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  • _diyapatel_ 1d


    Where are my bygone gifts ?
    They all forgot
    All the deeds, a freindship speaks for
    I am investing myself now
    And the result of endeavor
    Looks a Great challenge
    They dont ask your health
    But definately why you came back
    They don't ask the time
    But definately the cause for it
    Thank you for all suchs.

  • _diyapatel_ 2w


    When things are alright
    I miss you more
    The days are running
    With the howl
    I am still there
    Wandering when will
    All the nights be back
    And no more hustle
    I ll be like" you "again

  • _diyapatel_ 3w

    Starry Night

    The star up ,
    Where are my winds
    The night is howling
    And the dark seems growing
    My feets are cold
    And the hairs so gripped
    The eyes loosing
    The light of wandering
    Where are my winds
    The star up .

  • _diyapatel_ 5w


    I am that spring
    Which blooms with hues
    With breeze that blues
    And blue of sea touches
    The infinite green leaves
    That spring which hears
    The joy of cheers
    And the commencement of rise .

  • _diyapatel_ 6w

    Purple December

    How can the worthy love
    Be unloved ,
    The tears you shed
    Goes down to god
    The stories that was unspoken
    Still whispers the fade
    And still, i say
    You are to be loved
    With shades of purple and dove.

  • _diyapatel_ 11w

    If you are in love

    You wake up bright
    You can hear the whistle of cheers
    The aroma of roses
    You walk with smile
    You can feel the wind breezing
    The sense of smell
    When just beside love
    Makes your heavy ,more lighter
    The touch of hands and tickle
    Silence the hustle
    The essence of purple and
    The day late , you end up merrily.

  • _diyapatel_ 12w


    Everyone thinks i am wrong because not everyone knows my story

  • _diyapatel_ 13w

    Most people

    Most people can hide ,
    The charm of purple ,
    The hell of face ,
    And the thoughts of decline .
    Where all you been?
    When they ached .

  • _diyapatel_ 19w

    Yet to know

    That was the beauty
    Where spending three years of gratify
    Build up her trust and intimacy
    But yet to know ,
    While her last lessons of presence
    She left with twenty days
    Of essence .

  • _diyapatel_ 27w

    Close my eyes

    I would close my eyes
    Just so that my tears
    Are hidden under world
    That is so long dead