Being at peace!!! Not tormenting my head over "Judging" and "Judgements"❤️����!!!

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  • _cryptomanic_ 30w

    He: Ain't you scared?

    She: Of what?

    He: What if I leave you someday?

    She: I am scared, very very scared!!! But I want to live this moment with you and get absorbed in it, so that if you leave me one day I can still be at peace and without regrets.


  • _cryptomanic_ 30w

    Please wear your mask.
    Stay safe
    Stay protected

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    Don't force people into doing things they don't want.

    The thing that was forced:


  • _cryptomanic_ 30w

    Ek Haseena thi


  • _cryptomanic_ 30w

    Band kiya haseena ko usne
    Laga di Aag mahal mai
    Band kar diye saare raaste
    Aur chhor diya haseena ko jalkar marne
    Lekin dagar ka saathi aaya
    Haseena ko dekh wo khub ghabraya
    Ki har koshish pukare maddad ke naam
    Phir bhi haseena ko bacha na paya hua nakaam
    Yehi hui prem kahani khatam
    Duniya thi haseena ki maut par maun

  • _cryptomanic_ 30w

    Phir use dilaayi himmat
    Jisne samjhaya use kya hai mohabbat
    Kaha usne haseena se yeh baat
    Haath badhao apna
    Aur maang lo uska saath
    Duniya ki saari khushiya ko hai
    Tumhaare kadmo mai aana
    Wo pari ho tum jise
    Chahta hai aaj aur chahta rahega har zamana
    Sunkar Haseena hui khush
    Aur chali maange apni khushiyon ka taaj
    Wada Kiya uske pyar ne
    Ab duniya ko pata chalega unke pyar ka raaz
    Aashiq le gaya haseena ko mahal dikhaane
    Khush hui haseen dil se
    Lekin Aashiq ke iraade na wo jaane
    Uski ghatiya fitrat ke nahi the use thikaane

  • _cryptomanic_ 30w

    Kaha karte the log yeh
    Haseen thi unki kahani
    Mile the uss dagar par
    Jaha kismat ko thi unhe milaani
    Kehte the haseena se use
    Hua tha pehli nazar mai pyar
    Lekin kaha thi use pata yeh baat ki
    Haseena ke dil mai basa tha koi aur
    Logo ki aakhon ka sitara thi wo
    Sabki khushiyon ka sahara thi wo
    Log usse milne ko rehte the behtaab
    Uski khilti muskaan thi sabse lajawaab
    Jiska chehra laata tha
    Logo mai dhero Raunak
    Uska bhi ek raaz tha
    Kahani uski thi ek dukhad
    Apne pyar ko duniya ke saamne
    Nahi laane ki thi use ijazat

  • _cryptomanic_ 31w

    Love can turn the devils into angels.
    Can turn bloodshed into brotherhood.
    Can turn enemies into aquintances.
    A lover is also a forgiver.
    And forgiveness is the holiest and purest of enchantments.
    Follow the footsteps of love and you'll earn a reason to live.
    On the path of love as you'll walk you can encounter criticism and even hatred, but that shouldn't be enough to change your tracks.

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    Love gives liberty.
    Love gives dignity.
    Love gives peace.
    Love gives security.
    Remember this as Krishna says,
    "Love is the basis of life"
    जीवन का‌ आधार तो केवल ‌प्रेम हैं।


  • _cryptomanic_ 31w

    The finest thing under the sun and the moon

    The finest thing under the sun and the moon is your smile.
    Yes you,,, the one reading this i'm talking about your smile.
    Although I might not have seen you smile but i am damn sure that your smile is the prettiest of all your facial gestures.
    Smile often....
    Smile for me....
    (( A big fan of your curved cheeks))

  • _cryptomanic_ 31w

    Na tum jaano Na hum

  • _cryptomanic_ 31w



    Yeah guys this is the part of my favourite lyrics of the song " Mai Yaha Hoon".
    And if you listen to it closely and compare with the current situation you'll find it relatable.

    I'm talking about the spread of Corona virus and the lockdown events, all the life-threatening periods!!!
    And at this time we must support each other,,,
    Through social media platforms!!

    And yes,,,, if you're even down or having a bad day, facing issues come to me I can try my best to help!!!
    Even Little contributions of all of us can prove to very important.
    Thank You

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    Veer Zaara