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  • _aradhana 7w

    Just becoz u fail once,
    Doesn't mean u r gonna fail at everything. ✨✌

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    Every sleepless night doesn't mean,
    The person is in love..
    Some nights are sleepless
    Because of many responsibilities
    And unfulfilled desires.

  • _aradhana 21w

    My dear forever love. ❤

    In my dark sky,
    You are my only star.
    I'll shine because of you,
    No matter, how far we are…

    You are like a rainbow in my life,
    Who bring many colorful colors;
    And I want to paint the canvas of life,
    Which is neither yours;
    nor mine;But ours…

    I'll always hold your hand,
    No matter what the distance is!!
    You will never have to walk alone,
    oh my dear love;
    this is my heartiest promise…

    If you are an artist,
    then I am your portrait
    if you are my Romeo,
    then I am your Juliet.

    I love you and will always keep loving you,
    with all my heart
    I am yours, and you are mine, and we will always be together,
    and will never be apart…

    "Some love stories may take time,
    but, my dear love,
    remember that,
    I am yours,
    and you are always mine. "

    ~your beloved.. ❤

    By -Aradhana Agrahari


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    My forever love❤

    "Some love stories may take time,
    but, my dear love,
    remember that,
    I am yours,
    and you are always mine. "
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  • _aradhana 23w

    Thnk u akshara ❤ @beautifulsoul22 for giving this amazing thought.. ❤��
    [my 100th post❤��]

    Men and Women both are the two wheels of the same cart.. Stop comparing both of them.. !! If either one becomes defective, the society cannot make progress..
    A women is as much important as a men..
    (Must read full poetry in caption).
    He must be cool,
    But you;stop being so rude!!
    He can do anything very easily,
    But you;not even talk or laugh loudly,
    Coz he is a men,
    And you are a women.

    He can go for a late night party,
    But you;not even go for a late night duty,
    He can take shirtless pictures,
    But you;not even wear short dresses.
    Coz he is a men,
    And you are a women.

    He can do whatever he wishes
    He can even break someone's heart into many pieces,
    You may not be his priority,
    But he is the only one who must be your first priority,
    Coz he is a men,
    And you are a women.

    He can do any wrong deeds,
    To satisfy his every needs,
    But you;must not raise a single voice,
    This so-called society will always here to give you such rubbish advice.
    Coz he is a men
    And you are a women.

    He is a proud coz he is a men,
    And you are a curse coz you are a women.

    But now;it's enough!!
    Why should a women be an inferior
    And a men always be superior?
    Change your perspective
    Only then the view will be clear.
    She is neither a curse,
    Nor a burden.
    She is most important part of the world,
    Whose place cannot be ever taken.
    By-Aradhana Agrahari

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    Men vs Women

    लोग कहते हैं,
    वंश को आगे बढ़ाने वाला एक बेटा होता है,
    पर भूल जाते हैं वो अक्सर;
    उस वंश को जन्म देने वाली एक औरत ही होती है..
    Coz she is a WOMEN..

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  • _aradhana 23w

    Sometimes the heart sees,
    What is invisible to the eye. ❤

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    ..... And darling,
    I promise,
    I will forever hold your hand,
    No matter,
    What the circumstances;
    I will love u,Till the end...

  • _aradhana 23w

    Positive vibes,
    Positive minds,
    Positive life..❤

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    In the world full of worries;
    Be the one, who create memories.

  • _aradhana 30w

    God could not be everywhere,
    And therefore,
    He made MOTHERS❤
    Happy mother's day to all the wonderful mothers❤

    माँ,तेरे बिना ये दुनिया अधूरी है,
    कुछ यूं तो मेरे लिए जरूरी है,
    सब ने मुझमें कमियां देखी
    तूने मुझमें खूबियां देखी,
    सब ने बहुत सताया है,
    एक तूने ही तो मुझे हसाया है
    दुनिया समझी नहीं मेरे जज्बात,
    पर मेरी ख़ामोशी में भी ढूंढे तूने मेरे अल्फाज़
    जब भी मैं रहूं उदास;
    तो ना जाने कैसे तुझे हो जाता एहसास
    परेशान मैं रहूं,
    तो आंख तेरी भर आती है,
    इतनी बेपनाह मोहब्बत,
    बस तू ही कर पाती है,
    तेरे होने से मिलता मुझे सुकून का एहसास है,
    माँ,कुछ यूं तू मेरे लिए खास है॥
    By-Aradhana Agrahari


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    तेरे होने से मिलता,
    मुझे सुकून का एहसास है,
    माँ,कुछ यूं तू मेरे लिए खास है॥
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  • _aradhana 32w

    Mother love is unlimited,
    And it never fades❤

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    तू मेरी दुनिया,मेरी पहचान है;
    वक्त कितना भी क्यूं ना बदल जाए,
    इस दिल की तू आज भी जान है॥

  • _aradhana 32w

    Life isn't about finding yourself,
    It's about creating yourself ❤

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    ए जिंदगी,
    तेरी किताब से मैं कुछ पन्ने निकालना चाहती हूं,
    थोड़ी मोहलत तो दे;
    उन पर फिर से एक नई कहानी लिखना चाहती हूंँ॥

  • _aradhana 32w

    Love is not about having a pretty face,.
    It's about having a pretty soul.. ❤��


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    उम्र भर मैंने भी उसी शख्स का तो इंतजार किया है,
    सोचा ना था;पर आज मैंने भी उससे इकरार किया है,
    अब क्या ही कहूं मेरे दोस्त,
    आंखों ही आंखों में उसने अपनी मोहब्बत का इजहार किया है
    और दिल ही दिल में हमने भी उससे बेपनाह प्यार किया है॥

  • _aradhana 34w

    Oh! See the red stains on her skirt,
    doesn't she know about day first?

    Listening to women's conversations,
    The girl was completely shocked;
    Thinking about that ironical smile,
    What case did the women talked?

    After returning home,
    The girl spoke to her mother
    “Oh girl! Now you should know,
    don't share it with any men, father or your brother.

    Sufferance from this pain is not easy,
    This is something which is just a matter of privacy. “

    Mamma dear; What is the reason for being embarrassed?
    Why should I feel shy?
    Isn't it a stupid mentality,
    Can you please answer me, why?

    Oh! Girl;” It's a tradition of society,
    You should also follow and have some dignity.
    These six days you are a profane,
    And you can't enter the kitchen or the holy place,
    Just lock yourself in your room,
    And keep some space. “

    Oh! Mom dear!
    “Everyone knew about that blood stain,
    But none of them even tried to learn about the pain!

    These six days, everyone makes a girl feel like an unholy stain,
    damn! All knowledge and education is completely in vain.

    Menstruation is a part of girl's lives,
    It doesn't a matter to feel shy.
    But many of them still follow these so-called traditions
    don't even know the reason why?

    This is the story of every month,
    Six days she fights with mood swings, pain and cramps.
    She did not need anything;
    Just give her your love, care and strength.
    By-Aradhana Agrahari


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    Why should I feel shy?
    Can you please give me answer,Why?
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