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    I look at the last leaf,
    That autumn turns to dust
    With her bare hands.
    Which reminds me of the sirens blaring
    Within me, in distant lands
    And I stumble at autumn's feet
    Bit drunk with a whole heart broken.
    Crush me too like you did back there.
    I say it loud, in despair.
    She holds my hair and glares in my eyes.
    Swollen eyes and smudged lipstick is all she sees
    She then pulls out a knife
    And slits my throat.
    Right there, is where I cease to exist.
    I fall to the ground, holding my throat
    To stop me from bleeding
    She laughs and dances around me
    The leaves, they crackle below her feet.
    I lay dead in a grave unmarked, covered in autumn's wreath.
    Made of bones hidden in my closet
    And some skeletons from these trees.

    Autumn leaves, while I gasp for air
    Snow sets in to rescue me.
    It taints my blood from red to white
    Covering autumn's sins.
    Here I lay under this white blanket
    Where no one dares to breathe
    A sinister game set in the fall,
    That winter comes to win.

    -The Sinister

  • _falguni_ 4w

    And just maybe,
    Its too early to say that
    I'm in love with you.
    And I hope I'm not crossing the line
    When I say,
    My body aches like multiple fractures would
    When you're not around.
    And I hope you don't think I'm overdoing it
    When I tell you,
    How much I've missed you.
    And I hope you don't mind
    When I whisper,
    Every second thought in my head is about you.
    And I hope you would believe me.
    When I say I'm glad I met you.
    But the thing I hope the most is
    For you to look at me
    Like the way I look at you.
    Tell me you love me too.
    And tell it to me right now.
    When I'm here and you're not.

  • _falguni_ 4w

    My body is a graveyard
    With tombstones marked at every meter
    For things and people that have been buried.
    Deep in these veins, they all live.
    What is dead, doesn't stay dead
    It comes back to life at 3am
    Every night, yet again
    The same old chaos, the same old pain.

    My body is a graveyard
    Waiting for a funeral
    It has got some freshly dug graves in every corner
    Scars, I call them,waiting to be filled
    With freshly polished mahogany coffins
    Of false promises, betrayal and agony.
    A death march awaited for all those felonies.

    My body is a graveyard
    That's vacant and on the outskirts of some county
    People whisper about it and make stories
    They talk about the dead woman who hunts
    In a cloak dimmer than midnight
    With eyes, redder than bar lights.
    She hates herself they all say.
    And her rage is a weapon, killing everyone in her way.

    My body is a graveyard
    To all the false promises he made.
    I bury them with tears and sweat
    And I mark them all with his blood.
    A last goodbye, a last kiss
    Were the only witnesses to this
    They whisper to me when the night comes
    What you did was the right thing to do.
    I smile and drape my cloak around me.
    "I'd die for you", he said.
    So I killed him instead.


  • _falguni_ 7w

    Teach me to love myself,
    As I keep loving you
    More than I ever could.

    Teach me to love myself
    As I give myself to you
    While never holding back anything for me.

    Sit and tell me to love myself
    When I do things for you
    While carelessly tossing myself in the corner.

    Tell me I need to love myself
    As I love you
    For I need to forgive myself before I could accept you.

    Tell me I'm a flower in your yard
    That may not be watered regularly
    Tell me to deepen my roots
    To quench my thirst.

    Tell me I'm not flawed as I think I am
    Ask me to be easy on myself.
    Tell me you love me
    Even when I don't.

    "To love myself I need to be loved first."

  • _falguni_ 12w

    //But loving someone and being loved means so much to me
    We always make fun of it and stuff
    But isn't everything we do in life a way to be loved a little more?//

    x Before sunrise


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    My daughter asks me if it hurt
    When I sprung from being a child
    To having her in my arms.
    When I waltzed my way to adulthood
    Does it hurt anywhere? She asks timidly
    A glorious journey it is, I say
    To love and cherish her everyday.

  • _falguni_ 12w

    She's made of starlight
    I can tell for sure.
    The way her eyes twinkle
    Reflect her soul
    Which is a midnight sky in itself
    Velvet and blue with a furrowed brow.
    With stars pierced on it like pins
    on a drawing board

    She is dim on some nights
    While she lights up on most.
    Just a twinkle away from her destruction
    Just a 100 light years away from her deathbed.

    She's just a faulty star
    That I blame everytime
    She's just a fault in my stars,
    That seems to shine bright.

    Her kisses tastes like forevers,
    With a bitter aftertaste
    She dances and gleams brighter than the sun
    On winter days and snowy nights.
    Warming you while freezing time.
    With just a glance and a crooked smile.

    I'll love her now, tomorrow and everyday
    Till the last bit of some forever falls apart
    For I don't know how
    To not love someone
    Who's embracing her own destruction
    To light my way.


    #twinkle #wod

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    She's bathed in phosphene
    And dances with hydrogen
    To ignite herself and her audience
    Setting fire to every rain,
    A love that's draped in pain,
    That seems to halt in my lane.
    The kind of love that lifts me up in air
    Like helium.

  • _falguni_ 13w

    And there's nothing about this night that scares me as much as the dark matter inside me. Dark matter, that's born from some primordial black hole.Remnants of a past, I'm unaware of.A souvenir given to me by the universe as a parting gift. A gift, treasured for years.
    It stays dormant inside me like an unopened pandora's box. It tries sipping out bit by bit, leaving me half empty-half full. I keep swinging between feeling everything and feeling nothing at all. Not sure what's worse between the two, to be hollow or to drown.
    Somedays, I open the lid and let it all out. Those days are the most painful and filled with utmost suffering. I pay a cost to take it out. It accepts everything in kind. A thing, a friend,an emotion or a piece of me. Almost anything that meant something to me.
    The dark matter in me is so much alive. It throbs like a living thing inside me.
    Maybe dark matter is just another name for the thing that fuels my body.
    Made from my flesh,
    Living inside me while I die everyday.
    Maybe dark matter is a synonym of that very thing they call it- My heart.