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  • _dangerous_divaa 49w

    @amulyafreelancerr Happy Happy Happy Birthday Baby!!!!!!!!!!�������������� Yayyy I'm so happy♥️♥️ I'm so sorry I couldn't do much this time, but here's your first surprise. So the following is a poem in which each stanza is an individual Haiku poem. Also the first letter of each stanza will form a word (like Acrostic) which is a clue to the second surprise. So enjoy!!! I hope you'll love it ♥️

    I love you so much :')

    Happy birthday ♥️


    Adrift amidst dark
    In the meadow of messy stars
    Searching for home

    Tireless, yet breathless
    I paused to take rest awhile
    On an asteroid

    Holding onto hope
    In that freezing emptiness
    It felt so fragile

    Orbiting the space
    Around Jupiter and Mars
    Getting all dizzy

    Underneath silence
    I heard something approaching
    My nauseous self

    Swift as a comet
    You came, riding a spaceship
    My stellar sailor

    At the very first glance
    Of you, 'O Captain! My Captain'
    I was paralyzed

    Not knowing anything
    I just stood there, all clueless
    Staring stupidly

    Dumbfounded, I begun
    Walking towards the warmth of
    Your magnetic gaze

    Your eyes shone brighter
    Than all the surrounding stars
    Witnessing your light

    Eager to touch you
    I cupped your face in my hands
    Caressing your skin

    And right there, after
    All the wandering, I found
    My last jigsaw piece

    Realization struck
    As I rediscovered the
    Universe I call home!


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  • _dangerous_divaa 74w

    Wrote something worthwhile after a long time. It's a bit lengthy but I hope you'll enjoy reading it!

    Also, I'll reply to all the notifications soon❤️

    #Hydrophobia #water

    Edit - @writersnetwork Thank you so much for the repost♥️


    Very often, I find myself
    Torn between two extremes
    With one end pointing towards reality
    And the other intersecting through dreams

    It's like I'm walking over ambery sand
    Yearning to feel the sea over my skin
    Shushing my hydrophobic heart that loves
    Sauntering around in meadows harlequin

    With every step I keep losing myself
    Like shooting stars succumbing to gravity
    They fall, they burn, they die
    Leaving behind in space, an astral cavity

    Before I realize, I'm in water, knee-deep
    Wondering if to run away or go ahead
    My fear says, "Stop! You'll get us killed!"
    But I'm already tied to the horizon's thread

    I close my eyes and inhale the marine aroma
    Suffusing my airways with newfound fortitude
    With mewing seagulls giving me company
    I feel miles away from the fields of solitude

    As my nostrils approach the rippled surface
    A wave of numbness spreads within
    The kind of horror that strikes your soul
    Right after you commit an unforgivable sin

    I breathe in as much as my lungs could hold
    Pushing my ribs to the extent it aches
    But I won't abandon or waiver 'cause
    It's time I rose above those dreadful mistakes

    I'm all submerged in the ocean's womb
    Swallowing my worst nightmare
    I flap my hands violently underwater
    Struggling, gasping for air

    The seagulls' songs of mirth have been
    Deafened by my accelerating heartbeat
    As I drown, choking on my fears
    The water chuckles at my umpteenth defeat

    Soon I'll hit the bottom, already asleep
    Beyond the hopes of any rouse
    Lost in the depths of somber sea
    Like a shipwreck sans lighthouse

    I straighten my legs with the last ounce of strength
    And as serendipitous as it might sound
    For the sake of miracles, believe me when I say
    My feet found their long-awaited ground

    Thrusting myself as hard as I could
    I finally reached the placid surface
    Just in time to witness the sun bowing down
    As if applauding my victory, in dusk's embrace!


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    A ship is always safe at the shore
    But that's not what it's built for!

    - Albert Einstein

  • _dangerous_divaa 74w


    You're the best thing I can call mine
    The euphoria to my cloud nine

    I'm a mess and you're someone who gives meaning to this chaos. You make me feel worthful and worthwhile even at times when I feel utterly useless. I cannot describe in words how grateful I am for the love you've given me, the love that surpasses infinities.

    It's been long since I wrote something for you. So here's a poem. I couldn't think of a title and I don't know what it means. But I hope you'll like it ♥️


    I want you there
    On top of every podium, ever pedestal
    Embellished with little victories
    Constituting our triumph within

    I want you there
    My champion, my Olympic gold medalist
    To always be the first, the fastest person
    To swim across my heart's ocean

    I want you there
    Holding the sceptre to my kingdom
    Wearing a smile of your majestic majesty
    As I adore my greatest treasure
    Warmer than all hearths and homes combined!


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    You're the best thing I can call mine
    The euphoria to my cloud nine!


  • _dangerous_divaa 75w

    You'll see them crying for help, if you'll look closely in his eyes!

