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  • _anshu_sharma_ 54w

    To life, to you
    To me, to us
    To this crazy beautiful world
    To love, to pain
    To all of it, and all of you
    I'll take it, I'll feel it
    All of you, and all of this
    Because I know, 
    I know this world is big
    And we're just a speck in the universe
    So, I'll hold you close
    To never let you go
    But if you lose me to the chaos os life
    Please come for me to take me back home
    As the world out there is dark at times
    And sometimes it's dark here, inside me
    So guide me right I promise we'll be alright
    Because you,
    You're my light

  • _anshu_sharma_ 54w

    Somewhere in the movies I had seen
    Somewhere in the books I had read
    Love is not to be tamed
    Love is kind
    Love sets you free

    If you ask me how I knew I loved you
    It was the day when I looked at you
    And I didn't want you to be mine
    It was the day when I knew you would leave
    But I had no control over my feelings
    It was the day when I wished for your wish to come true
    Because I hated to see your face frown

    You are not mine, I know
    Not that I am happy with it
    Had I been given a choice
    I would have taken it without a second thought
    For you made me believe in craziness again
    Had I been given a wish
    I would have wished for you
    For you gave music to my poems
    Had I been asked to try
    I would have tried to make it work
    For you really felt like my soul mate sent from above

  • _anshu_sharma_ 72w

    Kub tak bhala yu tu
    En pannon mei chupa k rakhegi ye ehsaas?
    Bhala kub tak
    Hothon pe liye ye nakli muskaan chalti rahegi tu?
    Bhala kub tak
    Dil ko khamosh karke dimag ki sunti rahegi tu?
    Bhala kub tak
    Apne sapno ki duniya ko kuchalti rahegi tu?
    Bhala kub tak
    Bheed mei khud ka dam ghoonti rahegi tu?
    Bhala kub tak
    Es duniya k pinjrey mei band rahegi tu?
    Jaanti hai tu khud ko
    Pehchanti hai
    Tu hai aazad panchi
    Teri rooh ko sukoon milega es pinjrey k bahar hi
    Hoothon se nhi, dil se hasegi tu pankho ko faila k hi
    En nadaan aankhon mei sapne liye
    Sapno ka tera ghar ek nhi hai
    Manzil teri, tuje pata hai ek nahi hai
    Tu panchi hai
    Tu apna raasta khud chunti hai
    Kyuki tu, tu panchi hai
    Tu aazad karle khud ko
    Khud hi k banaye hue pinjrey mei aakhir kab tak band rahegi tu?

  • _anshu_sharma_ 77w

    It hurts to let you go
    But it'll hurt me more to not see you follow your dreams 
    But before you go, just let me hug you for one last time
    Let me live that one moment of peace in your arms 
    Where the time will stop
    But heartbeat won't 
    Where you'll be mine 
    And there will be some time
    To feel that moment of love and pain 
    To understand that life is no game

    It will hurt me to see you go
    And lose this chance for us
    But before you go
    Promise me you'll do good 
    Promise me when the cool breeze will make you feel cold
    You'll miss me like a morning sunshine 
    I know you'll find love in another person 
    Because I'm like a scent, and I'll fade away 
    But when the nostalgia will hit you, will you remember me like a long lost fragrance?

    It hurts to not hold you tight 
    But it'll hurt me more to see you suffocate here 
    So you go
    Go before I say all these things 
    Because after saying all of this
    It'll hurt even more to see you go

  • _anshu_sharma_ 79w

    There is this boyish charm in your smile
    That makes me feel all of this is fine
    You talk like a saint and also like a teenager
    Maybe that's why I feel what I do
    Consequences, risk-elimination, practicality
    We all work by these terms
    But the heart can't follow your rules, my rules, not even society's
    You and I, we both feel this feeling
    Now I sit here and ask myself
    What is it about you that I want you
    What is this weird feeling when I see your name?
    Why my heart smiles when you smile?
    Feeling all these butterflies in my stomach, I felt when I was 18!
    I wanna be young in love but not dumb and stupid, again
    This feeling, I won't give it a name yet
    But it makes me believe in innocence, goodness, and all other beautiful things
    Things that now I want to do just with you
    No, I don't mean just the sex and the kisses
    I meant so many other beautiful things
    It's all scary, isn't it?
    But I feel the distance can't fade away this feeling
    And if it does, at least we'll know it was unreal
    Right now, I don't wanna waste more time
    And be with you
    I know, I know you'll leave
    And I want you to go to your magical place
    Because I know your purpose and if I can, I'll help someday, maybe in the smallest possible way
    People might call me a fool
    To have understood you and your goals and still want you
    But you know I don't give a damn
    Oh wait, even you might say the same
    Maybe that's how you're supposed to feel
    A little foolish, a little crazy, a little insane
    A believer, a dreamer, a risk-taker, and also, maybe a little scared?
    Whatever little it is, it's real I know
    Because the way I feel with you, it's different, you know?
    It's midnight
    And I think about you
    Also, about other things like...
    Watching sunsets and tell you about my childhood
    Dancing slowly on our favourite song
    You playing the guitar and I will be your singer
    Maybe I'll suck at it but don't you dare to stop
    You reading an excerpt from your favourite book
    I'll listen happily and watch your eyes that reminds me of the moonlight
    But wait, not just that
    I also want us to help each other grow
    And learn things from you that I already don't know
    I want all this but I want to take it slow
    To have a bond like this, is it possible or no?
    To give someone space to grow and shine but to love them a little more every time they're back in your arms?
    And most importantly, is it just me feeling all of this alone?

