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  • _anaan__ 3h

    Play of fate

    Remains of us
    were digged deep
    into the graves of our brains
    away from the clouds of hopes

    Remains of you were
    used to intoxicate me
    and remains of me
    were used to intoxicate you
    in a way that we could have never imagined

    Remains of us were
    the dreaded words
    and the soothing lyrics that remained obscure
    to the world of warriors

    //Fate played with us
    like the roulette and we
    were unable to find a way back
    into the cities of each other's heart.//

  • _anaan__ 9h

    You are my only dream that I want to look after.

  • _anaan__ 19h

    I like the idea of you
    singing to the moon
    about our infinity.

  • _anaan__ 19h

    Promise is the best gift
    and the worst grief.

  • _anaan__ 19h


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    I don't have to hate you
    to forget you
    I can love you and still forget you.

  • _anaan__ 22h

    To be able to love
    is a fetching blessing
    that only few people have.

  • _anaan__ 22h

    I often stumble upon
    cozy deep love
    that haunts me for days.

  • _anaan__ 1d

    There's a secret romance
    going on between the crescent
    and the roses in my backyard.

  • _anaan__ 1d

    It would have been easy
    for me to wreck
    my ego and hide you betwixt the
    lines of my saccharine poems
    than living with your soulful words
    and a broken heart.

  • _anaan__ 2d

    My fate is to love you whole-heartedly
    like I used to love the world through the
    prism of my mind.