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  • _dark_soul_ 148w


    The hardest thing to achieve is 'positivity'

    It's the cross ✝ on which Jesus rests

    It's the cross that seems a no ❌

    But a little twist can make it '+' from '×'

    So it's all about an attitude of yours

    To see things ; "broken or a chance to rebuild a home"


  • _dark_soul_ 148w


    I felt so light after being in love with you
    That the heart was flying above the clouds

    But it never knew
    higher the fly;hardest the fall

    Curses love;but not the call

    Thanks again to write it on heart
    Not with touch, but with lust-craft

    I don't remember my first but I wanted you to be my last,yours last,forever last

    Coz I've already stone_marked you
    Even if you're not here

    Even if you go or come back again
    My desires will be forever constant

    #Thirsty and #Lusty
    Just like you left me lastly


  • _dark_soul_ 153w


    I'm standing on the residue of ashes of mine which was once alive having a fire inside


  • _dark_soul_ 153w

    Am I there in your memory?

    That day with cold breeze blowing
    So serene and time flowing

    I wish would've stopped every second
    Then more time we would've spent

    That sudden unexpected kiss on my lips
    Made me blush and my cheeks went on fire within a glimpse

    It was so quick
    I thought ,finally found my twin

    I felt as if our souls were one
    Felt a different connection

    Spark and running electric vibrations
    Then you asked me "can we be just friends?!!"

    That fucked me up made me cry all time since then
    And now......, I don't fucking care about anything else

    Not even you and no other hell


  • _dark_soul_ 153w

    Kill me,Heal me

    Sometimes I feel,
    If I wanna be healed,...
    I really need to be killed.....

  • _dark_soul_ 153w

    Darkness never left ...
    It's just light that burnt and then swept....


  • _dark_soul_ 154w


    Even the dark blue shirt appears black when it's wet
    Now it's up to you what you wanna see
    Either the moment you're in
    Or the reality that will be revealed


  • _dark_soul_ 154w


    "Every step I put on you
    Made me feel free from every stress
    Coz your touch was little ticklish and bit my taps
    You are in different colors somewhere in peach,so somewhere in gold
    Somewhere in breeze but somewhere in dessert pole

    When I said hello to ocean
    You welcomed me first...
    Though I remember it was hot bust
    I could see sparkling shine from shore
    Gave me fantasy of hidden treasure
    People said you do natural healing of mind
    I believe it "yes coz you're such pristine"
    You gave me chance to build a castle
    and taught me life is such a hustle
    No matter how far I made it from shore
    High tides will shove of Castle's wall"


  • _dark_soul_ 154w


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    You my fellow, don't worry too much
    You are broken now,one day you'll get up

    The wings that are injured
    Will heal, compensate for sure

    If you feel you're alone
    Then don't wait for others to console

    Rise from your rest
    Rise from ground
    Rise from this endless count

    People will judge, criticize and try to tear you
    Coz god just made them to test you

    Appreciate them too when you arrive
    Just remind them that their bullies made you survive..

    Yes you're a warrior but not from battle feild
    Fighting trillions of criticism with your soul sheild

    Rise from your insecurities
    Rise from this fabricated plot
    Rise from unwanted illusion
    Rise from every shot

    Yes my dear I have faith in you
    I know you will win in time in due

    Your winning doesn't mean only being successful at the end
    But Finishing this endless tiring journey
    With all your strength



  • _dark_soul_ 154w

    Dear #hoomans

    Dear hoomans,

    "Capture me in your eyes and love
    I don't like to be caged

    Your obsession is posionous
    That wobbels me insane

    You've lost between sane and insanity
    And do not treat me well-way

    I was only there for you
    When everyone escaped

    Now you know what materialistic is
    So you ignore me every other day

    Don't forget,this isn't the last generation
    You'll be treated in future somewhat like in this way...."

    From hoomanity......