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  • _azuma 4d


    These vast landscapes,
    Abandoned roads,
    And breathtaking scenery
    Could never satisfy my eyes
    As your smile does each time

  • _azuma 2w


    Being insufferable is hard
    Finding someone
    Who can deal with your insufferableness is equally hard
    So I'm glad you're just as insufferable as me

  • _azuma 3w


    I rather have nightmares every night about you
    Than have dreams and wake up without you

  • _azuma 4w


    The smell of tobacco and rum
    Is what guides me home every night
    Through the alleyways that threaten me with fun

  • _azuma 5w


    Sometimes I feel like I have nothing more to offer,
    That all I could ever offer
    Is being offered by someone who does it way better
    In a sense
    It scares me
    Because when I have those thoughts and feelings
    I find a sick sense of peace in being useless
    I can give up on all my dreams
    All my hopes
    Just like that
    And die happy
    I could look up at the sky, and instead of saying "I did it"
    I can say "Im not needed, and that's ok, there was no role for me to begin with"
    Put a bullet through my head in unsettling peace
    And probably stupid

  • _azuma 6w

    Time for Death

    The fact that I have yet to make peace with death
    Assures me that my time to die has not arrived

  • _azuma 6w


    One of the few things I desire most in this life
    Would have to be privacy
    And once I obtain such a thing
    Only then will I be able to tell you that I've achieved great things

  • _azuma 9w


    Why should I question my own sanity when my friends do it for me?

  • _azuma 10w

    "Fake" Love

    I love your voice even though I've only heard it through autotune

    I love your smile even though I've only seen it through fanart

    I love your personality even though I've only seen what you let me see for a couple of hours, sometimes minutes through just a screen

    I love you, but you're a stranger to me

  • _azuma 10w


    Sad endings usually make me cry
    But happy endings make me scream and sob like there's no tomorrow worth living for