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  • _demontone_ 3w


    Missing you
    Is the cruelest thing i could do to my heart,
    And maybe that's why i do it :
    Its easier to hurt myself
    than to love myself

  • _demontone_ 4w


    When did i become so numb,
    When did i become so lost,
    Why can't i find my purpose here,
    Am I the only one here, who feels this way.
    Or there are more lost soul like me,
    Who is surviving every single day just to find themselves.

  • _demontone_ 12w

    Last Kiss

    The Moon was waxing as we started to bloom.
    We held hands under the night sky
    Making the stars our audience as we danced around.

    We kissed under the full moon light
    Promising our souls to each other.

    Our love knew no bounds as the sky was our only limit.

    We parted ways under the waning moon.
    Knowing the moon and the stars would carry our story along forever.

    Now when our hearts ache, we look up at the night sky and see how our love is painted across the sky shining bright.

  • _demontone_ 12w


    We destroy ourselves when we stop feeling. If you bury your feelings within you, you become a graveyard.

  • _demontone_ 12w

    Dark Home

    But there are days when I start falling into the trap of happiness. I fall in too deep and all of a sudden a pang of sadness makes my heart ache, and it aches too much that tears start brimming in my eyes and fuck... That's the moment my mind tells me to leave the heart alone and come right back to it.
    And like the blind kid lost in a carnival, I start running right back to my home of darkness. And it welcomes me with a tight warm hug.

  • _demontone_ 12w


    Tell me all of your lies, all of your truths.
    Tell me all your sadness and blues.
    Tell me all of your darkest fears and the painful memories.
    Tell me about those breathless laughs and tearful sobs.
    Coz I'm here baring my soul to you and you are there cowering back into the darkest of alleys.
    And when you do open up, I promise I'll open my heart and take them all in.
    And stay..

  • _demontone_ 12w


    I was too blind to see the blood on your hands, for I was enchanted by the glow in your eyes.
    I was too blind to even realize that the blood was mine.
    You were digging into all those wounds in my soul.
    The wounds, I spent years mending, in no time you ripped them back open.

  • _demontone_ 37w


    That moment when you just lose control over yourself completely.
    Like your brain isn't functioning at all.. And all you can feel is shivers across your body.. And tears roll uncontrollablly.
    Just a rush of emotions.
    Not knowing the reason.. But just that you have to feel it, let it out.

  • _demontone_ 40w

    Mother's love

    No amount of drugs or alcohol can help you to forget things. Only love can, and the purest love is your mother' love. Believe me or not but only your mother loves you selflessly.


  • _demontone_ 41w

    That feeling

    I don't know what happens to me sometime. Its been a while but this feeling doesn't go. The feeling of worthlessness. I have many people who loves me, and i know they do. But this feeling doesn't go with that. It helps with the distraction but when they are not around. This feeling comes again and again. I cant control it. At this moment i push everything and ruin what makes me happy. I don't know why i feel this way. But i love writing it down. So here I'm again.