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  • _brofessor_ 2w

    Heyy guys.. This is an update..
    I'm not going to post anything for a while(awhile means 3-4 months).. I have boards this year and I want to study full focus..
    Writing is a hobby of mine, being a surgeon is my dream.. And I want that to come true..
    I love to write for you guys.. I will surely write in my free time and share it you..
    And again thanks so much for your love..

  • _brofessor_ 3w

    Hey guys how are you?
    A free verse written from perspective of a rape victim..
    Hope you like it...��

    #blamegame #victimshaming

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    Right from birth,
    My morality is measured
    By length of my skirt,
    Or how tight or loose of a shirt I wear
    Whether I have shaved my eyebrows,
    Or waxed my hair..
    Judge me by my colour;
    Tattoos on my skin,
    By my height and whether
    I'm thick or thin..
    At the time of judgement though,
    You make blind your ken,
    For the powerful and unshackled
    Culprits are free men..
    It's always my fault..
    With your excuses;
    Bid me awake..
    ''He's just a boy, boys make mistakes''

  • _brofessor_ 7w

    Hey guys how you've been?
    I know, I know I haven't wrote in eternity..
    Been busy with Practicals and Exams and HECK!! Practical exams...
    I'm looking forward to read your posts..

    This is something I jot down in my english class.. My friends said that it was too complicated and they love my poems much simpler.. Well you be the judge..
    Another thing I want to hear from you,
    what do you think can a boy or girl be" just friends? "

    @saloni_04 @dipsisri @pink_berry @_astitva_ @rani_shri

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    Some days back , in my college
    Walking down the hallway
    We were ''caught''..
    As if we had committed some crime..

    ''Much to my knowledge
    You ought to stay within the bounds''
    He exclaimed, ''though I let you go this time..''
    ''What if the principle saw you
    what will he think?''
    A boy and a girl covered
    In hues of pink; he saw
    And went on and on,
    like a cloudy sky..

    Containing the urge
    to argue and scream,
    Of how happy I would've been if
    you weren't a lustful eye,
    Projecting their lust
    onto young minds..

    With little maturity mustered over the years
    I chose, to remain silent
    I didn't want no trouble for me
    Definitely not for her..

    Returning to class,
    I looked at her eyes; brown
    A reflection of mine
    Pondering upon the question..

    ''Why should always be it love?''

  • _brofessor_ 20w

    Celebrating New year with Fav. Poets..

    From you I learnt that rhymes aren't just for children but can also communicate deep emotions ranging from loneliness to patriotism.. Hey 'cello' di thanks for being kind to every one on your posts..Here's some lines for you..

    The way you write your rhymes cello di,
    Every line is just like a melody
    Thanks being kind like you were,
    Wishing you strength and happy new year..

    Hey bro, you know before reading your posts I used to be full of pride about my rhymes.. But after reading your posts (alliterations to be more specific) i realized sometimes i don’t need to rhyme.. But express my pure emotions..From you I learnt humility..
    Here's how it went when I tried to copy you..

    I start to stack random words, as I stagger unto strange unknown. Trying to tug and lug the lergic lines to form fine random rhymes, I write for a while..
    Then compare; paired pleasant pearl on paper of yours..
    To the paleozoic parody of mine..
    I pity the poetries preceding out the porch
    dragging along my shattered pride..

    Happy new year bro.. I tried to copy your style OK? But couldn't do it..

    @rani_shri Happy new year to you.. you know I am missing you..come back soon di.. Yeah i haven't written anything fancy for you.. it's because you write so beautifully and your writings are so unique i couldn't dare to touch them..

    Hey Dips,happy new year to you.. You know you are special.. Cuz you Were the first friend I made on this platform.. I tried to write in your style.. Plz don't judge me I don't write Hindi..
    अरे याद है वो दिन.. हमने पहली बार बात की थी? क्या तुम्हें याद है? मैं कितना immature था.. मैं अब भी हूँ इसलिए मैं तुमसे कुछ छुपा नहीं सकता.. क्या मैं आपको कुछ बता सकता हूँ.. वादा करो आप नाराज़ नहीं होंगे.. आजकल सुबह मैं कबूतरों को खाना खिलाता हूँ.. और उनसे कहता हूँ कि मेरे ख़त तुम तक ले जाओ..वे मुझसे आपका पता पूछते हैं.. लेकिन मेरे पास केवल एक चीज बची है वह है आपका नाम और कुछ यादें..हालाँकि मैंने उन्हें आपकी तस्वीरें दिखाईं मैंने अपने फोन पर क्लिक कीं.. वे इनकार करते हैं..आजकल कबूतर दूर से आ रहे हैं.. फिर भी उन्हें तुम्हारा पता नहीं पता..लोग मुझसे पूछते हैं कि मैं कोई कविता क्यों नहीं लिख रहा हूँ? आजकल शायरी से ज्यादा खत लिख रहा हूँ..आजकल थोड़ी ख़ुशियाँ लिख रहा हूँ.. कभी फुर्सत मिले तो ज़िन्दगी मैं भर लेना थोड़ी सी खुशी..

