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  • _faithless 10w

    Stuttering voices can be heard, but never the silent ones.

  • _faithless 11w

    Focus. Never let your emotions break your composure.

  • _faithless 12w

    You must be tired surviving this day. But don't be too harsh. It was never a waste of time to take care of your self.

    You are doing good, and I am so amaze how you keep your composure throughout this day. Take time to stop, and breathe. Cry if you want to, it doesn't make you weak. Just remember, every time you wipe your tears, you are tougher than yesterday.

    If you can't bear it anymore, I'm here to listen to you all night long.

  • _faithless 13w

    sailor in space

    my mind is an ocean of past
    and every night I dive in
    as the memories get cast
    the lonesome dreams I feed in
    all the moments I wanted to last
    now, nothing but remnants. unseen.

    I wonder, how long would I wander?
    walking in the deep void of sunder
    as my pieces crumbling further
    I don't think I'm waiting for any other
    I'm in horizon and the road seems farther
    maybe, I should end it with a quiet slumber

  • _faithless 14w

    isn't it beautiful when someone fights for social morality.

  • _faithless 15w

    maybe I know loving too well, but not being loved.

  • _faithless 16w

    You have so much potential, yet you doubt yourself. You don't have to immediately win, cherish the process. There are lots of things you can do if you trust yourself a little more.

    Achievements don't have to come as often, but when you meet them make sure you take them for granted.

  • _faithless 16w

    Even walking can reach a mile. You don't have to rush yourself in a tiresome road.

    You had done enough for today, so take some rest.

  • _faithless 16w

    I feel like a banana.
    nobody cares about a banana.
    no one loves or hates a banana.
    no one gives expectation to a banana.
    it's not meant to be anything, just a banana.
    banana just exists to be a banana.
    I am a banana.

  • _faithless 17w

    The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.

    —Chuck Palahniuk