Exam mode on!! On a break �� Will try to read as time will permit Keep inking and keep smiling always ����

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  • _astitva_ 4d

    Many many happy returns of the day



    Dear Chhoti,

    You're one of my life's pillars. Since we met you blessed me with care, support, guidance, love, happiness and much more I lack words to express how much you gifted me everyday. You're best in every way. We have shared everything and talked about plethora of emotions and realities. We shared a bond which has every emotion and experience. Like a mother you have taught me what's right and what's wrong even though sometimes I fail to follow, sorry for that but yeah everytime I accept your sayings in my heart. Like a sister you always supported me, made me laugh in days I feel low, like a friend you listened to all my nonsenses. You called me Chuha and you're my bhootu didu ��. You blessed me a sweet little sister which is double of my age in maturity. Thanks for coming in my life, I am not able to say how I'm feeling today at this special day of yours.

    May God bless you with all the happiness of this Universe ��
    May the moon love you more than you love her and sing BTS songs for you as you're a mesmerizing melophile ��

    May the success always drape your pathways like autumnal leaves ��

    Girte hue patton ke aayamon mein ek naya vasant khila
    Chand baitha tha jab udas ek pyara sa farishta use mila
    Aankhon me noor sitaron sa aur jazbaat chandani se liye
    Wo aayi ik sukhad sawan si jisme sukoon is dhara ko mile

    Happy Birthday to You ����������������

    Have a blast today whole day ����������

    Always keep smiling cute si behena ����

    Agr ab emotional hui to ye ���� emoji tmse cheen lunga hmesha ke liye or ye ���� gift kr dunga savage didu ����

    Party dene jaldi se aao mere pas wait kar rha hu ��

    And always remember one thing you're the best. I know you're my sister just like me an oasis of overthinking but from today onwards please let this habit fade and enjoy the life to fullest with sweet smiles ��

    Bhai loves you ����


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    Happy Birthday Behena

    Blossoming bluebells in cherubic clavicle of orange October

    Humm hymns of happiness and hope for her fairy fervour

    Aristotle's attitude mystically moisted in cute corsages

    Vocalises vehemently soothing souls rustling with rages

    Yummy yowndrift in nippy nights of wispy winters

    Arduously aspiring for her flourishing fragrant future


  • _astitva_ 1w

    Many many happy returns of the day @stay__away behena ������

    I remember when @dazzolis introduced you to me. We talked less as an elder brother and sister but more as a friend where you were my guide. The maturity lessons you taught me and the way you supported me I can't ever thank you enough. My cute Ut patang kaam karne wali sister �� I still holds you in special memories that you shared with me. You came to meet me when I needed you always. I miss you everyday. Please come back soon �� I miss you.

    Take care ��

    May God bless you with all your desires and dreams ����

    All my prayers are with you ����

    Stay happy stay blessed ��

    Happy Birthday Nita ��

    These all are for you. Wishing to meet you soon ��




    I miss you all ��
    You're my family and it's my home. I'll be back soon.

    Keep inking and keep smiling always ��

    Take care and stay blessed ��

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    Clouds condense on her cute chuckles
    Laughters bloom in her childish hustles
    Embracing maturity in tiny tender heart
    She's sweetest as symphony of Mozart


  • _astitva_ 2w

    Adieu to all for autumn ��

    #wod #katauta (5-7-7) @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Autumn airs adieu
    amalgamating auburn
    amour in aesthetic arts.


  • _astitva_ 2w

    Many many happy returns of the day @bad_habit ���� behena ������

    She is the queen of dares and I met her on a truth and dare post only in my initial days. Her replies and her humour is beyond my imagination. A night owl like me who always replies to my comments when I used to read at night ��. You blessed me with your sisterhood.
    I still remember how many proposals you have made me write in dares �� I'll take revenge when I'll be free. Till then have a blast a style queen, princess of love and sad posts, a chhutku.

