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  • _desaiagraja 6h

    It does not pain
    as much as I was being dramatic about
    cause I'm a dentist now��

    #first #wod #pod #dentalvisit #live #love #life #forever #dentist #pain #toothpain #mirake #mirakenetwork #writernetwork

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    Dental visits

    My first visit to the dentist
    And I was happy and chilling
    Just untill they filled my tooth
    With the dental cement filling.

    And 6 months after that,
    I remember feeling my tooth crack.
    Piece by piece,
    And little by little,
    Enamel chiped off in fractions
    But that soul was so scared of injections
    (Until she was the one treating dental pain of persons)

    Injecting the medication, hurted nun
    Magically the c fibers gets all numb
    Little to left and then to right
    Rotate in the motion of eight
    and it's extraction time.

    I remember sitting on that chair as child
    Chills ran all through veins of mine
    As I saw the injection through little eyes
    The body hair stood up like a throne
    Don't try to touch me I'm in porcupine zone

    But I was a silly shit
    Who ended up losing teeth
    So, now I'm a girl
    With an implanted teeth
    Three six it is .....

  • _desaiagraja 1d

    Rose tinted glass
    Overly optimistic
    Often unrealistic

    You saw the sunshine,
    And calmness of ocean.
    But the thunder & strom
    Just came around

    Cause you always saw me
    Through Rose tinted glass
    Where unpleasant things
    Appeared pleasent around

    I was pretty cheerfull
    Through that wine glass
    Although, overly optimistic
    Often unrealistic
    Are Rose tinted glass...

  • _desaiagraja 2d

    JoKeR [ಠಿ_ಠಿ]

    Have you ever felt so lonely,
    That, Even your thoughts leaves you alone.

    But still you continue to jump and ski,
    With that fake vertical smile on.
    As you fall from the swings so high,
    The audience laughes at their peak
    Wondering in the sky...

    Because you are the joker,
    Joking around like a mediocre,
    And they are the voters,
    Judging you like you're insane.
    Who cares of that heart breakers
    Cause you did the best you can...

  • _desaiagraja 3d

    How to flip the diary pages......

    Retrace all your memories as you go through your diary pages and that's how to flip the diary pages

    #howto #wod #mirakenetwork #live #love #life #forever #memories #pod

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    As I flip my diary page
    All the memories retrace

    My heart go through remodeling phases
    My granny took me to different places

    I missed my stupid crazy friends
    I show my love for the lovely parents
    I danced with my ex
    on the green grass lanes

    Wrote of the crushes for whom I freeze
    And favourite songs that I always binge
    About Starry night on that swings
    The fight I fought with my sibling

    Needy, introvert screams through pages.
    But my words are the birds
    That free me through the cages

    All the Memories retraces
    As I flip the diary pages

  • _desaiagraja 3d

    Rocking chair

    Worry is like a Rocking chair.
    It gives you something to do,
    But never gets you anywhere.
    So, instead of rocking back and forth,
    Repeating the negative thought,
    Take a break.
    And start fresh....

  • _desaiagraja 4d

    Inshort mind your own fucking business......

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    Birds don't try to weave a web,
    And spiders doesn't count on making nests.....

  • _desaiagraja 5d

    By unknown writer

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    Before Alice got to wonderland,
    She had to fall pretty hard down a deep hole

  • _desaiagraja 1w

    What happens in Corsica stays in Corsica.......

    #tamasha #27/11 #corsica #live #love #life #forever #dreams #ved&Tara #selflove #hindi #mirakenetwork

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    कोनसा तारा किस मंजिल का।
    क्या चकर हैं,
    कहा चला दिल का रास्ता बिन कदमों के।
    दूर कही सपनो की मलिका, हैं थोड़ी ना यार।
    Mirage है जो desert में दिखता हैं।
    होती रेत हैं लगता पानी। उसके लिए मैं पापड़ पेलू।
    दो कौड़ी की हस्ती हैं पर पर उससे खेलू?
    फेक बिखरू में अपना सबकुछ, किसके खातिर?
    किसे चाहिए मन का सोना आंख के मोती।
    किसे पड़ी हैं अंदर क्या हैं।
    होती रेत हैं लगता पानी।
    - वेद

  • _desaiagraja 1w

    You are 22 and they thought of you....

    A young woman with the job in hand.
    Earning like what a lakh or 2, it's tough dude.

    Or Being in love and relationships, opps!!
    I've got far more versatile things to do.

    You must be the one with cooking skills...
    Shut up, don't you have the guilt.

    it's miserable and magical life
    I'm not perfect but
    I'm pretty strong, smart and kind.

    I'm 22 and I just wish for you,
    Happy, health, lovely life,
    Nothing tensed and everything bright.
    How about just a sky dive
    Or talking to the mountains,
    about the Marine drive.

    I've been in love for a while
    That self obsessed bitch in me is still alive.
    I'm 22 and it's dangerous for you,
    Keeping your judgements far aside ,
    better, you stay out of my life.

  • _desaiagraja 1w

    darling I'm nightmare, dressed like a daydream.

    #strom #stories #mystry #glory #live #love #life #forever #happydance #nightsky

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    We all have strom, stories,
    And that mysterious glory,
    Which even the night sky can't hold.