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    Celebrating New year with Fav. Poets..

  • _brofessor_ 21w

    From reading your posts on friends phone..
    To writing imperfections on my own..
    When I thought I'm not the type..
    You were another reason I write..
    Another season pass by,
    Another winter awaits..
    Farewell from witchpen, i wish you best in life..
    Even if you leave, your words will never dry..

    I hope you read this before you leave.. Love you di..

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  • _brofessor_ 22w

    "It's gonna be a long post read only if you have time"

    You were young, maybe really young. You were still exploring desires and urges that are natural for someone your age..
    Then you discovered Porn through your friend, cheeky websites or by yourself.you discovered a quickfix to fulfill your desires..
    That day onwards either you were too disgusted to look at it again.. Or you became addicted to it. Now if the first one seem to be your case good for you. If the second one's your case sit down we need to talk..

    ������ ������ ���� �������������� ���������� ��������?
    As a teen I know how commonly Porn is used by teens. Even half of the Porn user base is teen. And with the 'digital revolution ' the number will keep rising. But what concerns me the most that these sites are accessable by children who don't have any idea about sex ed or what sex even means..
    And these kid watching sexual content which is aggressive to it's core.. Can you imagine what effects Porn will have on this kid?
    Porn is a taboo topic and We're the first generation facing such a problem. The first generation with thousands of Porn sites on our fingertips. This calls for us to equip us with more knowledge on this topic so that we can guide future generation better..

    ������ ������'�� �������� ������������?
    I completely agree, Porn is normal but normal doesn't imply healthy. Why? Let me tell you..
    ~It distorts the perception of sexual reality.
    ~Increases rape myth acceptance.
    (a myth that girl would say 'no' but love it in the end)
    ~False expectation & unrealistic appearance from real life partners.
    ~This results In low self esteem in women, which might lead to anorexia i.e. Starving oneself to get unrealistic appearance to make oneself feel better.
    ���� �������� ���� �� ���������� �������� ���������������������� ����?
    I don't want you people to get this idea that you have to be a porn addict for Porn to be a problem. Porn's a problem at any dose. Just like I wouldn't tell people, "Well, as long as you're not addicted to cocaine, cocaine's fine..
    This industry works on supply and demand.And when there's such a high demand. The porn industry turns to trafficking. Many young boys and girls are forced into this industry and not every child is lucky to be rescued. These kids have to embrace the pain and torture to earn a living.
    The girls are forced to go through surgeries and take medication to make them more presentable to you. If we watch Porn aren't we indirectly supporting this industry?
    �������������� ����������
    That's it my friend.The intention of this post is not to make you feel bad but to make you aware of the truth as well of the dangers this industry hides. This post is what I wish some elderly had told me, when I started watching Porn at age of 7. I still wish I didn't stumble upon this at such a young age. For it affected me in many ways..I want you to take one thing from this post "Educate yourself my friend for you never know when you will find the young one who needs your help.."

    I leave you with question (think bout it before reading the answer..)
    �������� ���� ������ �������� ���� ��������?

    What is the cost of Porn?"I ask
    " Is it a drug for free?"
    Biggest industries of the world
    Selling me fantasies..
    No I don't need to spend,
    No dollar, no cents..
    For it costs innocence of the young,
    Or robs of them shall I say?
    All they see is prey; Slaves who will carry
    The industry on their back..
    From youth it costs passion,
    Love and compassion...
    In exchange of a heart that never melts..
    wanting someone who behaves like a pornstar,
    And isn't with someone else..
    Succumbed to temptation..
    All they see are toys,
    Squeaky screams brings them joy,
    when done playing they fetch'em afar,
    Left to caress their permanent scars..
    Robbed of respect and dignity..
    In amidst of all the profanity,
    We pay the ultimate price,
    The price of Humanity..

    ��Leave your thoughts in the comments..
    And tell me what topic you would love to read in the "perspective zero" series.✨


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    The Cost of Porn?

    Read the caption..