  • _anshu_sharma_ 90w

    Let's Talk

    Let's talk about the things we never talk about
    Let's talk about our dreams
    Dreams that we're scared to say out loud
    Let’s talk about our childhood
    For the little child that is still in you
    Let's talk about our siblings who we fight with
    But will also fight with the world for them
    Let’s talk about our scars
    Scars that made us who we are today
    Let’s talk about hope and expectations
    Expectations that we set from ourselves and also with the people around us
    But, let's be honest with each other and tell what expectations are wrong and harming our souls
    Let’s talk about life
    And also about death... and why you're scared of it?
    Let’s talk about your hobbies and your perspective on life
    Let’s talk about what you do on our weekends apart from drinking, clubbing, and binge-watching Netflix
    Let’s talk about books that ignite our soul
    Let’s talk about music that gives us hope
    Let’s talk about places that make us feel home
    Let’s talk about the history that takes us back in time
    Let's talk about love... love that has no language
    But still can be felt by the little things that people do for you
    Let's talk about evenings that you want to spend with someone special on a beach -- singing, dancing, and laughing your heart out
    Let's talk about the better days that are yet to come
    And also talk about helping each other in the days that don't shine as bright as you want them to
    Let’s talk about the little things that matter in life
    Things that we don’t talk about anymore

  • _anshu_sharma_ 101w

    Hope is a dangerous thing

    To hope is to take a chance. To hope is to give destiny a chance to hurt you, again. To hope is to be vulnerable. To hope is to live. To hope is to dream. To hope is to let lose control, over everything. To hope is to also take control over a few things.

    Hope softly murmurs- knock the door one more time, take a chance one last time. This time, I’m sure it’s gonna be different. Hope tells your heart to believe in it- only to get betrayed, maybe?

    Hope is the thing with feathers, some people save it in the books like some buried secret whilst others just let it roam freely.

  • _anshu_sharma_ 102w

    Dark Love

    I always believed in Love
    And I believed in us
    Dark Love?
    No, it was us
    But was it worth?

    You loved me and I loved you more
    Or maybe, you loved me more
    But what's Love?
    The sinking feeling
    Destroying each other badly
    Selfishly imposing your decisions on me
    Not once did we think of each other's happiness
    Fighting for Love, that's what we thought
    But where was the Love?

    I know I'm fucked up
    But I still believe you're the only one for me
    Baby, you're like a bullet that I should dodge
    But every time I see you
    I forget the pain you put me through
    Listening to my heart is risky for me
    Because you're indeed toxic for me

    Maybe we just loved too hard
    Not knowing that it could get this dark
    And we've lost each other this time
    And there is no coming back in this life

    You said you want to change the past
    But you moved away so fast
    I was naive to believe your lies
    Because words only kept it alive
    So I kept giving you chances
    That you clearly never deserved
    Sometimes, I still want you back in my life
    But finally, I've accepted
    We both have fucked up badly this time

  • _anshu_sharma_ 108w

    The Voice

    Inside your head, there’s a little voice
    But can you hear it in this world that's full of noise?

    Your opinions- they don't matter
    And it’s my story, I'm not here to flatter

    The silent night
    Why are you scared of it?
    Is it the darkness out there
    Or your own demons you fear?

    The moon- the only hope of light in this dark night
    But why are you so lost and not feeling alright ?

    The beauty of sunrise
    We only witness with our eyes
    Trying to capture it in our device
    Ah, you're so wise

    Hustle has become the new cool, why?
    Because it provides an illusion of a productive life

    The race- they say it’s not important
    But running in it ain't a pure enforcement?

    The lies, oh they tell it with a poker face
    But no one understands that life is no game

    The voice, yes, that little voice
    It exists in my head, and yours too
    But we’re just busy, and have zero clue
    About that little voice
    That's screaming so hard to guide

  • _anshu_sharma_ 110w

    The baggage

    One bag in her hand
    One on her shoulder
    But she was bolder
    Bolder than the baggage of life
    A sad song playing in the background
    Her face frowned

    She continued to walk
    But didn't talk
    The sad song still playing in her head
    And her emotions can't be read
    She looked at the infinite sky
    And told herself that it's a lie

    The baggage is heavy
    But it can't break her hopes
    The baggage will grow
    And maybe, sometimes she will feel low
    But her belief will act as an opposite force
    And it's just about the period of course
    And, the baggage
    It's just a beginning
    Of another learning