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    Her screams were tearing me apart
    Trying to break me into smithereens
    So I buried her in the deepest abyss
    And now I live with a hollow heart
    Inept of breathing love ever again
    As we both wail in unison, to be heard!


  • _dangerous_divaa 75w

    I don't know why I even wrote this

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    I'm running. Or should I say, I've lost control of my legs. My feet hurt but I can't stop. Where am I? Are these tracks? Wait! I hear something. Is that a train approaching? Holy shit! Someone please get me outta here! And then suddenly I changed lanes. I mean, I didn't do it. It seemed as if some force swiped me just as I was about to collide. Phew! That was close! Ouch! As I stumbled upon a barrier, I heard a whistle. It's police! Am I a criminal here? I'm wandering on subway tracks, running recklessly over trains, no doubt I'm wanted. I gotta run faster. Oh thank god he's no longer chasing me with his dog. But how long do I have to keep racing my lungs out like this? Actually, what if I get hit by one of these huge engines? Jesus! I'll be as good as dead. But how do I avoid these dangers when I'm not in control of myself. Maybe I'll have to rely on the force puppeteering me for now. As I'm immersed in my thoughts I fall off the roof of a moving train. There's no where to go and I hear a siren approaching me. Shit! I AM SO DEAD!

    Am I alive? Being dead doesn't hurt as much as I had imagined. I open my eyes slowly. I can feel my heart beating in my throat and my chest rising with every breath. I'm not dead. But how is this possible? Am I in a hospital? As soon as I'm over my thoughts, I feels the winds brushing past my face and I find myself running again. No! No! No! No! Not again! Don't tell me I'm trapped here, with infinite lives, running endlessly and aimlessly, all alone. Please someone help me out! I don't want to spend my life dodging and jumping over trains. Am I dead already or there's still hope of escaping outta here? Anyone listening? Please I'm begging for help. GET ME OUT!


  • _dangerous_divaa 76w

    He splintered her heart
    And yet she revered those scars
    As a souvenir of their love!


  • _dangerous_divaa 76w

    See, the thing with us writers is that if we don't like the way certain circumstances turn out to be for us, we can always pen down an alternative ending to that story and breathe on it for as long as those words stay alive!


  • _dangerous_divaa 76w

    First Kiss

    When she saw him for the first time
    Her eyes shone with star-like love
    The kind exclusively for him
    And only he could decipher it
    Beholding those tiny
    Yet unfathomable universes

    He took her in his arms
    Admiring the Almighty's brilliance
    For carving her so perfectly
    That her beauty outshone
    The charm of all those angels
    He had never witnessed

    He cradled her daintily
    Not for once letting his gaze waver
    As he fondled her head
    Tears of joy were twinkling
    In the eyes he then closed gently
    Holding those countless emotions
    Flooding his insides

    And he kissed her forehead
    Transmitting all the love
    Subsumed in a father's heart
    For the most cherished part of him
    His daughter, a breathing miracle
    He holds so dearly in his arms!


  • _dangerous_divaa 76w

    //One Last Time//

    The most heartbreaking thing for a parent is to see his or her child die before their own time comes, and having to live with that grief the rest of their life.

    This poem is about a mother who lost her 17 year-old son in a series of tragic events. And her son's tombstone is narrating the sorrow it beheld, till she was finally buried next to him.

    Also, in reference to the second stanza, a swan song is a metaphorical phase for a final gesture just before death.

    #lilies #death

    Edit - A friend brought to my notice that a child who has lost his parents to death is called 'orphan', a woman who has lost her husband to death is called 'widow', a man who has lost his wife to death is called 'widower', but there's no word for a parent who has lost his child to death, because no word is enough to suffice that grief of losing a child!


    One Last Time

    She came here every morning
    With a bouquet of
    His favourite 'White heaven' lilies
    Pure as his eyes
    Only if he could unclose them
    One last time
    To breath their fragrance
    And carry that gust of air
    Back where it belongs

    She sat beside him for hours
    Weeping and whining
    In that eerie, dead quiet
    And talking in whimpers
    Only if he could listen to her voice
    One last time
    Like a swan song
    Bringing him solace
    Before dozing off
    To eternal sleep

    As she gets up to leave
    Her heart yearns for him
    To wake up and ask her
    To stay a little longer
    Only if he could wave her goodbye
    One last time
    With a smile on his face
    Like his first kindergarten day
    As he hopped his way
    To the new life

    Today she arrived
    In a black casket
    Adorned with a wreath
    Of white lilies
    And now she lies peacefully
    Alongside her son
    Finally at rest
    At the exact same place she died
    A long time ago!


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    The trouble is,
    You think you have time

    - Buddha

  • _dangerous_divaa 77w

    Fears are nothing but obsessions of our weakest parts!