  • _brofessor_ 24w

    Heya friends how you doing?
    Today I am going to share a positive perspective on "Introversion".
    Why "Introversion" you ask?
    I have seen if not all, most introverts always tend to focus on our negative side due to our introspective nature. Let's go look at the positive side of Introversion..
    What do we mean by an introvert?
    Is it shy person?
    Are introverts handicapped in some way?
    Will introversion affect me in long term?
    How can you be more extroverted?
    So let's get going..
    An introvert is a person who derive energy from internal world (feelings, thoughts and observations), feeling more energized by time alone. The opposite of an introvert is an extrovert, who finds energy in interactions with others.
    People often interpret introvert as shy which isn't true. There's a basic difference between shyness and introversion..
    ~Introversion mainly deals with preference..
    Introverts are very selective about who they open up to, and what they open up about.
    ~Shyness deals with social anxiety and fear of being judged..Shy people would usually love to have more friends and get a better social life, but their fear of getting disapproved and anxiety stops them from doing what they want.
    We will cover shyness in another post.. Let's focus on the topic at hand..
    People interpret being loud as equivalent of being smart and perfect..
    Society is tailored for extroverts.. Society will program you into thinking that shyness is bad..People, Everywhere you go keep telling me to open up, speak a little more, are you always quiet?
    you have seen "loud" extroverts having fun with friends and family, they seem to befriend everyone and get girl's attention.. The movies nowadays also follow the narrative..
    When guests visit you or at a family function your relatives tells you to "open up more" just like your cousin..
    All of these serve as a constant reminder of what you are not and paints a undesirable images of being Introvert..

    Thereby we assume that being more social, being an extrovert will definitely solve all the problems, right?
    That's where you're wrong.. it will make the situation worse..strangling your true self to death just to be liked and admired by people around you, will never make you happy.. At most you'll become a cheap replica of these "perfect people"..

    We try to seek acceptance from other people by becoming other people..
    Nothings wrong with that, that's just human nature..But have you ever stopped to look how many positives you have.. The fact that you are on this platform means that you are creative and observant..
    I can guarantee you that there's more positives to you than you think of..

    Introversion isn't a bad thing.. Not speaking up when it's needed is bad. Introverts are better than spineless loud people who don't speak up against evil... You were born an introvert but that's what makes you unique and original in life..you should accept yourself first.. Asking for acceptance form others is lowering yourself..
    Remind yourself every time you feel bad for yourself :
    "Yupp I'm an introvert , i don't talk much.. But I stand up for myself when people cross the line, it doesn't matter if the society or the girls don't accept me, because I accept myself and I am complete in my own way"

    "I'm an Introvert and I won't let this fact stop me from living my life to the fullest"..��

    Tell me what you think in the comments.. I love to hear your thoughts and opinions..


    @dipsisri @dusky_dawn @anshuman_mishra @rani_shri @sumit_georgian

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    #APositive Perspective

    ~Reetik Kumar

  • _brofessor_ 25w

    I would come home,
    slumber runs and hugs me..
    Feels like a heartbeat,
    The alarm tugs at me..
    Stapled eyes won't open,
    Blurry, Moonless dark..
    But my conscience being the narc
    it is, wakes me up again..
    I don't feel the same..
    try to memorize the random facts,
    Even though I made no pact..
    With the devil or his adversary,
    Soul is the only thing I lack..
    "You can be anything" they said..
    "you're a free bird" they said..
    I grew up to realize,
    All of the things they told were lies..
    Living in world of wolves,
    This world; no paradise..
    I had to pick between a few,
    And not to dream of something new..
    With my age, grew expectations
    And so did the pressure grew..
    It grows greater and greater,
    to a point I can't resist..
    Too much pressure built inside,
    Escapes through my wrist..

    Heya miraquill fam it's good to be back..��
    I couldn't post because of my studies I will try post more in recent days..✏️
    I missed you guys..��

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  • _brofessor_ 80w

    "Have you Ever thought you found true love?.. "
    #love#flowers#lies #writersnetwork

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    Your words promised;
    Flowers so beautiful, never seen in eternity..
    Your words; you kept,
    And gifted flowers..
    The petals never felling,
    The colours never fading away..
    I hold 'em close to my heart,
    Inhaling the air,
    Yet I smell nothing..
    Aroma of deceit surrounding me,
    For it took so long to realise..
    "The flowers that blossomed,
    In my heart were real..
    Whilst yours were plastic,
    Built upon polymers of insincerety..."

  • _brofessor_ 80w

    Finally!! I wrote a poem after so long.. Hope y'all like it.. ��
    Thanks @dipsisri for the inspiration.. ��

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    Ocean So Dry

    I;Be a sailor
    Sailing the sea;
    of eroded stones
    Broken by river,
    River of time...

    The wind;creating waves
    In the ocean so dry,
    Cuts through the skin,
    Like thousand quills of porcupine..

    My eyes;searching for treasures
    For pearls blue;
    And shades of green,
    In this vast expansion
    Of yellow and brown..

    Walking 'bout;
    I stumbled upon an oasis,
    A girl;covered in green,
    Waving at me;her hands woody,
    Scars left by time;on her skin wrinkled..

    I lay down;
    My head in her lap..
    As she sings for me,
    Through the rustling leaves..
    I close my eyes,
    I feel my pain fading away..

    The birds;wake me up,
    Singing songs of the sapient..
    The flow of time;
    stops in her embrace,
    I look up to the sky;smiling
    Taking shelter in her smile,
    I've found the greatest treasure...
    Found meaning in solace...