    May Allah bless you with all happiness and success of the Universe ��

    Stay healthy and stay blessed ��

    Keep inking and keep smiling always ����

    Ye sab tumhare liye



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    Muskurahatein uski shafaqon ko jagmagayein
    Bikharti hui raton me wo jugnu si timtimaye
    Pyari si dil se diler ek buri wo aadat sirf naam ki
    Jisko lage wo chahkar bhi kabhi bhula na paye


  • _astitva_ 2w

    Hope hushes hailstorms of heavy hearts ��

    Haru ~ Spring
    Hinode ~ Daybreak

    #wod #pleiadespoem @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Halcyon horizon
    Heals hebephrenic hearts
    Halted in hurricanes
    Humming hellebore hymns
    Hueing hibernal hills
    Hatching hazel haru
    Hugging hopeful hinode


  • _astitva_ 2w

    Autumn amalgamates abandonment and (self) actualization ��

    Oubaitori ~ The idea that people, like flowers bloom in their own time and their own individuals

    #wod #tanka ~ 5-7-5-7-7 @writersnetwork @miraquill

    Thank you @writersnetwork for your kind repost (22) ❤️

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    Beneath bronze bracts in
    sakura skylines sipping
    auburn aurora
    October oozes omens
    of ode to oubaitori.


  • _astitva_ 3w

    I strolled in blue boulevard of bleak
    beliefs betwixt hazy hope and homesick
    hiraeth descrying dusks draping countless
    cloud in canopy of crimson clavicles coveting
    for compassion in moribund mortals.

    Springs shed, summers sepulchered,
    monsoon muffled, autumn asphyxiated,
    winters withered in lane of loneliness where
    laughing lads and longing lasses lost seeking
    souvenirs of solicitude.

    I coralled cherry blossomed conscience
    to craft a chaplet of chuckles on corners
    of chaotic crescents which might led to
    euphoric exaggeration or elgiac emergence
    draped in the duvet of inevitable impermanence.

    Heavy hearts traipsing on tired toes tumbled
    at tipsy tenderness in entwining epoch whilst
    the milestone mumbled memories of monotony
    still jasmin jotted juvenescence in jilted journey
    of jocund jubilance.


    #wod #travel @writersnetwork @miraquill

    Failing to write but trying ��

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    I coralled crimson consonants in bag of ballads
    zipped with zeal muffling in metaphors stitched
    with similes to pullulate peregrination in
    pueblos of paradoxical poetries.


  • _astitva_ 3w

    Dear ones who left!

    You once told me
    the sanguine sky is mysterious beholding
    blankness of birth beseeching stars to
    scintillate as if deceased dears dwell in
    its core crooning to creator for concealing
    our clangers, bestowing blessings for our

    You once told me
    the fairytales of faith which felt like forever
    is a spring's sun which solaces soul slivered
    with sips and pukes of pain but the solitary
    nights nibbling my nerves revealed it to be
    the waning moon which whispers wails and
    withering wishes in winter's freezing festoon.

    You once told me
    love is lavenderous like petrichoric pauses
    of mythical monsoon which smells for seasons
    betwixt benevolent bossoms reverberating with
    ripples of reminiscences simile to the aroma of cardamom tea perspired in corsages of cherubic

    You once told me
    dazzling dawns dotes darkest dusks under the
    autumnal acer embracing euphoric epoch of
    the lass latched in limits, lust and lockiophobia
    scratching her skin with stings of surmises craving
    for a cloud to condense and cwtch her cologned crevices burgeoning bluebells of belief.


    #wod #once @writersnetwork @miraquill

    Some things that I discussed with my Dadi over the years. Learned a lot and grew but today she left me to face the world alone ��

    May your soul rest in peace Dadi ��

    @writersnetwork Much honoured (21) ❤️

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    You once told me
    ticks of togetherness will flee in flurry of
    fallacies and felicities forsaking a fragrance
    of maladaptive memories.


  • _astitva_ 3w

    Will wait till last breath inking imperfections ��

    #wod #enso #nostalgic (maybe?) @writersnetwork @miraquill

    Thank you so much @writersnetwork for your kind repost (20) ❤️

    I adore you ❤️

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    Enlivening Ensō

    From cherishing marker smudges on petite palms
    to weaving whimsical woolen with wrinkled arms
    From savoring some slightly scorched piece of toast
    to a floor draped with dozens of dresses as if frost
    From appealing aroma of brew and bracing books
    to shivering streaks of imaginative gobbledygooks
    From untangling urbane urchin's entwined elflocks
    To snuggling silver strands captivating creator's clock
    From waning moon, condensing clouds, strolling seasons
    to waiting for forever fate inhabits in imperfections


  • _astitva_ 3w

    Everyone is so busy in their life ��

    It's been many days we haven't cherish our family moments here ��

    Let's cherish ��

    Tag your friends and let's play ��

    A way to live nostalgia (maybe)

    PS: I may miss your comments so please don't feel bad tag me again ��

    This post will be deleted at 12:00 tonight


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    Truth or Dare