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  • _annonymous 10w


    If you ever feel alone in your tough times & required a hug with a soft whisper in your ear that "calm down buddy, everything will be fine"

    Then do this thing by yourself for yourself by moving your hand round the clock hugging yourself because if anyone else would have done it to you then they'll set a benchmark/standard/ claim towards what all things they have done it for you and make you realise that everybody do it for a purpose so it's better to stay alone

  • _annonymous 10w

    Honest friend

    When you have an honest friend with which you had shared ups and downs of your life and such friend instead of making fun of your situation, he had sit with you and guided you for the right path then he is no more a friend it's a family for your life. Keep them close for your entire life.

  • _annonymous 18w

    Read my previous post ?

  • _annonymous 18w

    SURROUNDINGS ! (NOTE : only read if you want to add value in yours owns life)

    Surroundings decides your future action, isn't it ? Ask a question to yourself about your behaviour towards any decision you had took considering the "surroundings" & you regret for your decision that why the hell i did this !

    So let's take an example assume you're a kid being 13yrs old and your friend bought a cycle, now you've being unconscious about its merits and demerits and any how your stubborn attitude want a cycle as well, after few years you laugh at yourself for being so dumb that you've ride that cycle for just few weeks and later it's just a trash being rusted in the yard.

    Let's take an another example, you friend had started a business and he's really doing well in it, now considering his success and little bit of jealousy, you've also decided to go further with establishing a business, and so you did and later on it failed and it turned out to be a bad investment !

    And last example, you're very good friend now started smoking, and he offered you a ciggerate which initially you had rejected but after further offerings, you accepted ! And hell yeah your surroundings decided your outcome !

    Common one last example, your bestfriend is dating few boys and considering her enjoyment and cheesy love moments you've been interested into it so now you've also decided to get into relationship and decided to say " YES" to a proposal, but deep inside you never wanted it, you was happy but just because she's into relationship, toh tumne bhi behti ganga me hath dho diye !!

    So what's the take of these examples ?
    Surround yourself with really really good people, your action will reflect the good by itself because of good people and if you find that any person isn't good as per your asessment, just move forward and disown the bad vibes in your surrounding there's a need of "SHIFT + DEL". Find a beautiful mind which will add values in your life ! And if you can't, be a beautiful mind in someone else's life.

    If you've come this long, Thankyou for your time & do comment "VALUE ADDED" if you agree as well !

  • _annonymous 21w


    When someone says that "I NEED IT", it's particularly addressing that it's WORTH is PRICELESS and no other thing can substitute or address it, one might have prestigious value towards that thing and it's particularly one of the basic necessity.

    Whereas "WANT" is the "desire & a mere wish" of wanting something, but anyways one can survive without such wants or desires being fulfilled.

    Let's understand this more clearly with the help of an example,
    When you say, "I NEED YOU" it's basically implying that his/her presence is being so important in your life that it's PRICELESS & NON-SUBSTITUTABLE but it's fuckin NOT, he/she isn't OXYGEN /FOOD/WATER, that you can't survive without.

    It's Miscalculation idiot, go hang out with your friends & laugh a loud !!!

  • _annonymous 21w


    • Drop your views on this topic !!!

  • _annonymous 24w


    Yess! No need to compromise, you might had faced this situation i.e after being in good time relationship, he/she isn't looking you the same way !
    "Yaar, abh voh baat nai hain"
    "Shayad voh bas ek attraction tha"
    "I'm not sure about you"
    "Let's end this relationship and let's stay friends"

    You've been scare of losing that person and only because of which you are ready to compromise, but ideally and conclusively, you had already lost that person. Now your further actions will decide your health and mental peace.

    So coming to very start of the post, i.e no need to compromise, yess why should you compromise if he/she cannot give you what yo want then why should you deteriorate your worth by providing them what they need in a hope that "atleast sath toh rahenge" or "thik hain, let's stay friends"

    No brother, just for the sake of your happiness, I'm not letting myself down & Ofc its not always you who'll decide the status of our bond ! I'm an equal participant.

    Conclusion: stop negotiating for togetherness, take a foot for your stand, if they aren't ready to give what you want, then why should you ? There's the carrot and also the stick!

  • _annonymous 24w

    Kya farq padta hain ?

    Nothing last forever but one thing which should be taken care forever is of yourself !
    It's completely your responsibility to love yourself, to hold yourself, to water yourself, to light yourself, to grow yourself, to sparkle yourself,
    Instead of being dependent on somebody else's in your healing process, you should be self dependent ,in the process of becoming a brand itself ,you need nobody and fu*kin nobody!
    You are a boss, act bossy ! People come and people go, it's the phase and just, just a phase. Anyways GROWTH is one of the best way, where you can overcome loss.
    Being better and smarter than yesterday should be your top priorities ! Because that's how you've will be valued!
    Nevertheless opportunities once gone, they're gone ! If they left you in your low phase don't accept them in your healthy phase ! That's how you shows your networth that now you don't deserve my time! Yess you are fuc*kin much much much more worthy than you think you are !!

  • _annonymous 30w

    Random thought

    "If you bother for the things which you're not privileged with, you will underestimate the value of things which you're privileged with."

    (It's very deep if you think it)

  • _annonymous 32w


    Either grow with me or watch me grow, choice is yours coz I'm not forcasting you more than growth. I'm selfish ? Naah, it's better to invest in myself rather than to cry for that futuristic moment "Abba nai manege", then there comes the soul pain from within that even after investing my every efforts.. she left & everything I got is REJECTION..

    IS SHE WRONG ? NOO NOT AT ALL, Understand Brother whom will you let your sister marry a jobless bachelor or a responsible man ?? There you go..ofcourse a responsible man.

    It's simple that career shouldn't be compromised in your journey of togetherness. Many loved journey had failed because of this. If they truly loves you they'll wait for the right time and allow you the required space you need to build your career !

    Even if I fail in growing then too I won't regret coz I had tried my best and you won't be a reaoson for my failure it's only me & I cannot blame you for the same. It's not selfishness it's self love !